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African Descent: The Mass Migration Into Integrated Segregation

“Haul Ass!” That is exactly what The Southern Black Man did. They fled the south and into the
cities and began one of the most destructive errors in the history of man. Black people turned away
from the fields and for the first time grasped the European Fire, willingly. They integrated into the
industrial revolution, although they were being segregated against on a social level. Notwithstanding
the union and city employable Black man, nothing was equal.
They should have paid attention to the very fact that in those times government benefits where for
Caucasians. This is the “Make America Great Again.” It was the equal rights of 1964, which set in
motion an aggressive campaign by the Republicans and Democrats to coral The Black man in prisons,
and exterminate them with disease and drugs. This was the “New World Order.” White people from
the north or south did not stand up to prevent this.
To become a part of the “American Dream” Black people had to demonstrate through the erosion of
moral values, that they belonged in White society. These erosions took place primarily in the
entertainment industry. From this, Black people were financially, and culturally exploited through this
'indoctrination'. In this, The Black man lost his soul and began standing for America, abandoning the
African culture. We see this today in the modern 'service' and 'technology' age.
Finance and Business replaced Community. Black people 'incorporated' themselves into the fabric
of America, voluntarily, for the first time since being 'physically' enslaved. At this point, the mental
slavery began, coupled with the illusion of the 'industrial prison complex' or their Criminal “Justice”
System, which is legal slavery and lynchings as opposed to the lynchings and slavery of the old south.
This is the 'agreed' upon system by the likes of appointed Black leaders, whom are appointed by the
former slave masters.
Now, the murder, rape, robbing of the Black people shifts from forced to voluntary. For example,
Slaves were raped and brutalized. Now that brutality is glamorized in Hollywood movies such as
Moonlight and other gay movies. This also exists now in the Hip-Hop culture of today. The music
industry glamorizes homosexuality, and removes those whom don't support that life style. Once upon a
time the slave master raped Black people. Now, they have Black people thinking that that deviant
behavior has a monetary value, if you accept it.
This is also prevalent in athletics, as Hollywood is merging sports and Disney entertainment, along
with war. The blood and gore of war is memorialized at each opening game and halftime, not to
mention commercial breaks. Then, they use the sport platform to promote the gay agenda through
movie advertisements, and interviews of leading actors. Basically, Black people have become
voluntary puppets and clowns, indoctrinated by a racist system to accept zionist and racist views in
hopes of obtaining financial wealth, and social status, “The American Dream”.
However, there is a catch. There is always a catch when dealing with the fallen spirits that
organized this corporation. In order to advance in this corporation you must accept the one thing that
caused the once heavenly angels to become rebellious evil spirits and that is: “Let Us Go Lie With
Them..” Remember, “Them” is “them”, and that means all of them. All of them means, man, woman,
child, dog, sheep, chicken, snake or whatever The Almighty Created with sex organs. To be apart of
the corporation you must accept the beast, and bestiality as well as homosexuality.
This is why The United States Corporation killed Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., and
others, while vilifying Malcolm X whom spoke to a more honest, yet harsh reality. In this too, we see
Black America sell out itself in the elevation of Dr. King, even against the standards he supported. In
essence, White America decided who our heroes would be, and Black leaders are being paid until this
day to agree, and manufacture The African Descent in the illusion of White Supremacy. Read Enoch.
They actually put a statue of MLK Jr. in Washington D.C. after murdering him, a Jesus moment?
He too was sold out by a Judas. Gay Edgar Hoover was responsible for his and the Panther murders.