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Fall 2015 Mini Schedule - Thursday August 20

Time Sudakoff A/B Sudakoff C/D Sudakoff East HCL 7 HCL 8
8:40-8:55 Introduction to Genetics
S. Gilchrist
9:00-9:15 Italian Renaissance Art Introduction to Sociology Classical Genetics Laboratory
Carrasco Zabriskie S. Gilchrist
9:20-9:35 Monuments & Methods: Sociology of Arts & Perf. Music & the Environment P.Chem II - Thermodynamics
Carrasco Zabriskie Clark S. Shipman
9:40-9:55 An-Other Story: Medicine in its Social Context Public Health Disparities Song in the United States Compressed Chemistry
Hassold Kaplan Lisa Merritt Clark S. Shipman
10:00-10:15 Advanced Spanish Social Movements GIS 1 Christian Scriptures General Chemistry I
Bennaji Hernandez J. Saarinen Marks S. Sherman
10:20-10:35 Elementary / Interm. Spanish Sociology of Development Underwater Archaeology Jewish Mysticism Representation Theory
Bennaji & Portugal Hernandez Cozzi Marks E. Poimenidou
10:40-10:55 Lecturar Hispanicas Inorganic Chem Lab Acting I Entomology & Laboratory
Labrador-Rodriguez S. Sherman Malaev-Babel & S. Wallace E. Saarinen
11:00-11:15 Elementary German I Introduction to Statistics Theatrical Adaptation Thermal Physics
Cuomo Cooper Malaev-Babel M. Sendova
11:20-11:35 German Conv. & Comp. Intro to American Politics Intro to the Study of Religion Physics for Arts & Music
Cuomo Reilly Michalson M. Sendova
11:40-11:55 First Year Modern Chinese Quant. Analysis of Pol. Data Kant and Nietzsche Quantum Mechanics
Li & Zhang Reilly Michalson D. Colladay
12:00-12:15 Second Year Modern Chinese American Political Dev. NCF Chorus Physics I
Li & Zhang Fitzgerald Bray D. Colladay
12:20-12:35 Third Year Modern Chinese Power & Public Pol. in the US Sociology of Gender & Body Writing the Self Honors Physics I
Li & Zhang Fitzgerald Fairchild Labrador-Rodriguez G. Ruppeiner
12:40-12:55 Chinese Literature Sociological Res. Methods Music Thry I & Romantic Mus. Physics I Laboratory
Li & Zhang Fairchild Clark (on behalf of Dancigers) D. Musselman
1:00-1:15 Sculpture I Death, Hell, & Capitalism Elementary Hebrew I Analog Electronics
Herzog Benes Dulin G. Ruppeiner
1:20-1:35 Metal Casting Medieval Europe Printmaking I Calculus I/Calc. with Theory
Herzog McCarthy Burns T. Lee / E. Poimenidou
1:40-1:55 Mapping America Intro to Cultural Anthro. Latin Intro Math for Sciences
Dimino Dean Rohrbacher T,. Lee
2:00-2:15 Beginning Photography Ethnogrophy: Theory & Pract. Literature Roman Empire Calculus III
DeSieno Dean Rohrbacher T. Lee
2:20-2:35 American Humor Internship Opportunites Distributed Computing
Dimino Andrea Knies D. Gillman
2:40-2:55 Critical Theory in the US Motivated Minds Intro to Prog in JAVA Data Storage & Retreival
Wallace Barton H. Hyman D. Gillman
3:00-3:15 Law and Literature Psych Lab: Analyzing Conv. Legal & Ethics Issues Intro to Program in Python
Wallace Barton H. Hyman M. Lepinski
3:20-3:35 Stat. Inference for Data Sci. Politics of Russia Imag & Reimag Early England Computer Networks
S. Dube Hicks Myhill M. Lepinski
3:40-3:55 Transitions to Democracy Theatre/Perf:History and Thry Discrete Mathematics
Hicks Myhill K. Henckell
4:00-4:15 Social Psychology Int'l Climate Change Neg. Calculus II
Cottrell Alcock K. Henckell
4:20-4:35 Psychology of Good & Evil American Foreign Policy Buddhism Developmental Biology
Cottrell Alcock/Goff Newman A. Clore
4:40-4:55 Sem. in Tallahassee (MOD) American History Survey Molecular Biology Asian Mysticisms Topics in Cell Signaling
Alcock/Fitzgerald/Knies Goff M. Thomas Newman A. Clore

Beulig 12:40-12:55 Elementary Ancient Greek I Drawing I & Painting I Ethics of Otherness Introduction to Vertebrates Shaw Anderson Flakne A. Oberle 12:00-12:15 Behavioral Economics Ancient Mesoamerican Civ. Walstrom 9:20-9:35 Introduction to Accounting Principles of Bioinformatics Technologies of the Book Organic I. Scudder 10:00-10:15 Social Theory Intro to Microeconomics Intro to Algorithms Nabokov's Early Novels Probability Brain Coe G. Linguistic Approach to Writ. Formal Logic Fish Biology Lecture & Lab Collins Andrews Maass / WRC Edidin J. Lab Organic Structure Elucidation Yu T. Rycyk 11:40-11:55 Intro Psych (All Seminars) International Economics Interediate German Theory of Knowledge Biology of Climate Change Psychology Professors (ALL) Khemraj Sutherland Edidin B. Studies Organic Inquiry Lab Exploring Poetry Biochemistry I McHugh Scudder Konkol K. Beulig . Kalmanovich Wyman N. & Reactivity Yu T.Friday August 21 Time Sudakoff A/B Sudakoff C/D Sudakoff East HCL 7 HCL 8 8:40-8:55 9:00-9:15 Intro to Env. Scudder 9:40-9:55 Chinese Economy Data Munging & Explor. Dance Tech. Lecture & Lab Collins Andrews Wells / WRC Flakne A. News. Ryba Wilmott P. Gardiner 12:20-12:35 Intermediate Microeconomics Early Cultures of the Old World Writing About Writing Deleuze & Foucault Animal Beh. Struct. Oberle / A. Writing & Production Francophone Literatures Dealing with Data Bauer Harvey Vesperi Reid Dube / Sutherland / McDonald 11:20-11:35 Animal Welfare Intro to Macroeconomics Cross Cult Per in Pub Health Snow White in Text and Film General Biology Bauer Khemraj Carson Sutherland B. and Chore. Yildirim 10:20-10:35 Urban Sociology Pub Finance/Gov't Expend. Kalmanovich Lowe-Dupas & Reid P. Fall 2015 Mini Schedule . Intermediate Russian I Ordinary Differ. Equations Brain Coe Wyman N. Yildirim 10:40-10:55 Anthro & Lit Algorithms for Data Science French Language-All Levels Real Analysis Vesperi G. McDonald 11:00-11:15 Sensation & Perception Old Regime & French Revol. Ryba Konkol P.