Did You

Technology that Translates into Know?
Student Achievement The State Educational
Technology Directors
Computer-aided learning is an Monitor Classroom Activities Association (SETDA) has
integral part of the 21st Century Use the classroom monitoring released its annual
classroom. But employing this feature to see what the students are National Trends Report:
doing with a single glance.
technology brings its own
challenges. Teachers are faced Promote Collaboration 31%
with the challenge of embracing Audio, chat, and broadcast features increase
technology to deliver more to communicate in new ways.
in innovative use of
effective lessons, while technology by teachers
See the Whole Picture
administrators find themselves in core subject areas
Eliminate the headache of managing
burned trying to manage these multiple labs, schools, and networks
instructional environments. with easy to use Central 17-33%
Eliminate Distractions in reading achievement
Insight enables students to request No longer have to deal with
and receive help directly and discuss
course material. They can ask questions
classroom distractions — such as
games, instant messaging, and web
from their devices. Students can share
their screen with other students and also
surfing; block everything with a
single click.
use many advance features to stay on in graduation rate
top of the task. Regain Control (66% to 80%)
Control all the student devices of
your classroom from one central

Accelerate Student Learning Faronics Insight was
Allow students to request and exactly the type of
receive help directly in their learning program teachers
were asking for.
Enhance Knowledge Sharing
- Josh Kolka,
Share Teacher’s screen with students
Technology Administartor,
or share students screen with other
Bangor Township Schools



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