Lake County Virtual School

Driver Education/Traffic Safety

Ms. Acacia Page (407)-504-0605 (Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm)

Course Description: Students will study the Highway Transportation System, traffic signs, rules
of the road, accident avoidance, and making good choices behind the wheel. Students will begin
to develop the skills necessary to become safe, responsible Florida drivers. Students will view
many traffic simulations throughout the course designed to help increase their knowledge of real
world driving. This course fulfills the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor
Vehicles (DHSMV) Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) that is required to
obtain a Learner’s License (permit).


A. Prior to being granted access to the online course, students must have a
welcome conversation with their instructor. Instructor must speak with
parent/guardian AND student for welcome call to be completed. During the
initial welcome contact the instructor will explain the responsibilities of the
parent/guardian, student and teacher while student is taking the course.

B. This call may be complete several ways:
a. Attend live welcome session on blackboard collaborate (when offered)
b. Watch recorded session from blackboard collaborate (when offered)
c. Call instructor (if all else fails)

C. Submit a complete Welcome Call Form to


Live class sessions will be conducted through blackboard collaborate. This is the
instructor’s virtual classroom, just like the classrooms at your high school. Students
will be notified when session will occur. You can join a session via computer, tablet, or
mobile device. Always login with your first and last name.


Students should access their student dashboard ( to ensure that all personal
information is correct. If there is any information that is incorrect or changes have been
made since your registration of the course (e.i. name, address, and phone numbers)
inform the instructor.
Revised 2/2/17

A. Monthly Contact
a. A required monthly text, call, or email to the student’s parent/guardian will
be conducted. This must be a “Two-Way Communication” once per month
(every 4 weeks). Failure to do so may result in a suspension or removal
from the course.

B. Email
a. You have a course email and Student Dashboard email. Check BOTH
emails DAILY.

C. Phone call and text
a. All voicemails and text messages will be returned within 24 hours. This
does NOT include weekends and holidays.
b. If there is no answer, leave a message. NO MESSAGE NO RETURN
c. Always include first and last name when texting


A. Academic integrity is a concept used to address the many facets of authenticity
within a student's work. A student who upholds a high standard of academic
integrity maintains the work he or she submits is authentic and true to the
knowledge he or she has acquired.

B. Each student enrolled in a Lake County Virtual online course will adhere to the
academic integrity policy. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary
action and may jeopardize the student's continuation in the course and any award of
academic credit.


A. All submitted work/assignments will be graded within 48 hours of submission.
This 48 hour grading period does not apply to weekends or holiday.

B. Overall Grading Scale:
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
0-59 F

Revised 2/2/17

A. Student will complete six (6) written assignments for the instructor to grade.
Assignments are located under the Main Menu tab in the Assessment or
Gradebook folder.

B. DO NOT SKIP ASSIGNMENTS. All assignments must be completed
chronological order (order they appear on pace chart).

C. How to submit assignments:
a. Copy and paste the questions into the student comments section and answer in
student comment section.
b. Answer the questions with complete sentences, including proper spelling and
c. When you are ready to turn in your assignment, add a check mark to the Submit for
Grading box and then select Submit.

D. Assignment 05.02 refer to Module 5 for complete detailed instructions

E. Check instructor’s comments before resubmitting any returned assignment
F. Module tests are auto-graded and DO NOT require submission for instructor’s grading.

G. The completion percentage does not calculate until assignments have been graded.


A. Student will complete one (1) Discussion-Based Assessment (DBA). This
VERBAL assessment covers Modules 1 through 8. The DBA must be complete
BEFORE you take the final exam. DBAs are required to receive credit for the
course. The DBA can only be completed VERBALLY. (Neither text nor email
qualify as a DBA).

B. Students will be penalized 5% (DBA Grade) each time they do not complete the
DBA and have to reschedule for another opportunity.

C. Students must complete the DBA (showing 90-100% mastery of content) with no
less than an 80% for their grade. If a student requires more opportunities after
reaching the 80% threshold, then a parent/student conference call may be required
to discuss expectations of Lake County Virtual education.

D. When all assignments up to assignment 08.03 have been GRADED, call instructor
to complete the DBA, leave a message if there is no answer

Revised 2/2/17

You must pass your DBA to receive the final exam password. The password will be
provided by the instructor when all assignments/work has been GRADED. You may
access the final exam only one (1) time. Once the final exam has been accessed you
must complete it.


Once your final grade is issued, you will receive a final grade report notice on your
Student Dashboard email. If you provided the required information for the TLSAE
Certificate, you will receive information on how to print your certificate. Within 24-48
hours of your final grade being issued you will receive a Driver’s Education Permit
Test Notification.

Lake County Virtual School

Revised 2/2/17