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Creo Spire™ Color Server for the


DocuColor 5000AP Digital Press. ®

Great image quality, superb
VI capabilities.
The Creo Spire Color Server brings high The formats you need, ready to go.
productivity and outstanding value to the By supporting all the popular authoring tools and leading industry
mid-production color printing market. You can formats—Xerox VIPP®, Adobe® PostScript® and PDF, Creo Variable
Print Specifications (VPS), and PPML—the Spire Color Server can
expect a user-friendly graphical user interface handle challenging variable-data printing production in stride. All VI
(GUI), high-speed RIP, superb color and image implementation capabilities are embedded in the server’s architecture.
quality, and a truly professional workflow. Control and ease-of-use for faster production.
Maximum power, affordable price. Sophisticated document-printing tools put you in control of your
printing processes, saving production time. They can quickly and easily
This server uses advanced fusion-imaging technology to deliver
print covers, tabs, inserts, interleaves, slipsheets, administration pages,
maximum power and robust productivity. Its high-speed RIP processes
and other mixed-media documents. A user-friendly GUI offers easy
to the 160 GB disk space and not to memory; this keeps the memory
drag-and-drop capabilities, job management from the workspace with
free for other print jobs and operating system tasks. This lets you adjust
no secondary windows, and job parameters for the job ticket with no
and refine image quality without returning to the original application
secondary utilities.
for re-RIPing, saving production time, and enabling increased output.

Quality color output, with tools to match. Available Professional Kit for enhanced efficiency.
This optional kit consists of a dongle plug-in with features that increase
The Spire Color Server offers professional color management and
productivity and enhance the overall efficiency of the entire workflow.
color-matching tools, including a spot-color editor, gray component
The Professional Kit also has soft-proofing and calibrating capabilities,
replacement (GCR), and a custom ICC Profiles workflow for CMYK and
Enfocus PitStop (an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in for
RGB. These allow you to apply all color and image-quality management
advanced PDF editing), a PDF analyzer, connectivity
tools to all documents, quickly and easily. For even higher image
to graphic arts support, dynamic page exceptions,
quality, this Spire Color Server features Full Auto Frame (FAF) trapping,
VDP tools, and more.
anti-aliasing for text and line art, and more.

Seamless workflows, seamless connectivity.
The Spire Color Server facilitates plug-and-play connections, the
implementation of JDF-supported systems, and supports a seamless
connection between offset and digital workflow systems. This results
in lower costs, error-free workflows, higher production speeds, and
greater overall quality.

iGen3®.and post-RIP job preview and editing class B limits for conducted emissions • 2 x 512 MB DDR2 (Dual Data Rate) enhance control and class B limits for radiated emissions. harmonized under EMC Image Quality and Color • Last-minute color and imposition corrections Directive 89/336/EEC Management maximize flexibility. or licensed to Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Inc.5 A @ 120 VAC gradation changes For more information on the Creo® Spire™ Color Server. (550 mm) x 7 in. • VCCI V-3/2003. the sphere of connectivity design. 05/08 610P729710 . including 55024:1998 + A1:2001 + A2:2003 • X-Rite® DTP 34 Densitometer spot separations standards. ©2008 Xerox Corporation.6 in. EN – Output memory: 256 MB originally made for offset print. Microsoft® and Windows® are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. subpart B Class B streamlines workflow and eases the limits for conducted emissions and class B Hardware/Specifications learning curve limits for radiated emissions • Creo® platform • Hot folders enable a common automated • ICES-003:2004. CT/LW and easily Dimensions/Weight Network Environment/Protocols • Predefined and import custom source and • Platform destination profiles • AppleTalk® – Footprint 21. build status. Novell® and NDS® are trademarks of Novell.5 kg) • Predefined emulations for Xerox DocuColor® • IPX/SPX • AppleShare®: File sharing Options 2045/2060. • Fusion board memory • Comprehensive workflow connectivity EN 61000-3:2000 – Input memory: 512 MB • Supports pre-separated files that were • EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A1:2001.5 A @ 220 VAC/ • View before/after soft proof of 4. call 1-800 ASK XEROX or visit us on the Web at: www.4 (440 mm) elements for consistent appearance • TCP/IP – Weight: 40. AppleTalk® and AppleShare® are trademarks of Apple Computer. (700 mm) x 41. JPEG. ensure fast turnaround.4 GHz workflow emissions and class B limits for radiated • Fusion XT board • Spire™ Acrobat® Plug-in for tabs printing emissions • 1 x 80 GB system disk makes tab insertion easy • EN 55022:1998 + A1:2000 + A2:2003 • 2 x 80 GB image disks • Pre. Gray. Xerox®. Creo® and Spire™ are trademarks of Creo Inc. 6060. PostScript®. class B limits for conducted • Intel® Single P4 3.5 lb (18. Inc. X-Rite® is a trademark of X-Rite.04 class B limits for and reduce the cost of errors conducted emissions and class B limits • Professional color management and for radiated emissions color-matching tools File Format Support The standards cover full EMC demands to • Can apply all color and image quality • Adobe® PostScript® 3 the product management tools to all documents. 5252. TIFF/IT. and VIPP® are trademarks of. and iGen3® • Separation Options can apply to any type • PAP: File printing • Stand of job • NetBIOS: Printing and file sharing over – Footprint 27. • Same emulation for CMYK and RGB • NetBEUI (180 mm) x 17 in. Product appearance. and • TCP/IP: Printing LPR/LPD – Weight: 55 lb (25 kg) CMYK combinations and get better color • Novell®: NDS® and NFS (option file sharing) • Professional Kit fidelity and color consistency Novell-certified client • Profiler Kit • Single chart calibration makes the Variable Data File Formats Electrical calibration process easier and faster • New gradation tool allows you to drag • VIPP (optional) ® • AC input voltage: 100 to 127 curves to modify separations and adjust • Creo® VPS (Variable Print Specifications) VAC/127/200-240 @ 50 to 60 Hz multiple points of input and output • PPML • Ampere rating: 2.Creo® Spire™ Color Server for DocuColor® 5000AP Digital Press Operating System Workflow Agency Certification • Microsoft Windows XP Professional ® ® • Intuitive. All rights reserved. TIFF. EPS. and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.4 in. DocuColor®. and Acrobat® are trademarks of Adobe Systems. • With enhanced spot color tools you have TCP/IP/NetBEUI/IPX (1050 mm) x 28. (720 mm) the ability to protect specific RGB.65 in. Adobe®. quickly • Native PDF. Inc. user-friendly User Interface • FCC 47 CFR:2003 part 15. Inc.