Educational Leader Professional Growth Plan

Goal Statement & Implementation Resources Specific Outcomes/Achievements Techniques
Relationship of Goal to Strategies/ for Gathering
ISSL Action Steps Evidence
Goal: During the 2016-2017 1. Attend more The 21 Responsibilities of 21 Responsibilities Connection: Change Agent Reflect and be
school year, I will decrease my meetings so I am the School Leader – proactive instead of
nature of shrinking from threat, “in the know.” Marzano, Waters, & In order to be an effective leader, I believe one reactive. Think
difficulty, and challenge and McNulty has to be a change agent within their building. I about the issues
increase my sense of speaking 2. Direct negative am typically quiet and have a “go with the flow” that might arise and
up for what is right, even if talk revolving Mentors – Andy Miehe, personality, especially as a co-teacher, and I do address them
there’s strong opposition around initiatives Joe Malsam, and Dr. not like to step on toes. That being said, there before they become
(based on the results of the into the positive Pappas have been ample times that I have questioned the problem areas.
VIA Characteristics Strength spin – it all goes integrity or effectiveness behind something. I may Build relationships
Profile). back to helping have gone to my mentor, Joe, to discuss this, but with the people I
kids. nowhere else. It is my goal to work on confronting need to work
ISSL Connections: 3 concerns head-on this year. In my opinion, it is all closely with and
(Management) & 5 (Ethics) in how a problem is approached as to whether or those I do not know
not change can occur. I will go to the source and very well.
advocate for what I believe is right while being
open to their points, too. It is my hope that if
nothing else comes of this approach, I can at least
become a positive voice for change through
gaining knowledge behind the “whys” and “hows”
of what is occurring.
Educational Leader Professional Growth Plan
Goal: During the 2016-2017 1. Seek out The 21 Responsibilities of 21 Responsibilities Connection: Find a new strategy
school year, I will master new Professional the School Leader – Knowledge of and Involvement in Curriculum, and implement it.
skills, topics, and bodies of Development Marzano, Waters, & Instruction, and Assessment Check the progress
knowledge (based on the opportunities and McNulty every two weeks to
results of the VIA implement what I I constantly pick up new things to become more see if anything
Characteristics Strength learn. Mentors – Andy Miehe, efficient within my job personally, but I often changes.
Profile). Joe Malsam, and Dr. reflect on the fact that I could be doing so much
2. READ! Pappas more to help both students and staff. This year, I’d
ISSL Connections:1 (Shared like to gain strategies and techniques to help my
Vision) & 2 (Culture of 3. LISTEN! fellow colleagues feel less of a burden when
Learning) providing differentiation and accommodations
both inside and outside my world of special
education and algebra.
Goal: During the 2016-2017 1. Set clear The 21 Responsibilities of 21 Responsibilities Connection: Reflect. I tend to
school year, I will improve my guidelines and the School Leader – Monitoring/Evaluating, Order, and Affirmation reflect a lot already,
management skills in the areas expectations. Marzano, Waters, & but Fridays will be
of delegating, follow-through, McNulty My natural style of leadership is through a my big day for
and monitoring effectiveness 2. Know what teamwork approach where input and flexibility are reflection. What did
of practices (based on happens when Mentors – Andy Miehe, welcomed. What I am learning through my own work this week?
reflection of past experiences those are not met Joe Malsam, and Dr. personal experiences and through this program is What didn’t? Then
in coaching and co-teaching). (consequences). Pappas that sometimes you have to be more direct with I can alter lessons,
what is expected to occur, however. Instead of strategies, and/or
ISSL Connections: 3 3. Follow through waiting for someone else to address a problem, I coaching
(Management) with the will seek out those I need to help fix it, whether it techniques for the
consequences. is parents, teachers, administrators, or students. If following week.
someone else needs to take charge, I will delegate
that this gets done by them to ensure that I am not
always taking on the responsibility alone only in
order to not impose on others.
Educational Leader Professional Growth Plan
Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL)

1. Shared Vision - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship
of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.

2. Culture of Learning - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by advocating, nurturing and sustaining a school culture and
instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional development.

3. Management - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations and resources for a
safe, efficient and effective learning environment.

4. Family and Community - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by collaborating with families and community members, responding
to diverse community interests and needs and mobilizing community resources.

5. Ethics - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner.

6. Societal Context - An educational leader promotes the success of all students by understanding the profile of the community and responding to, and
influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context.