Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of CSC301GC2 Project Advisor

Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Members -
Yogarajah Kesavan 2009/SP/014Maheswaran
Nitharsan 2009/SP/042Jeyapratheepa
Jeyanantharajah 2009/CSc/009
Introduction page

Our project is Inventory Management System. Our project was prepared for ourComputer science
department. This system maintains the details of latestequipments, details of equipment use in lab, discard
and repair equipment detailsand loan details. When new equipment enters our lab, we check that
equipment ismain (lab, office, furniture) equipments or other (consumable, stationary,maintenance)
equipments.If that equipment is main, when we select that equipment in our system,automatically fill new
identification number, new folio number and date. If thatequipment is other, when we select that
equipment and then select issued,automatically fill the increased balance or we select received,
automatically fill thedecreased balance in our system.We can search main and other equipments. If we
search main equipment, wecan see these (Articles, Identification number, folio number, name of
supplier,date, unit price, officer in charge and remarks) details. If search other equipment,we can see these
(article, date, quality, balance, action) details. We maintain twokinds of loan details those are loan issue
and loan taken. We can add and editdetails in both categories. We can see these (articles, identification
number, status,return date, department) details in both categories.
Developer page
This project has been designed by using the CSS templates. This is help to designour interfaces and also
help Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and HTML 5. PHP havebeen used to develop the coding in our system.
SQL server is used to createdatabase as the back end for this system.

Our database contain eleven tables for our system.
This table consist some attributes such as user id, first name, last name, email,username, password and
user level. These details help to create an account andlogin the system.
Lab equipments (le), Office equipments (oe), Furniture (fu):
This table consist some attributes such as Articles, Identification number, folionumber, name of supplier,
date, unit price, officer in charge and remarks. le tablehelps to lab equipments details, . oe table helps to
office equipments details and .fu table helps to furniture details.
Consumable (cons), Stationary (sta), Maintenance (mai):
This table consist some attributes such as id, item, number, action, date andbalance. Cons table helps to
consumable details, sta table helps to stationary detailsand mai table helps to maintenance details.
Loan issue:
This table consist some attributes such as loan id, article, id, issued date, issued by,received by, received
department, status, return date and remarks. This table helpsto add, edit and show the issued items.
Loan taken:
This table consist some attributes such as loan id, article, id, issued department,received date, received by,
status, return date and remarks. This table helps to add,edit and show the taken items.
This table consist some attributes such as id number, article, reason, date andauthorized by. These details
help to remove, view and show the individual articles.

.User Page This is our login page. This is our sign up interface . this helps to login our system. It helps to know our system. this helps to create a new account. This is our about us interface .

This is our change password interface. This is our add inventory interface. .This is our main interface. it helps to change the password.

. it helps to add the new equipment details to the database table. This is our Inventory search interface. .Other interfaces maintenance and stationary do the same work. It contains main equipment search and otherequipment search.This is our Lab equipment interface. This is our consumable interface. Other interfaces office equipment and furniture do the same work. it helps to add the new equipment details tothe database table.

wecan see the full details of that item. If we select category and article. . It shows all details of main equipment and otherequipment. we can see the full details of that item.This is our other equipment search interface. If we select category andidentification number. This is our view all interface.This is our main equipment search interface.

com Email : inventorymsystem@gmail. view and add user. It helps to remove the item and show the individual .inventorymanagementsystemims.This is our user management interface. Blog :www. It helps to edit. This is our remove inventory interface. delete.