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Approhdite Israelita L. Samson October 1, 2016
LLB Student Submitted to Atty.
Charity Pimentel

Powers of Administrative Agencies
1. Rule Making and Quasi- Judicial Functions
Quasi- legislative or Rule Making Quasi-judicial or Administrative
Power Adjudicatory Powers
Power to make rules and regulations which The power to hear and determine questions
results in delegated legislation that is of fact to which the legislative policy is to
within the confines of the granting statute apply and to decide in accordance with the
and the doctrine of non-delegability and standards laid down by the law itself in
separability of powers. enforcing and administering the same law.

Administrative body exercises its quasi-judicial power when it performs in a
judicial manner an act which is essentially of an executive or administrative in
nature, where the power to act in such a manner is incidental to or reasonably
necessary for the performance of the executive or administrative duty entrusted to
Quasi-judicial functions required them to investigate facts or ascertain the
existence of facts, hold hearings, weigh evidence, and draw conclusions from them
as basis for their official action and exercise of discretion in a judicial nature.

Multiple Functions
An administrative agency that fixes the rates to be charged by public utilities may
be given by Congress multiple functions. Thus, the Public Service Act empowered
the Public Service Commission with varied functions both regulatory and quasi-
judicial functions.

Primary Jurisdiction
The doctrine of primary jurisdiction calls for application when there is such competence
to act on the
part of an administrative body.

Persons Covered by Regulation
PSC had jurisdiction only over persons engaged in public utilities, or over public utility that holds
a certificate of public convenience, and not over persons who are not engaged in public utilities,
except perhaps those who may violate any valid regulation it may promulgate under the law.

Prosecuting and Investigating Functions

The dual function of prosecuting and investigating functions is authorized by
Section 17(a) of Commonwealth Act No. 146 as amended , under which the Commission has
power “ to investigate, upon its own initiative or upon complaint in writing, any matter
concerning any public service as regards matters under its jurisdiction; to, require any public
service to furnish safe, adequate, and proper service as the public service may require and

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