Immigrant Asian maid’s maltreatment and being refused by residency in HK

Possible elements of my issue I could study (you may add more):

1. Domestic helpers refused residency

2. Dilemma of the maltreatment of domestic helpers

Issue element # 1 Issue element # 2
What do I already know? What do I already know?
- Domestic helpers have no access to permanent - Many domestic helpers are maltreated by their
residency in Hong Kong employers, and when they file a complaint to their
employment agency, normally they are told to take it.
What do I need to find out?
- How racial differences affect the approval of What do I need to find out?
permanent residency in HK - Reasons why most reports filed by domestic helpers
- Ways to fight for permanent residency rights to the employment agency are not further investigated
- What happens when a report filed by a domestic
What search terms should I use? helper becomes valid
- refused residency, domestic helpers, hong kong,
race, domestic helper rights What search terms should I use?
- abused, maltreatment, domestic helpers, hong kong,
reasons, causes, filed reports

ACTION PLAN: (add more rows if needed)

SOURCES of Information: Don’t just say ‘Library’, ‘Books’ or ‘Google’. For example, Library Database eg
Time Magazine, Biography in Context, Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society etc

Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your research.

What information do I need What SOURCES could I use to How useful was this source?
to find? get this information? (be
A brief introduction on domestic Census and Stats Department (HK This source was useful. The
helpers government websites) website has charts and graphs on
domestic helpers’ nationality, sex,
Anecdotes of domestic helpers South China morning post (e- It was useful. The websites have
abused by their employers newspaper) interviews and made a
documentary of domestic helpers
Time out blog (Anna Cummins’ sharing their experiences during
interview with Erwiana) work in HK.
Anecdotes of domestic helpers South China Morning Post (e- I think this source was ok.
refused permanent residency by newspaper) Though they have a lot of
the HK government information about the feeling on
domestic helpers refused
permanent residency, there was
very little information on the
helper’s experiences.
Action that can be taken Organisations, NGO sites (Christian This sources were useful. They
action, mission for migrants) gave me inspiration as to what I
can do and how to help out.

Methods or tools I will use to COLLECT & RECORD my information are: (give some detail – be
clear about HOW you will collect & record)
eg Tools: easybib, diigo, word, evernote, scoopit etc.
eg Methods: Notetaking, summarising, paraphrasing, mindmapping, brainstorming, cutting & pasting relevant
notes etc

Fill in AFTER you finish
Fill in BEFORE you start your research researching
What TOOLS or METHODS will I Why will I use them/do this? What did I actually do?
use to collect & record (justify why you chose this/these
information? (incl detail) methods)

Notetaking (method) – watching Videos go by quickly, so I will not I watched relevant videos and
relevant videos and taking notes be able to copy word by word, I found interesting information,
will only be able to drop down while notetaking and dropping
keywords. I will also be able to down important keywords and
collect a great amount of useful facts.
Summarizing (method) – So that I will be able to collect I scrolled through websites and
extracting key information from good information. This method looked at the keywords that I
sources to sum up my point also encourages me to write in my would use in my website. Then, I
own words instead of copying and summed up the keywords and
pasting applied my knowledge onto my
Action plan (tool) – Planning and So that my information will be I planned my process and
researching on the topic before organised, and so that I will have researched on my topic. Then
adding information onto my easy access to my research. worked on my website. Lastly, I
website filled in the “Evaluation” table.
(and this grid :D )

Pages needed to complete my website: What information and links will I need
Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your website creation.

What information do I need What Pages could I use to get How can I link the pages
to convey? this information across to the together?
audience? (be specific)
I need to introduce my “activist I will make a page about domestic Since this is the first page of the
organisation” and explain what helpers, where I will give out website, it needs to give out an
domestic helpers are and talk statistics and the definition of introduction and brief
about how the maltreatment of helpers. This would provide a brief understanding about the problem
helpers and their unconcerned understanding of domestic helpers. I of domestic helpers
rights are an issue will also introduce my “activist
I need to analyse the problem of I will make a page based on the
domestic helpers’ maltreatment, problem. This will answer my
and quotes to back up my point. research questions (Reasons why
most reports filed by domestic
helpers to the employment agency
are not further investigated and Since this page focuses on a
What happens when a report filed problem, it needs to be specific.
by a domestic helper becomes The first page, that gives out a
brief information helps the reader
I also need to analyse the problem The information will be put in the understand what is going on.
of domestic helpers refused second page (page above). This will
permanent residency by the answer my research question (How
government. racial differences affect the
approval of permanent residency in
I need to find and collect I will make a page of some Since this page gives out real life
anecdotes of domestic helpers’ anecdotes of domestic helper’s examples of the problem, it helps
experiences of maltreatment and experiences, which gives an the audience further understand
fighting for permanent residency. emotional appeal to the audience, the problem. Giving out real life
which helps raise awareness of the examples can also support the
problem. problems mentioned in the
previous pages.
I need to talk about how people I will make a page talking about This page links with the previous
can get involved in the actions how sit-in protest demonstrations pages, after talking about the
and how they can improve the and joining forums can help issue and giving real life
working experience of domestic domestic helpers while also getting examples, and explaining how
helpers. benefits from them. I will also talk people can help.
about how people can get involved
in the actions.

TIMEFRAME: (add more rows if needed)

Intend Actua
Steps in the Process: Briefly outline (list) the ed l
If dates differ briefly explain
steps you will work through to complete this Dates Dates why.
assessment. You should include planning
BEFORE researching, WHEN you will research, (If the dates are the same, you do
then WHEN you will put together the final not need to fill this in)
product. Fill in the ‘Actual Dates’ as you go.
Break the steps down to be clear and specific.
You need a minimum of SIX steps.
Fill in parts of my action plan (plan out research) 9th Feb 9th Feb

Research on definition of domestic helpers, 12th 12th
domestic helper statistics Feb Feb

Research on the maltreatment of domestic helpers 13th 13th
(the dilemma) Feb Feb

Research on domestic helpers refused permanent 14th 15th I had other homework to do, and most
residency (the affects) Feb Feb of them were due the next day 15th

Collect anecdotes on domestic helpers’ 17th 17th
experiences of maltreatment and refused Feb Feb
permanent residency and quotes (found mostly
from interviews)
Research and find inspiration on ways to take 18th 18th
action Feb Feb
Upload bibliography, and finished action plan 20th 20th
onto the website Feb Feb

Things that went well Things that need Ways of improving
I was able to catch up I need to work on my I should have finished my
Creating & on most of the dates time management skills other homework earlier so
following that I planned out and as I spent time doing that I have time to work on
action plan complete the research other homework when I this project.
before the deadline. was supposed to work on
this project.
I found all of the I had s very little variety I should have used a wider
Collecting and information I had to find of sources. I only used variety of sources (such as
Recording from my sources. I also websites and online books, magazines) instead
had an equal ratio of encyclopaedias and of just websites, to make my
factual and opinionated online newspapers. research broader.
I followed my action I had very little media in I should have added more
Creating plan and sorted out my my website. I only have a images and statistics to
website information into the few pictures and a table make my website more
parts that I have and the rest of the interesting and so that my
decided on. (pages) website is filled with information is more reliable