HR Rev 05/05

Human Resources Department
Lincoln Public Schools

Mentor Anna Smith School Morley
Subject Area(s) Language Arts Date April 15, 2016

Please comment only if you have observed
Sensitivity to special needs of gifted students
Academic knowledge Comment:
Comment: Annaliese is aware of her student’s (somewhat) lack
Not only is Annaliese knowledgeable with many of motivation. She has done a great job
different genres of literature, but also she is able to keeping her excited about literature and they
explain and discuss subject matter with her student have followed through on projects that were
in a manner that allows the student to question and planned at the beginning of the mentorship.
explore literature at a higher level. Additionally, the products that are completed
have been at a level that goes above and
beyond what is expected in the regular
Ability to relate to student classroom
Annaliese began with her student mid-year. She is Communication with student(s), faculty and
able to motivate her student to perform her best parents
work and challenges her student to go above & Comment:
beyond. They have worked at a whole different Annaliese keeps in touch with the parents, teacher
level than the previous semester. and gifted facilitator via email and personal
communication. She completes PLP’s & Quarterly
Professionalism (reliability, dependability, Reports in a detailed and timely fashion.
Comment: Enthusiasm about subject
Annaliese is extremely conscious of absences and Comment:
notifies staff members if she is unable to meet with Annaliese arrives promptly and comes prepared
her student. She is very committed to her student at with plans for the hour. It is obvious she has a love
Morley. of literature.

Demonstrates ability to work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
Would you recommend this mentor for other students?
Yes, I am hopeful that Annaliese will mentor at Morley again next year. She agreed to come on during the
middle of the year and has done such an amazing job with the 5th grade student that she has mentored this

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