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Kohinoor Techno Engineers Limited

(prwirusty Knqn aAslan hdeperE€nl I'lel*ufr LiTf€d)
lI E0 tll-ffi trriilicl Reg. Olb:-KOIIINOOR HOUSF, Pbt No.1, G{*sra lndrstrid Estab,
Opp. l.C.C'andhi Mill, A K Red, SURAT,GI,TJARAT{NDIA
Tel.: (+$l 425 1) 2il278fj, Fa : 0261-25fi1650
Web : ntrrv. kohkmonnachlnofi€
Email :


22nd February,20L7

The General Manager-Listing
Corporate Relationship Department
The BSE Limited, Ground Floor,
P.f. Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai

Ref.: Your mail dated 21.02.2017
Dear Sir,

Sub.: Submission of revised result for the quarter ended on 31't December, 2016

With reference to above, we hereby submit revisecl result for the quarter ended on 31rt

You are requested to kindly take the same on record.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

For Kohinoor Techno Engine^ers Limited

Managing Director

Ertcl.: As nboue
Kohinoor Techno Engineers Limited
(Pre'rcuslv K"cw:t as Asiar rrdgp,966gr1 \ei"lo'r< - :ntec I

Rag Ofioe:'KOHINOOR FTOUSE'. Plot \o 1, Gajera rncuslnal Eslate,
Opp. l.C Gandhi Mill A. K. Road, SUMT-GUJARAT-INDIA.
Tel.: (+9'1-9261)292785, Fax : 0261-2563650
Web : www. kohi
Email :

Ref No. Date :

Audited financial results b

Statement of Standalone Audited Results for the Quarter Ended

Particulars 3t-L2-L6 3 1- 12-15 31-12-15 31 -03-1 6

lar Net sales/income from opetations
(Net of erc se drtv)
(b) Cther operatine income

(a) Cost of materials consumed
Purchase of stock-in-trade
O Chanqes in inventories of finished
work- n-proqress and stcck-in-trade
(d) Emplovee benefits
(e) DeDreciation and amortisation
(f) Other expenses (Anv item
I 0o/o of the total expenses relatino to

contrnurnq operatrons to be shown

Profit / (Loss) from
income, finance costs and exceptional

Profit / (Loss) from ordinary activities
before finance costs and exceptional items

Finance costs
Profit / (Loss)from ordinary activities after (0 e1) (s.2 1)
finance costs but before exceptional items

Exceptional items
Profit / (Loss) from ordinarv activities {0 e1) (2. 18 )

Tax expense - Prov sion for taxat on
Net Profit / (Loss) f rom ordinarv activities
after tax (9 + 10)
Extracrci nary items :!! : ..:

1 3 Net Profit / (Loss,} for the 11+12
'14 S"3'e cr cicflt rloss) of associates'

Net Profit / (Loss) after taxes. minor
interest and share of profit / {loss) of
associates (13 + 14 + 15)'
^ ^ ^^ dc-dptd
aae . a ue of the Shar-e shail be indicated l
'18 ?:se've exc uo nQ Reva uat on Reserves as
Kohinoor Techno Engineers Limited
(Previousty Known as Asian ndependent Nenrorh Ljnibd)
Reg. Ofice :'KOHINOOR HOUSE , Plot No.1, Gatera lndusfrid Estaile,
f,l S0 l00t-?g0l Ccrtifiea
Opp. LC.Gandhi Mill, A. K Road, SURAT€U.JARAT-INDI,A.
Tel.: (+914261) 2542786, Fax : 0261-2563650
Web :
Email :

Ref No Date :

:a alae sheet of
fore extraordi

(of R: , /-

of Rs l0/- each) (not annu

See accomDanvinq note to the financial results
Applicable jn the case of consolidated results.

\otes: l. The above results *'ere reviewed b1'Audit Committce and iakerr on record b1'- the Board ol
Directols at its rreeting held on 1310212017
2. Cornpany has two Reportable Business Segment i.e. Manut'acturing of machineries &
related sclvices and trading of diamonds in terms olrequirements ol Accounting Standard 17.
-1. During the quarter ended 3111212016. No cornplaints r.vere receivecl and attended.
4. Previous quartcr's figures have been re--erouped / re-arranged u'herever neccssar).
5. fhe ligures o1- last quarter are the balancing figures betr.veen audited figures in respect olthe full tinancial lear and

the puhlished year to clate figures upto the third cluarter o1'the current tlnancial year.
By Order of the Board of Directors
Date :1310212017
sURA"f ):
caI 5un"' Ir-
o\ /5

:)\ ,/5
o\ ,/rY