Up Country Activity Report

Name : Billy Chandra
Position : Product Development Executive
Date : 2nd – 8th February 2017
Destination : Yangon, Myanmar
Up Country Objectives :

 Reviewing sales to trade performance for year 2016 on Asmef, Folas, Foothy,
Hepachol, Hi-Bone, Lanadexon, Lanakalk, Lanakeloid-E, Livola Inf., Melafos,
Opiclam, Optha-LL.
 Preparing and monitoring our symposium event “Hepatology Updates 2017”
 Launching our product which is Livola granules and Lesichol-300. Promoting
those products through symposium by product presentation with dr. James
 Product presentation of Livola and Lesichol-300 to Royal Ruby marketing
team. Categorizing Lesichol-300, Hepachol and Livola based on pricing range,
severity of condition and patient socioeconomic profile.
 Visiting 2 wholesale markets in Yangoon to know better Royal Ruby trading
scheme and supply chain flow.
 Visiting Royal Ruby warehouse to see the condition of storage and traditional
drugs manufacture site.
 Visiting Yangoon Specialist Hospital and Prof. Win Win Swe Clinic as to follow
up (detailing) Lesichol-300 and Livola to the doctors.
 Meeting with dr. Thin from Royal Ruby to discuss about year 2017 sales to
distributor target and sales to trade target. After that, partnership agreement,
sales to trade strategy and symposium actual expenses must be settled.
 Monitoring Melafos pre-school activity in Capital Hyper Market.

Up Country Result

DAY 1 (2nd February 2017)

 Preparing symposium attendance list, timetable, schedule, and promo
 Introducing myself to dr. Thin and Royal Ruby team.

DAY 2 (3rd February 2017)

 Review on Royal Ruby sales performance 2016 vs last year, Growth rate
average +112%
o Asmef
 Growth Rate: +66%
 Out of stock period June to August 2016 due to production problem from
 Primarily used to relieve pain on dismenoria patient

special treatment for doctor. skin care o Lanpurin  Growth Rate: +53%  December out of stock  Competitor market price 20 kyat per tab. 500 USD to prescribe 600 boxes for 4 months and 1.o Folas  Growth Rate: +195%  There is report informing that competitor product from Pakistan contain 500 mcg folic acid with cheaper price. surgeon. 20+4. 50+11.  Why can we make higher dose of folic acid around 500 mcg – 600 mcg to fulfill recommended dosage for pregnancy and breastfeeding? o Foothy  Growth Rate: +9%  160 tubes were expired on February 2016  December 2016 multi stage promo. Lanpurin selling price 33 kyat per tab  Marketing activity: FOC. 700 kyat per 1 box prescription in minimum of 100 boxes o Hi-Bone  Growth Rate: +70%  Most of sales come from doctor’s deal. Ended 7th January 2017  A lot of air come out from the tube  There is competitor product from India and Thai which come in bigger size and cheaper price o Hepachol  Growth Rate: +92%  Most of sales come from FOC.000 kyat per 1 box prescription in minimum of 100 boxes  Need more marketing activity through doctor’s prescription. doctor’s deal. Buy 6+1. o Livola Infusion  Growth Rate: +255% . o Lanadexon  Growth Rate: +190%  Sales is low on April 2016 during long holiday and out of stock  Focus on GP business because of higher price compare to other dexamethasone o Lanakalk  Growth Rate: +198%  There are peak of sales on July and October during tender from Muslim free hospital with price deduction o Lanakeloid-E Cream  Growth Rate: +32%  A lot of air come out from the tube  Primarily prescribed by Ob-gyn. OPD donation from Liver Foundation  Notepad promat is needed to promote Hepachol to doctors  For doctor’s deal. 100+26 to increase sales in volume.

drawing competition to create awareness from end-user and more availability in the pharmacy outlet. But after knowing that our CIF value is as the same as Curcuma while Royal Ruby needs to spend for marketing activity such as. more consumer activity on OTC. 4% FOC at 1. Also participated in National Autism Day. Our price increment is needed to cover marketing budget. has more variants and cheaper price (1. Lanakalk.300 to 1. doctor prescription deal and pre-school activity. But not all wholesale outlets are available to our product. 20-25% FOC at 1. More availability on this market must be done through increase of prescribed drugs. DAY 3 (4th February 2017)  Visiting Capital Hyper Market to monitor Melafos Pre-School Drawing Competition o Participant = 30 students o Attendance = 32 adults o Sales = 60 boxes . Gimmicks such as lunch box.800 kyat/bottle to doctor and outlet  Doctor’s deal. o Opiclam  Growth Rate: +87%  Competitor market price is 90 kyat/caps while our selling price is 140 kyat/caps  Competition in anti-infective and antibiotics drugs have increased with more affordable price especially from India o Optha-LL  Growth Rate: +100%  Most of sales come from FOC 100+20 from doctor clinic and GP  Visiting Bogyoke Aung San Market on the pharma section which I have seen good availability for some of our product Foothy. 400 kyat/bottle prescription minimum of 100 bottle/month. Progressive price increment has been suggested to be done if same case persists again. Lanpurin. Hepachol. Lanakeloid-E.  Pre-school activity such as product presentation. o Melafos  Growth Rate: +106%  May promo. Folas.800 kyat in purpose to get more marketing budget was not wise generally since our competitor like Curcuma. hanger or acrylic box has been addressed also.  Sudden increment of selling price on May (38%) from 1. sticker. signage. 8 times per month within Yangon. has more established brand. Has done activity in Capital Hyper Market which gives positive turnout from the participant and attendance.  More FOC promo (20%) and intensify pre-school activity has been suggested to improve melafos sales performance and awareness. more profitable price structure to wholesaler by giving FOC or discount.200 kyat).300 kyat/bottle to doctor and outlet  October promo.  Donation of 100 Ampules to Liver association. 30-45 minutes session.

30 PM – 09. dr.  Pre-school activity has targeted the right segment. Kyaw Soew Tun – Cirrhosis of Liver o Overall review . o Overall review  Good feedback from the parents and attendance because they pay great attention on the product presentation and program.00 PM o Attendance: 350 peoples (hepatologist. Prof. Prof. GP. Prof. must be done more often and specific target to the parents mostly mother. specialist) o Speakers 1. Win Naing – Hepatitis B 4. Prof. medical staff. James Hajadi – Lesichol 300 & Livola Granules 3.  Follow up sales after this activity must be made through reminding the parents to always purchase Melafos. availability on the surroundings (Wellington Pharmacy) and pharmacy outlet around all the preschool. o Photos DAY 4 (5th February 2017)  Preparing and monitoring symposium event “Hepatology Updates 2017” at Chatrium Hotel o Time: 6. Win Win Swe – Carcinoma 5. pharmacist. Naomi – Hepatitis C 2. The kids also were enjoying the competition with gifts and promotion.

bring FOC or special deal to see the specific impact on lesichol 300 and livola sales. 1. 2. up to date topics and a classy hotel with dinner served has made the total attendance gone beyond expectation. Promotion of our newly launched product (Lesichol 300 and Livola Granules) has been delivered perfectly by dr. o Photos DAY 5 (6th February 2017) . Follow up must be made by collecting guest list from the event. 4. confirmation list of attendance and more well-prepared on technical side such as time keeper for presentation and delay beyond timetable. 3. James Hajadi which most of the attendance gives good response. For the next event. The quality of the speaker. approach to potential doctor.

Royal Ruby has 1 stock point to supply the wholesale market and their customer. 2 Product Executive. Royal Ruby must start applying system to reduce problem in credit and cash collection especially. inventory and credit procedure. Presentation of Livola and Lesichol-300 to Royal Ruby Marketing Team. However. But in business. Without this improvement. supply. Actually. pre-order. pathogenesis. They have to start switching distribution system from stock point to appoint many dealers when the principal marketing team starts bringing the awareness and demand otherwise. high risk is high gain. sales monitoring. establishing stock point might be a good choice until selling system is fixed. no room for safe zone especially distribution part. either focusing distribution by appointing dealers/wholesalers or establishing stock point around major market. 2 Supervisor. 8 Medical Representative. Landson could also appoint another distributor apart from Royal Ruby to supply the consumer goods section. mapping cycle call. As Landson has a plan to launch consumer goods business in Myanmar through powder form energy drink. a lot of negative deviation might occur along the way. Royal Ruby has 1 wholesale dealer under the name of Uncle Herry. But we will not see much appreciated availability on the market because there is no profitable price structure that allows wholesaler to invest. he dedicated his purchase on Royal Ruby product especially Landson product.  Visiting Ming Galar Market which is divided into 2 buildings. More sales volume will come as we appoint more wholesaler/dealer in strategic areas with profitable price structure and trade promo. significant result would not happen. On the other hand. In the second building. prevalence. 1 Branch Manager and 1 Marketing Manager. using Royal Ruby as distribution partner will light up some problem. strategy to approach doctor and product positioning on the market. . both have the advantage and disadvantage. In a condition where demand is sustained and controlled through doctor’s prescription. By appointing many dealers. In the first building. without adequate selling system such as. To remind and give a better understanding about the mechanism of action. leaving the distribution part to wholesaler or dealer would be a benefit in consumer goods or OTC business when high demand meets the high availability in the market.

2 for Consumer Goods section with stacking facility. how the doctors responses about the product. Billy Chandra . 1 for Pharma section with controlled humidity and temperature. Best Regards. They use direct sales team to promote and sell the product.  Meeting with dr. sales to trade forecast for year 2017. There are 2 buildings for warehouse. DAY 7 (8th February 2017)  Travelling back to Jakarta Thank you for your kind attention and expecting feedback upon this comprehensive up country report.DAY 6 (7th February 2017)  Visiting Royal Ruby Warehouse and Traditional Drugs Processing. Royal Ruby also produces traditional drugs such aloe vera paste. updates on Lesichol- 300 and Livola. anti tumoric. anti ring worm. Thin about symposium actual expenses. men’s vitality.