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General NTPS420
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Robust Quality Estimator
GS 36J06D20-01E Overview

 GENERAL Quality Estimation Technology – RQE model
The process control industry has been continuously estimation technology provides methods for
shifting the focus away from controlling intermediate determining linear and nonlinear, static and dynamic,
variables, namely Flow, Temperature, Level and process models.
Pressure to the final product qualities. The advances RQE provides for explicit estimation of dynamics
made in Advanced Process Control, especially Model between the candidate inputs and the targeted output
Based Predictive control have overcome the problems using the following modeling methods.
in quality control loop such as process interactions, • Multiple Linear Regression (MLR)
and large time delay. However, there are still many • Principal Component Regression (PCR)
quality control loops not closed because of the lack of
reliable product quality measurement. • Partial Least Squares (PLS)
The Robust Quality Estimator is a software package • Radial Basis Function (RBF)
designed to provide product quality signal as feedback RQE provides statistical 95 percent confidence
to Advanced Process Control applications. It has intervals for the estimated dynamics. RQE uses
been widely applied in Refineries and Petrochemicals efficient, state-of-the-art numerical computational
processes. For example, the package has been solutions that permit solving large identification
successfully applied to infer the following properties: problems in minimal time.
Trending – Enhanced and flexible trending capabilities
Polymer Melt Index, such as stacked and shared plotting axes, zooming,
auto-scaling, manual scaling, common scaling,
4CBA in Terephthalic Acid (TA), scrolling, color customization, easy tag rearrangement,
Kerosene Flash Point, tag trend locking, easy data value access from trends,
data segmentation, and slicing of bad data from trends.
Total aromatics in Platformate,
Correlation Analysis – The static relationship between
Light Naphtha RVP,
measurements is displayed in a graphic matrix form.
Light Cycle Oil 90% distillation point, etc. This helps identify candidate inputs to explain the
variation in the targeted output, and also helps,
in combination with engineering knowledge of the
 FUNCTION SPECIFICATION process, if the data set includes enough excitation for a
The equation below shows the general form of a quality successful modeling effort.
estimator model.
QE = f(T,F,P,,,)
f: linear or non-linear, static or dynamaic

For example,
iC5 = C1 x Top_Temp + C2 x Top_Press + C3


Online Analyser Laboratory
Measurement Analysis


Correlation Analysis

Exarqe outline

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Tel.: 81-422-52-6323 Fax.: 81-422-52-7048 9th Edition Dec. 1, 2010(YK)

processing according to the type of OPC error is • Robust handling of uncertain and varying delay of the prepared.. • Outlet quality estimation which has intermediate quality model in input. Error • Internal steady state detection. • Extensive online analyzer signal checking. logical operation and so on • Multiple oil blend models. linear Neural Network type model. 2010-00 . estimation. are provided with. quality reference measurement. In case of quality estimator. CUSUM. spike rejection. asymmetrical filtering) One way of making an estimator robust is to let the • Full model updating using Kalman filtering (either model learn from feedback.ai last execution (as indicated by the change in integrated Model fitting inlet flow) and removing the effect of the quantity of material leaving the tank since the last execution (as Simulation indicated by the change in integrated outlet flow). it is effective in the following arithmetic calculation (Sine/Cosine/Tangent/ArcTan/ applications. This feedback is normally. • Operator lab interface with entry consequence preview. tank heel properties. OPC interface / Integration tool • Input checking of reference laboratory result prior to Exarqe can connect to any DCS or PLC via OPC model prediction update. verified. interface to communicate with process input and output • SPC techniques. delay will make it robust. For example.  Application Calculation function Using the input data of Integration tool. between Exarqe estimator and any OPC Windows XP/VP/2003/2008 environments. including from lab data or online analyzer. Device mode/Cache mode is selectable. The way in which the estimator handles this • Handling of non-linear qualities either via non. Blend calculations start when the blend start flag is set and stop when the flag is reset. and blend planned volume (if TQC is used) are stored in the designated tags. The Offline simulation function is provided for process tank calculations are performed as two-component engineers to tune RQE model. data between Exasmoc controller and Exarqe • PCTP (Exarqe offline) and Exarqe online operate in estimator. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J06D20-01E Dec.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 2 Blending application Exarqe can perform blending calculations on a volume or mass basis. on basis of online analyzer or on basis of laboratory the problem is peculiar since feedback comes with results) a delay. at the start of the blend. All Rights Reserved. and that the tank integrated inlet and outlet flows are initialized to zero. The method used depends on the blender configuration. A multiple model performs much systematic tool.). 1.) The calculation begins with the first good instantaneous quality prediction after blend initialization. It reads the RQE model blending calculations. server. Simulation material already in the tank and the other component models and scenarios are generated and the test being the material added to the tank on this execution. Integration function is also provided with to exchange • Upgraded Web-based Human Interface. the calculation Multiple models in a single model function executes the predefined calculation and Exarqe applications consist of multiple Exarqe outputs the results to the OPC server via Integration predictions. frozen value detection and into the step of updating. with one component being the and test data from the offline environment. results are also saved on the offline environment. More (The material leaving the tank affects the quantity in than one RQE applications are tested in the same the tank but not the quality since the tank is assumed environment. The system also needs to ensure that the tank heel quantity. Exarqe calculates the tank quality estimate (TQE) starting from the tank heel quality and adds in the effect of the quantity of material added to the tank since its F03. Log/Absolute/. including score card. Before Exarqe goes out of-range handling.. or via built-in configurable characterizer functions. the feedback data itself is spike rejection. Copyright © 2001. blend compensation quantity (if TQC is used). to be well mixed. filtering. analysis model. Basic calculation (add/subtract/multiply/divide).  GENERAL CONFIGURATION Lab Data and online Analyzer input checking  Features Exarqe model and its predictions need to be constantly updated based on feedback. • Series reactor quality estimation which connected each reactor model. and data. Prediction calculation and output processing Model Update (clamping. Builder function and test function are • Combination of online analysis model and lab also prepared to make it easy to implement it.

RQX File (Lab & Other Parameters) & Displays (Exarqe/Process Parameters) Output data Exasmoc Online Controller F07.xls) Building .<<Contents>> <<Index>> 3  HMI CONFIGURAION Human interface is fully upgraded from R4.ai perform simulation and builder the Exarqe estimator. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J06D20-01E Dec. 2010-00 . which consists of Web-based style views. It also includes the update mechanism using feedback from either online analyzer or laboratory results. offline for data analysis and model design and online portion of real- time implementation. Offline Exarqe offline function is to design the RQE model. APC client but also Web PC via Web server. • Overview • Engineering view • Lab Entry view • Trend view • Scheduler view • Tree –view and multi-screen Note) R4 APC client function is available from VP HIS. F06. Overview Online Exarqe online function is to periodically read process information from the DCS.MOD File Configuration RQE Offline . Data File Prediction Model (*.ai Exarqe configuration All Rights Reserved. Each view is available not only in HIS.ai Trend view  SYSTEM CONFIGURATION The Exarqe consists of two portions. 1. F04.RQX File T F05. estimate the quality with the model and download the results to the DCS or APC system.ai Process P F Input data Parameters Q Exarqe Online Engineering Vew Operator Station Entries Estimations .RQX File S/W Builder Computer Copy . Copyright © 2001.

ai NT OPC Client OS Exaopc Server Interface Card  APPLICATION CAPACITY Max.ai Other vendor DCS System Business LAN The Exarqe station is connected to other vendors’ DCS via OPC interface and Ethernet. APC function APC Operator Exarqe WIN consists of the following stations: APC Station NT OPC Client Displays OS Exaopc .APC client : APC HMI interface Control . Copyright © 2001. number of prediction: 20 per 1 application HIS/ Exarqe/ Standard HIS ENG Exasmoc SMOC-PC (Builder) Ethernet The period of the Exarqe estimator: The value should Operation/ Station Monitoring/ Displays APC be specified 60 seconds or more. Operation Monitoring .APC server: Exasmoc/Exarqe/Exaitg control APC Server Interface Card execution. All information Monitoring Ethernet Card is possible to access from HMI stations.Web server: Web server for APC HMI E net . It reads the process data. 1. SFCS Process Data LFCS Exarqe/Exasmoc Data F12E. Exasmoc Data FCS Web Client Web Client F09E. 2010-00 . and it reads/writes Process Data tag data and receives process messages. Control Displays Download The state of the Exarqe estimator: ON or OFF. Web Server Optional Definition Remote Download Operation/ Control LAN Monitoring APC Exasmoc OPC Client ENGS APC Exasmoc Server Operator WIN HIS Server OPC Server APC Station Exaopc HIS St’d View NT Exarqe Server Displays Server OS Other Vendor DCS APC View Exaopc Server APC Cassette Operation Ethernet Card Ethernet Card Monitoring Interface Card Control Vnet/IP Ethernet Other Exasmoc SMOC-PC Optional vendors’ Operator (Builder) Ethernet BCV DCS BRC/ERC Station Station Compact FCS Operation DCS Download Process Data Monitoring Displays Previous Control CENTUM APC Data Standard FCS Gateway F13E. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J06D20-01E Dec.Web client : Web client function ICS EWS Exarqe RQE-offline Optional E net BRC/ERC Station (Builder) Operation DCS Download APC station as well as HIS equalizes engineering data Monitoring Control Displays from the ENG engineering station of the CENTUM ACG system.ai All Rights Reserved. number of Exarqe application: 20 Ethernet RQE-Offline/ Optional Max. performs the control Operation/ action and writes the control outputs.ai Other Vendor DCS Control Bus CENTUM CS 3000 System Optional Remote Operation/ Process Data Monitoring Ethernet Card Exasmoc Data Exarqe/ Control Stations WIN Exasmoc F10E. The name of the Exarqe Estimator: Up to 10 V net / VL net characters.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 4  SYSTEM CONFIGURATION CENTUM CS System Exarqe can connect to variety of DCSs and control Optional Remote systems. V Net CENTUM VP System APC station is connected to control stations via the VI/VF Control Bus Interface Card. Firewall Connection test between Exarqe with other vendor’s PCTP offline APC Client DCS is indispensable in advance.

OPC performance: 100 data read and write per every 3 GByte recommended (Server 2008) second Disk capacity: 40 Gbyte or more recommended Drive: DVD-ROM drive Monitor: SXGA (1280 x 1024 resolution).60 is required when Exaopc is Drive: DVD-ROM drive installed on the same PC as Exarqe Monitor: SXGA (1280 x 1024 resolution).09.0a or later in case of single OPC server Pentium4 2.01 or later is required. Copyright © 2001.8 GHz or better (Server 2003). True Color IE 7. Core 2 Duo 2.Exaopc R3. True Color Mouse: OPC Interface Communication device: OPC interface connected to Exarqe should support the Ethernet-ready network card with 100 MBPS following specification. Main memory: 2 GByte recommended (XP or Server 2003) Interface Package 3 GByte recommended VISTA or Server 2008) Exaopc R2. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J06D20-01E Dec.1 to read Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or better (XP or Server 2003). Windows Server 2008 (non-SP or SP2) Core 2 Duo 2. Connection test in advance is Graphics: DirectX 9 corresponding GPU and 128MB recommended.0 Mouse: CENTUM VP: R4. Main memory: Asynchronous read/write 2 GByte recommended (Server 2003) .13 GHz or better (VISTA or Server 2008) 64 bit version is not supported.01 or later versions Communication device: CENTUM CS 3000: R2.02 connecting to CENTUM VP.06 CPU: client and Web client are available. True Color Mouse: Communication device: Ethernet-ready network card with 100 MBPS Graphics: DirectX 9 corresponding GPU and 128MB graphic memory (APC Web client function) CPU: Pentium4 2. CPU: .OPC function: Synchronous read/write. 3 GByte recommended VISTA or Server 2008) Disk capacity: 40 Gbyte or more recommended Others: Drive: DVD-ROM drive Monitor: SXGA (1280 x 1024 resolution).13 GHz or better (VISTA or Server 2008) Main memory: 1 GByte recommended (XP or Server 2003) 1 GByte recommended VISTA or Server 2008) Disk capacity: - Drive: - Monitor: SXGA (1280 x 1024 resolution). True Color Mouse: Communication device: Ethernet-ready network card with 100 MBPS Graphics: DirectX 9 corresponding GPU and 128MB graphic memory All Rights Reserved.00 or later versions Ethernet-ready network card with 100 MBPS CENTUM CS: R2. 1. In the previous HIS.01 APC client function is (APC client function) available from VP HIS. CENTUM CS. Disk capacity: 40 Gbyte or more recommended Note: .8 GHz or better (XP or Server 2003. Graphics: DirectX 9 corresponding GPU and 128MB PCTP 2010 Build 1 graphic memory Adobe Reader Note: Exasmoc/Exarqe R4. PCTP 2009 Build 2. PCTP 2009 Build 1.OPC revision: Compliant to OPC Foundation (APC Web server function) specification.06. OPC DA 2. It is necessary to install Adobe Reader 9. Main memory: The Exarqe package and Windows must use the same 2 GByte recommended (XP or Server 2003) language. graphic memory .OPC DA 1.13 GHz or better (Server 2008) .<<Contents>> <<Index>> 5  OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Software OS: Windows XP Professional (SP2 or SP3) Hardware or Windows VISTA (SP1 or SP2) (APC server function) Windows Server 2003 Std (SP2) or CPU: Windows Server 2003 R2 (SP2) or Pentium4 2. Pentium4 2.8 GHz or better (XP or Server 2003).00 or later versions Control Bus Interface Card are required when Exarqe R4. 2010-00 .13 GHz or better (VISTA or Server 2008) instruction Manual of Exarqe.05a or later in case of multiple OPC server Core 2 Duo 2. CS 3000. R3.

1. -S5 Media) (*2) • Adobe Reader is a trademark or registered trademark Site License for Medium Site (with of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Suffix Code “-S5”: Small Site.000 BPD or larger *3. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 36J06D20-01E Sep.e. *2. Model NTPS420 Exarqe Robust Quality Estimator • Ethernet is a registered trademark of XEROX Basic Software License (with Media) Corporation. -S6 Suffix Media) • Other products and company names appearing in this Codes Site License for Large Site (with document are trademarks or registered trademarks of -S7 their respective holders. enter “1” for the second unit).000 BPD to 199. Copyright © 2001.999 BPD Suffix Code “-S7”: Large Site.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 6  MODEL AND SUFFIX CODES  TRADEMARKS • CENTUM and Exaopc are registered trademarks of Description Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Less than 100. Site license includes 3 copies of offline RQE. The number of additional unit has to be entered in  (i. 100. *4. 2009-00 Subject to change without notice. Exaopc package is required for Exarqe to interface with CENTUM CS 3000. 1 With Exarqe online package 1 Always 1 1 English version -S9 Calculation function Software License for Additional Unit Option (1 to 7 units) (*4) /-ADU Code : 1 to 3 : 4 to 7 *1. Media) 0 Without Exarqe online package (*3) • Subject to change without notice. -S1 (*1) • Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Site License for Small Site (with Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Basic software license includes 1 copy of offline RQE. At least one Exarqe online package has to be quoted per PC. 200.000 BPD Suffix Code “-S6”: Medium Site.. .