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General NTPF100
Specifications Exaopc
OPC Interface Package
GS 36J02A10-01E

As data sharing between information systems Exaopc supports the following OPC specifications:
increases, the requirement to efficiently access
and use plant information to meet business needs  Data Access (DA) Server Function
in a timely manner also increases. Within the
The DA Server reads and writes process data using
process industry, the control room contains valuable
item IDs as identifiers.
information that has previously been inaccessible.
Exaopc was created to provide an open OPC (OLE for
Process Control) interface bridge between the control  Alarms & Events (A&E) Server Function (*1)
room and the outside world. The A&E Server provides alarms and events from
Exaopc is an OPC server running on a Microsoft plants that occur asynchronously. The following
Windows platform which can be connected to a variety messages are available from Yokogawa DCSs:
of PCSs (Process Control Systems) providing OPC - System alarm messages
clients with process data and alarm events. - Process alarm messages
- Mode/status change messages
This GS contains the specification for the Exaopc
- Sequence messages
OPC Server Interface Package.
- Operation guide messages
- Engineering maintenance messages
- Operation record messages
- Server internal errors

 Historical Data Access (HDA) Server
Exaopc automatically saves instantaneous values
acquired from the DA Server and A&E Server, to an
HDA historical database. The OPC client can access
historical data by first connecting to the HDA Server.

 Batch Server Function
[VP Batch(*3), CS Batch 3000]
(Exaopc R3.01 or later)
The Exaopc batch server function (Exaopc/Batch)
reads and writes batch data and its related information
with VP Batch and CS Batch 3000.

 OPC Security Interface
(Exaopc R2.10 or later)
Exaopc provides security by using an OPC Security-
compliant interface whenever an OPC Client uses the
DA, A&E and/or Batch servers.
*1: Alarms & Events function does not support for
Consolidated Alarm Management Software
(CAMS) for HIS.
*2: OPC client is dedicated to Exaquantum/Batch.
*3: Exaopc R3.60 or later.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E
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Tel.: 81-422-52-6375 Fax.: 81-422-52-5994 26th Edition Jan. 31, 2011 (YK)

13. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Sep.ai All Rights Reserved. 2004-00 .<<Contents>> <<Index>> 2  GENERAL CONFIGURATION OPC Client Exaopc <Server Common> Exaopc DA Server Exaopc HDA Server Exaopc A&E Server Exaopc Batch Server Exaopc Historical Exaopc Exaopc DA Server Common Database A&E Server Common Batch Server Common DA A&E Batch I/O Cassette I/O Cassette I/O Cassette <I/O Cassette> PCS OPC Interface Process Data Engineering Data Event Batch Data/Batch Information PCS: Process Control System F01E. Copyright © 1999.

When function blocks (tags) are added. or Exarqe.60 or later) change notification is sent to Exaopc. including Exaquantum PIMS operation ID. A&E1. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan. or HDA1. Package) . operator console group and access level) and Exapilot (Operation Efficiency Improvement is dependent on the CENTUM. Exaopc Server Monitor A list of tags in CENTUM can be equalized by Exaopc. The OPC client can access CENTUM tag list Exaopc acquired by Equalization functions. CS 1000 engineering functions.20 or later) should be used. See GS 33M05K20-40E/GS 33Q02S10-31E “LHS5450/LHS4450 Multiple Project  Automatic Backup Connection Package” for further information. . 2011-00 .OPC standard compliant general-purpose  Traffic Control applications When an OPC client attempts to access a large volume . scope of monitoring. in particular). (Custom Interface for DA3. *1: Exaopc R3.50 or later. a  IT Security support (Exaopc R3. Exaopc security (account. Security) specified by maximum accessible data rate being exceeded. Exapilot.05a. restrictions. Software Configuration Viewer. [CENTUM VP (*1)/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS] Users can view the content of the OPC server from OPC client. Exasmoc.0.0. Therefore.21 or earlier version may not operate. This allows Exaopc can be connected to Yokogawa CENTUM users the ability to handle CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS VP/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS DCSs. [CENTUM VP (*1)/CS 3000] When use DA3. On Exaopc. To prevent problems. strengthened. users can access the Exaopc supports Compliance Test Tool (CTT) provided FCS simulator on a station with CENTUM VP/CS 3000/ by the OPC Foundation.50 or later) By connecting to the Expanded Test Functions on CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000.10. If OPC client is Exaquantum. 31. I/O Cassette Part for processing by the connected Function specifications. the CTT Compliance mode (Supported by Exaopc R1. and legacy types) are available for users to select the  Browsing suitable security level. and the operational PCSs.10 or later) (CTT) [CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000] (Exaopc R3. Station Viewer (only  Equalization when connected to Vnet/IP or V net). Several security models (standard.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 3  FEATURES  Major Applications  Security The Exaopc OPC Interface can be used in a wide [CENTUM VP (*1)/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS] variety of OPC client applications. deleted or changed in the FCS builder and they are loaded. users can use Multiple Project Connection  Connectivity with CENTUM Systems functions for CENTU VP/CS 3000.Yokogawa packages.  Expanded Test Functions [CENTUM VP (*1)/CS 3000/CS 1000]  Exaopc supports Compliance Test Tool (Supported by Exaopc R1. Batch. All Rights Reserved.  I/O Cassette To use these functions. Connection with new target systems can be environment for these functions are the same as for implemented by creating an Exaopc I/O Cassette. Copyright © 1999. and Package. the conventional mode should be  Multiple Project Connection used. the OPC Foundation. and additional functions such as data item browsing. [CENTUM VP (*1)/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS] OPC Connection Confirm.20) perform engineering and testing OPC clients without Note: On CTT Compliance mode. 1000/CS project data on Exaopc as well as the data from their own project. CENTUM VP/CS 3000. Access to the stored data is These functions provide various kinds of viewer and enabled by the HDA server function. The process data acquired by the DA server is automatically saved and stored in the historical  Viewer Function and Tool Function database as backup data. which enables integrated monitoring of multiple projects.User applications created using VB or VC++ of data from a CENTUM CS system loading problems  Compliance with OPC Specifications may occur (load concentration on control stations and control buses. tool to check and monitor Exaopc operation status. The Exaopc package supports OPC standard interface access from OPC clients are restricted to avoid the functions (DA/A&E/HDA. some functions of using actual FCSs. Exaopc will then update function block data based on the received data. users can DA2. Exaopc R3. the supervisory CENTUM VP/ Exaopc consists of two layers: Server Common Part CS 3000 system requires a Multiple Project Connection for user interfaces and common processing.

 Multiple Clients A single Exaopc can be accessed from multiple OPC clients.The OPC client exists on a supervisory computer (Windows PC).  Duplicated OPC Server Configuration (Exaopc R3. Redundant A&E.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 4  CONNECTED SYSTEMS System Connection Method Communication Method CENTUM VP (Including Entry Class) CENTUM CS 3000 (Including Entry Class) Directly connected to VI702/VF702/VI701/VF701 Vnet/IP or V net CENTUM CS 1000 Control Bus Interface Card CENTUM CS PCS from other vendors Depends on each specifications (*1) Ethernet *1: Please contact us. HDA) (DA. .ai Figure: Configuration Example for Duplicated OPC Server All Rights Reserved. F04E.  Multiple Servers Users can access multiple Exaopc’s from a single OPC client. Redundant HDA) Ethernet Ethernet Master OPC Server 1 OPC Server 2 Standby Exaopc Redundant Exaopc (DA. HDA) Control Network CENTUM *1: OPC client is dedicated to Exaquantum or Exapilot. A&E. Client PC OPC Client (*1) OPC Interface Process Data Acquire/Setting OPC Server Redundancy Function (Redundant DA. 2011-00 . A&E. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan.01 or later) Exaopc-RD (installed on the OPC client machine) supports OPC Server redundancy by monitoring two Exaopc servers and automatically switching from the Master to the Standby Exaopc server if the Master becomes unavailable.  SYSTEM CONFIGURATION  Server/Client Composition The following two client/server configurations can be used: . Copyright © 1999.The OPC client exists on a PC with Exaopc installed. Please contact Yokogawa for additional information. 31.

31.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 5  CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS System Configuration . Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan. .Exaopc automatically equalizes engineering data from the CENTUM ENG/EWS Engineering Station. 2011-00 . Copyright © 1999. Those servers are counted as control bus stations equivalent to HIS/ICS on the system. This provides Exaopc with the ability to read and write tag data and receive process messages.Connection to CENTUM VP Entry Class and CS 3000 Entry Class is similar to that of CENTUM VP/CS 3000. . .Please configure the entire system considering the CPU loading of the control stations and the bus loads of the control buses. .Multiple Exaopc servers can be connected to one CENTUM system. . . Application PC (OPC Client) Ethernet HIS ENG Exaopc (OPC Server) Control Network LFCS LFCS OPC Interface Process data Engineering data F02E.Exaopc is directly connected to the DCS control buses using the VF702/VF701 Control Bus Interface Card to communicate with control stations.Exaopc for VP Batch and CS Batch 3000 can be connected to VP Batch and CS Batch 3000 packages.ai Figure: Configuration Example for CENTUM VP/CS 3000 All Rights Reserved.

*2: On Exaopc. throughput of data access (*1) 2000 item IDs/sec (CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS) A number of clients (A number of server objects) 100 clients A&E Server (*2) Max. 1. number of event-registered objects 1000 objects (Max. the response may take a long time. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Apr. process alarms are treated as condition events. 2010-00 . All Rights Reserved. historical data save period (*4) with a Record parameter) A number of clients (A number of server objects) 100 clients A number of groups (A number of group objects) 1000 groups Batch Server 10000 item IDs/group A number of item IDs 100000 item IDs/all groups *1: It depends on the conditions of the project and the application. *3: If the data requests for a HAD are more than 20000 ItemIDs (2880 default recodes per each ItemIDs).) *4: The PC performance may be influenced when the number of records increases from the default value. It may be necessary to use one or more Exaopc. Copyright © 1999. DCS will receive a system alarm to notify the overflow situation on the table. ACK and recovery events. In case of overflow on the table due to numerous process alarms. the OPC client will receive the process alarm occurrence events only. its area is defined Max.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 6  APPLICATION CAPACITY OPC Server Item Application capacity function A number of clients (A number of server objects) 100 clients A number of groups (A number of group objects) 1000 groups 10000 item IDs/group DA Server A number of Item IDs 100000 item IDs/all groups Cache update period (Data gathering period) 1 to 3600 sec Max. A table is provided to manage process alarm occurrence. (Example: the phenomenon may occur when using the catch up function of Exaquantum. number of event subscription objects) A number of clients (A number of server objects) 100 clients 100 browser/server object A number of browser (A number of browser objects) HDA Server 10000 browser/all server objects (*3) A number of item IDs 100000 item IDs/server object Not restricted (Depends on disk capacity.

NTP//VF701 Control Bus Interface Card The 5 V PCI specifications apply to VF701 style S2. 3. 32 bit X X X X - PCI R2.01. (The PCI power supply of the PC must support 5 V DC specifications. X X: Available -: Not available *1: The transfer rate of both style S2 and style S3 are 32 bit at 33 MHz. 2011-00 .3 V. All Rights Reserved. . . and the Exaopc release numbers.3 V) (PCI Express) Exaopc Exaopc Exaopc Exaopc Exaopc R3. 64 bit . VF702/VF701 and Exaopc release number PC Extended slot VF701 style S2 VF701 style S3 VF702 style S1 (PCI for 5 V) (PCI for 5 V.13 GHz or faster Memory: Minimum: 256 MB Recommended: 2 GB Disk: Minimum: 4 GB /Free space of 1 GB Recommended: of 40 GB free space or more Communication device: Ethernet-ready network card To connect to CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS with Vnet configuration NTP//VF702 Control Bus Interface Card The 3.) The 5 V PCI. Vnet Interface Card (VF702/VF701) and Exaopc release number [CENTUM VP/CS 3000/CS 1000/CS] The table below shows the compatibility of the PC extended slots.X 3.3 V PCI or 3.8 GHz Recommended: Core 2 Duo 2. . . . X - PCI-X 3.3 V. 32 bit .10 or later R3. and Exaopc R3.05 or later. 3. Copyright © 1999. . Compatibility of PC extended slot.3 V PCI-Express specifications apply to VF702 style S1.50 or R3.10 or later) NTP//VI701 Vnet/IP Interface Card Intel Pentium 800 MHz or greater CPU and 512 MB or greater main memory are required for Exaopc OPC Server Redundancy (Exaopc-RD) on Windows Server 2003  Compatibility of PC extended slot.50 or R3.01.13 GHz or faster Memory: Minimum: 1 GB Recommended: 2 GB or more Disk: Minimum: 10 GB free space Recommended: 40GB free space or more For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003: CPU: Minimum: Intel Pentium 800 MHz Recommended: Core 2 Duo 2. the VF702/VF701 styles. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan.10 or later R3.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 7  OPERATING ENVIRONMENT  Hardware Machine: IBM PC / AT -compatible (DOS/V) For Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008: CPU: Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 2. 31. NTP//YCB141 V net Cable (10Base-2 cable) NTP//YCB147 Control Bus Adapter NTP//YCB149 Control Bus Converter Unit NTP//YCB146 T-type Connector of Control Bus NTP//YCB148 Control Bus Terminator To connect to CENTUM VP/CS 3000 with Vnet/IP configuration (CS 3000 R3.3V . X (*1) - PCI-Express 3.3 V PCI-X specifications apply to VF701 style S3.10 or later earlier earlier 5 V. .

11.01 or later. 2 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 1 Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server 4 Windows XP Professional 2 R3.20 . *2: CENTUM VP R4.06. X XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX XX X (*7) XX: Compatible. X XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX (*6) XX X (*3) X (*3) (*6) R3. *4: Install Windows XP SP2 to use the Extended Test Function on Windows XP. R2.1x includes R2. 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 2 Windows Vista Business Edition 1 Windows XP Professional 2. 2 Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server 4 R3.08 R3.12. Copyright © 1999. R2.11 .09 R3. however. - R3.02 R3.02 R4. 3 R3. - R3. R2. R3.02.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 8  Software The following lists the software requirements for Exaopc and the OPC Client connected to Exaopc according to the Exaopc release numbers. -: Contact Yokogawa. Software compatibility Software compatibility of Exaopc and CENTUM CENTUM CS CENTUM CS 1000/CENTUM CS 3000/CENTUM VP (*2) Exaopc R2.05 R2. Exaopc release number Windows (Exaopc.20 Windows XP Professional 1. (English version or Japanese version) The OPC server redundancy function (Exaopc-RD) is supported for Windows Server 2003/2008. 2011-00 .06 R3. for the details of compatibility. X XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) . X XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) X (*3) X (*3) .60 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 2 Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition 2 Only the latest release number of Exaopc can be purchased.01 .21 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 1. R2.13. Exaopc supports only the 32-bit OS version.10. Exaopc’s Expanded Test Functions is available only with this combination.03 (*1) R3. *7: When the user authentication is set to “Windows authentication mode” on CENTUM.14.50 .21 . it is necessary to install Exaopc patch R3. - R3. R3.01 Windows XP Professional 1.10.07 R3. *5: Install the newest service packs that each Exaopc release number complies to use the Extended Test Function on Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP. *6: Changes in User Account setting is required.01 R3.03 R3.11.15. - X (*3) R3. - R3. X XX (*4) XX (*4) XX (*4) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) . *3: Some of the CENTUM’s new functions are not available because the release of these Exaopc was preceded to the CENTUM systems. OPC Client) Service Pack (Exaopc) Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server 4 R3. The Exaopc Package and the Operating system (Windows) must share the same language environment. X: Compatible. R2. 2 Windows XP Professional 2. R2. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan.60 . All Rights Reserved.10 X X X XX X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) NC NC NC R3. 3 R3. 31.09 R4. X XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) X (*3) .10 .1x R3.01 X X XX X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) NC NC NC R2.04 R2.50 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 2 Windows Vista Business Edition 1.01 R4. NC: Not Compatible *1: CENTUM CS R2. X XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) XX (*5) X (*3) X (*3) X (*3) .60. Exaopc’s Expanded Test Functions is not available.

05 R3. Version of Visual Basic and Visual C++ The following version of Visual Basic and Visual C++ is prerequisite to develop and execute a client application.0. . NC NC R3. . . Exaopc Batch Server does not support Multiple Project Connection function. .0/6.02 R4.0/6. R3.08 R3.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 9 Compatibility of Exaopc Batch Server and VP Batch/CS Batch 3000/CS Batch 1000 CS Batch 3000/CS Batch 1000 VP Batch Exaopc/Batch R3.20 NC NC .03 R3.0. Two or more Exaopc can not be installed in one PC. 2011-00 .01 R4.50 VB 6.  Installation of Multiple Exaopc Only one Exaopc can be installed in one PC. . .04 R3. All Rights Reserved. VC++2005 VB 6. VC++ 2008 VB 5. VC++ .NET R3. X . R3.60 VB 6.07 R3. .0.0.20. VC++6. Exaopc Exaopc and user AP are on the same PC Exaopc and user AP are on different PCs R3.0 (SP6) (*1) VB 5. NC R3. 31.10 for revision compatibility. VC++5. . .60 NC NC .10 or later using NTPT900. . The recent versions for Exaopc R3.11.0.0.NET VC++ . .0.10. VC++ 2008 *1: Verify in user application program.0 VC++ 5. VC++5. VC++2005 R3. VC++6. X .50 NC NC . if any other versions are used.01 VB 6. for the details of compatibility. NC NC R3.01 R3.0/6. . .0 (SP6) (*1). X X X: Compatible NC: Not compatible -: Contact Yokogawa.NET development environment. use the new version of NTPT900 supporting Exaopc R3. . .06 R3.0(SP6)(*1). . X . NC NC R3. The Library provides OPC connection functionality with the ActiveX component. NC NC R3. R3.10 NC NC .NET. . .21 NC NC .0.03 R3. When OPC client program accesses Exaopc A&E server R3. X . VC++ . . VC++6. .11 NC NC .0. . .21 VC++ . When OPC client program that accesses Exaopc DA/A&E/HDA Server is configured with the VB application. VC++ . X . NC NC R3. . .0 R3.0/6.01 NC NC X .VC++6. . it is recommended to use the Exaopc Client Library of Yokogawa Solutions Corporation (model: NTPT900) for VB programmer.09 R4.0/6. .0 (SP6) (*1) VB 5. .0 VB 6.02 R3. . X .0/6. VC++6. .NET. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan.NET. Copyright © 1999.10 or later will support VB. .NET/. VC++ .

please contact Yokogawa.60 cannot coexist. and AAASuite) via network.80) (R2.50 Other SBP products Server Client Exaopc Server Case1 Case1 Client Case1 Case2 Case1: The coexistent combination of SBP products and Exaopc. set Exaopc’s IT Security as “Legacy model.60 have passed the coexistence test criteria at the issuance date of this GS.Exaquantum/Batch server and Exaopc R3. Case2: Basically all the SBP products can coexistent with Exaopc.02 Exarqe R4. For details. Exaquantum server and Exaopc R3. [ Limitation ] .60 cannot coexist.60 cannot coexist. 31.80 Exaplog R3. Exaplog. The applicable combination of a server and client(s) for Exaopc and other SBP products are as shown below.3 Note: It is necessary to install Adobe Reader to read document of Exaopc. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 10  Limitation on coexistence of Solution-based Package (SBP) It is called “coexistent” when one or more SBP products and the Exaopc are installed on a single PC. Exapilot.60. [SBP Products complied with IT Security Support] Exapilot R3.02 [SBP Products not complied with IT Security Support] (The latest release number at the publication of this document.” .Adobe Reader 9. .) Exaquantum R2.  Remarks when connecting to other SBP via network When Exaopc R3. please pay attention if each package has its own IT security setting and the different levels of the security models for each package. The release number of the other SBP products are the latest once at the release of Exaopc R3. Exapilot Exaquantum Exaplog Exasmoc Exarqe Exaquantum /Batch (R3. .50 Exaquantum/Batch R2.  Document Browser . .g. All Rights Reserved.02) (R4. Copyright © 1999.50) (R3.02) Exaopc OK OK (*1) N/A OK OK OK (R3. all the IT Security models must be identical.When Exaopc R3.30) (R4. Exaquantum.When Exaopc R3.” Note: The applicable combinations between the latest release number of the SBP products and the Exaopc R3.60 resides with other SBP products.Exaquantum open interface (NTPP007) and Exaopc R3.60) OK: Applicable N/A: Not Applicable *1: Set Exaopc’s IT Security as “Legacy model.When Exacuantum has a multi-server configuration.60 is connected with other SBP products that can coexist (e. 2011-00 . In case Exaopc client is resided with Exasmoc and Exarque clients in one PC with their IT Security levels are set as “standard” or “strengthened” types.60 resides with other SBP products without IT Security level setting function.30 Exasmoc R4. it requires special attention for installation.

10 OPC server. 1. -SC.50 or earlier.OPC Data Access Automation Specification Version 2.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 11  SUPPORTED OPC SPECIFICATIONS The Exaopc R3.OPC Alarms and Events Automation Specification Version 1.  HDA Server .OPC Historical Data Access Automation Interface Version 1.50.0  A&E Server .01.OPC Security Custom Interface Specification Version 1. -S3. All Rights Reserved.0) to “1 to 1000” (A&E1.60 package provides the OPC client with an interface with the following specifications:  DA Server . when upgrading from Exaopc R3.0 . and so on generated in CENTUM system generation builders.OPC Security Custom Interface Specification Version 1. it is necessary to download the system configuration.OPC Historical Data Access Custom Interface Version 1.opcfoundation.0 had been supported by Exaopc R3.2 .0 . an error code will be returned by Exaopc because it is out of range.10).OPC Data Access Custom Interface Specification Version 2. Copyright © 1999.org for OPC interfaces. -S2. The agreement must be renewed every year. -SB.0 *1: OPC Alarms and Events Version 1. Be sure to use A&E version compatible with both Exaopc and an OPC client accordingly.  ANNUAL MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT Annual maintenance agreement is required from the first year. tag list file.0 (draft) .10 (Exaopc R3.05a/3.OPC Alarms and Events Version 1.0 .21 or earlier to R3. The specification range of the “severity” for the SetFilter method is changed from “0 to 1000” (A&E1. When “severity=0 value” is set for the SetFilter method to Exaopc A&E1.10 or later) (*1) .0 . Services by the agreement covers providing remedies for troubles and providing updated package (*2). *2: For NTPF100-S1. 2010-00 .OPC Batch Custom Interface Specification Version 1.OPC Batch Automation Specification Version 1.OPC Security Custom Interface Specification Version 1.0 Visit the web site of OPC Foundation at http://www.0 (draft)  Batch Server . Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Apr.

Exaopc/Batch) (*2) C For CENTUM CS Batch 1000 (DA.CENTUM is a registered trademark of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Visual C++ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. HDA Server Functions) 2 For CENTUM CS 1000 (DA. *4: AAASuite (Advanced Alarm Administrator) Alarm Rationalization Assistance Package is included.All other company and product names in this GS are registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies. . CENTUM CS Batch 3000 (DA. A&E. Exasmoc or Exarqe are registered trademarks of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Exaquantum. A&E.  TRADEMARK .Adobe Reader is either registered trademakrs or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Batch Server Functions. A&E. Exaopc/Batch) (*2) X For OPC Server Redundancy (Exaopc-RD) (*3) 1 English version /Y-QTM For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exaquantum /Y-PLT For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exapilot (*4) /Y-SMC For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exasmoc /Y-RQE For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exarqe Option Codes /Y-OMS For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exaoms /Y-CTM For Yokogawa OPC Clients: CENTUM Optional-Software /Y-CLB For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Exaopc Client Library (for NTPT900) /Y-TRF For Yokogawa OPC Clients: TriFellows /Y-OTH For Yokogawa OPC Clients: Other products *1: Consult with Yokogawa to use this Suffix Code. HDA Server Functions) Suffix Codes A For general-purpose system (*1) B For VP Batch.Ethernet is a registered trademark of XEROX Corporation.Windows.Exaopc. ActiveX. A&E. . All Rights Reserved. 31. HDA Server Functions) 3 For CENTUM CS (DA. Batch Server Functions. Copyright © 1999. HDA. Windows Vista. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J02A10-01E Jan. A&E. HDA.  ORDERING INFORMATION Specify model and suffix codes. . . . *2: Dedicated to Exaquantum/Batch. Exapilot. Core 2 Duo are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. . Visual Basic. *3: Dedicated to Exaquantum or Exapilot. . 2011-00 Subject to change without notice. CENTUM VP/CS 3000 Entry Class (DA.Pentium.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 12  MODEL AND SUFFIX CODE Description Model NTPF100 Exaopc OPC Interface Package -S Basic Software License (with media) 1 For CENTUM VP/CS 3000.