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The course is survey of the issues managers in international business must face and understand.
We will take a broad approach, looking at planning, research, organizational and other concerns
of the general international manager.

Our text book for the course will be "M:International Business" by Geringer, Minor and McNett
(McGraw Hill 2012 ISBN 978-0-07-802937-0). You may be able to find used copies, and an
electronic edition should be available on The text can probably also be
rented from the usual sources.

In addition we will read "The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist
Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade" by Pietra Rivoli (Wiley). This is an
award-winning book and can be found in new and used bookstores and in e-book editions. This
book ranks at the top of Amazon’s all-time international business book best seller lists, is used
widely at other universities and is also used in some training courses run by the Federal Reserve.
You should also look at the note at the end of the syllabus about video links which explore the
issues raised in the book.

We will also be using a good deal of on-line material to develop business-relevant country
profiles: the CIA World Factbook, US Department of Commerce Country Guides, World Bank
“Ease of Doing Business” series, and other materials (such as Economist and BBC country
studies). Many of these are accessible through Michigan State University’s “Global Edge”
portal ( You should be thoroughly familiar with these resources.

Also, I assume that since you have enrolled in a course on international business that you have an
interest in world affairs. Because the international business environment is so dynamic, you
should subscribe to or otherwise read on a daily basis a good news source: the New York
Times, and either the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. I also strongly recommend
The Economist as well (my favorite). Inexpensive student, short-term digital and print
subscriptions are available on the Web; use your Web skills to find them. Successful
international business people are voracious consumers of information (how do you think
Mayor Bloomberg made his fortune?) and you should get into the habit early. CUNY students
have free digital access to the New York Times (See

Attendance and participation grading will be based on take home assignments/quizzes and a
critical review of the Pietra Rivoli book.

Revisiting PEST CHAP 13 & 14 – MARKET ENTRY & MARKETING 13 CHAP 13 & 14 – MARKET ENTRY & MARKETING Review Chaps 10-14 14 Quiz Chaps 10-14 GROUP PRESENTATION 15 Chap 15 OPERATIONS Chap 9. Please make sure that you have signed up for CUNY ALERT (at the CUNY Portal).B. Please note that this syllabus is merely an outline of topics. 17 10 Quiz Chaps 4-9. I have not included options for hurricanes. HR Review Chaps 9.B. storms. The instructor reserves the right to change the syllabus as the course progresses. 15-16 TShirt Issues 16 Last day FINA . Class --- 1 FIRST DAY INTRODUCTION SYLLABUS & COURSE REVIEW 2 GROUP PROJECT Chap 1 – WHAT IS I. 17 Chap 10 & 11 STRATEGY & ORGANIZATION 11 Chap 10 & 11 STRATEGY & ORGANIZATION Chap 12 ASSESSING MARKETS 12 Chap 12 ASSESSING MARKETS. We will expand on and go beyond the material in the text in lecture. 16 LABOR.? 3 Chap 2 – TRADE AND INVESTMENT NO Class 4 Chap 3 – I. INSTITUTIONS Review 5 Quiz – Chaps 1-3 Chap 5 ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 6 Chap 4 & 6 CULTURAL AND POLITICAL FORCES Chaps 4&6 7 Plumbing the PEST Plumbing the PEST 8 Chap 7 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Chap 8 & Chap 17 FINANCE 9 Chap 8 & Chap 17 FINANCE Review Chaps 4-9. Additional reading assignments will be made. snow or other emergencies.IB WINTER 2017 DRAFT SYLLABUS 2 Our schedule is below.

Grading: The final grade will be based on a scale.brooklyn. upon investigation.IB WINTER 2017 DRAFT SYLLABUS 3 L QUIZ Examination: There will be three exams in this y.951. Make-up examinations will be given only if the student has documented evidence. You cannot negotiate your grade under any circumstances. NO curve or extra credit assignment will be given. B+ 87-89 C+ 77-79 D+ 67-69 100 A 94-97 B 84-86 C 73-76 D 63-66 A. http://www. There will be NO curve.cuny. reasonable accommodations.php The Center for Student Disability Services serves as the primary program for ensuring the successful integration of students with disabilities into the college community and for making determinations of what will constitute appropriate. 70-72 D. 80-83 C. Each student is responsible for being aware of what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and for avoiding both. Center for Student Disability Services. the faculty member must report the violation. confirms that violation. You cannot negotiate your grade under any circumstance. 90-93 B. 718.60) Academic Integrity The faculty and administration support an environment free from cheating and plagiarism. I will not respond to your email message requesting an extra credit assignment.pdf provides detailed information. If a faculty member suspects a violation of academic integrity and. 138 Roosevelt 1st Exam 20 2nd Exam 20 3rd Exam 20 Group Project 30 Attendance Participation 10 Total 100% A+ 98. Most accommodations are based on the current nature of the student’s disability or disabilities and the . 60-62 (From Brooklyn College Bulletin p.cuny. or if the student admits the violation.5538 http://www.

you should consider getting a professional- looking email address. Similar equipment is also available at the Brooklyn College Library.g.IB WINTER 2017 DRAFT SYLLABUS 4 supporting documentation. Other penalties for plagiarism may also apply. and auxiliary aids (readers. uptowngrrl@hottiemail. and direct liaison with offices providing college services.” Unidentifiable emails will be ignored. Continuation in this course indicates that you accept these terms. BLACKBOARD AND EMAIL AND PAPERS I will use Blackboard to communicate to the class. See the section on “Academic Integrity” under the “Academics” tab on the “Brooklyn College WebCentral” site (https://portal. A substantially plagiarized or purchased paper will result in an automatic D. preregistration assistance and advising. Whether it can be resubmitted is at the discretion of the instructor. (2) contempt for fellow students.). CCTV systems. advocacy. scribes. laboratory assistants).brooklyn. Papers may be scanned electronically to detect plagiarism. A good example: “Subject: BUSN3170-Floria Tosca-Question about the Scarpia Case. testing accommodations and arrangements. Commonly offered services and accommodations include pre-‐admission interviews. through the center. slang and cuteness. including disciplinary hearings. * Email is a FORMAL means of communication (at least when you correspond with your professors or employers.cuny. RULES FOR EMAIL: CHECK DAILY! *ALWAYS put our course number and <yourname> in the subject. the Atrium Computer Lab and the Topfer Library Café.* If you have a "funny" email address. Braille and large-‐print keyboards. plagiarism represents (1) lack of self-respect and self-confidence. and (3) contempt for the college and its staff. a special resource center where a wide variety of equipment is available. including a Dragon dictate speech-‐recognition system. Avoid abbreviations. and a Braille printer. It is your responsibility to keep your email address on Blackboard up to for BC and CUNY policies on plagiarism. a scanner with screen-‐access software. alternate print format. I can’t guess figure out who you are if you’re using your secret identity (e. a text-‐to-‐ speech synthesizer. In this instructor’s view.or F for the course regardless of your performance in the class. Outline (The schedule is subject to change): PLAGIARISM : DEALING WITH A PLAGUE Papers deemed plagiarized will be graded zero. etc. In magnification systems. . students have access to the Frank and Mamie Goldstein Resource Center.

go a little further about the rag trade: http://www. http://www. In addition. * Sign every message at the bottom with your full name. the lecture starts at about 5 minutes into the clip) See BBC: The village and the girl. * The use of magic words ( Whether it can be resubmitted is at the discretion of the instructor. thank you) and politeness in general is strongly encouraged. including disciplinary hearings.or F for the course regardless of your performance in the class. these You should explore this link for audio and video reports about their project. Other penalties for plagiarism may also http://apps. http://www.IB WINTER 2017 DRAFT SYLLABUS 5 Use capital It will help to put some “reality” into the issues you read about in the Continuation in this course indicates that you accept these terms. About the rural migration in China…from village to the city…from pigs to Pietra Rivoli lecture on her “TShirt” book https://www. https://www.npr. greetings and salutations as in a professional message. the NPR economics series. T-SHIRT LINKS “Planet Money”.youtube. Beware of plagiarism. Please do not ask for extensions. picked somewhat at random from the Internet. Thank you. Papers may be scanned electronically to detect plagiarism. Papers will be due on the assigned . did a fund-raiser inspired by the Rivoli book. https://www. (A long This story is being repeated throughout the “developing” world. PLAGIARISM : DEALING WITH A PLAGUE Papers deemed plagiarized will be graded zero. A substantially plagiarized or purchased paper will result in an automatic D.