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The Pilgrims Come to America

In 1620, the Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower to America. They
were warned that Indians may attack them. The voyage could be
dangerous. There could be pirates or hurricanes. The Pilgrims
risked their lives.
Why do you think the Pilgrims risked their lives?


Words I Words I think Words I
know I know don’t know


The Pilgrims decided to leave England. Some of the food had worms. There were 70 men and women and 32 children. There was no water for washing. What do you think the Pilgrims needed to bring with them on the Mayflower? 1. ____________________________________________________ 2 . The Pilgrims wanted to pray in their own church. The Pilgrims ate the same thing every day. The King of England said that everyone must belong to his church. They became dirty and smelly. The ship was very crowded. They couldn’t run and play. They tried to meet in secret but the king had the Pilgrim leaders arrested. The children could not bring any toys. They gave up their houses. The food was not good. They couldn’t change their clothes. There were 102 people on the Mayflower. They said good-bye to their friends. They sailed on the Mayflower to find religious freedom. ____________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________ 4. It all started with a king. ____________________________________________________ 3.

The Mayflower carried supplies as well as passengers. tools for building houses and clothes. seeds to plant. knives. tools for planting. and beads for trading with the Indians. It carried barrels of water and food. Words I Words I think Words I know I know don’t know 3 .

sad winter passed and spring arrived. They could not find enough food in the forests. The fish made the soil richer. He liked the Pilgrims and decided to help them. They gave him presents. The Indians put fish in the ground when they planted their seed.” His name was Samoset and he spoke English. They could not finish building their homes before the snow fell. The Pilgrims worked as hard as they could. He showed them how to survive in the wilderness . The Pilgrims asked Samoset many questions. Squanto spoke even better English. 4 . and where to find berries and nuts. The First Winter in Plymouth The first winter in America was terrible for the to hunt for deer. They cut down trees and built houses. The Native American smiled and said. Many Pilgrims got sick and died. Samoset came back with another Native American named Squanto. “Welcome. He showed them how to plant corn the Indian way. The people were hungry and cold. Almost half the Pilgrims died that first winter. Spring The long. The children were terrified. One day a Native American walked right into the Pilgrim settlement. Some people stayed on the ships and others went ashore to work.

seven houses were finished and more were being built. 5 . The gardens were bursting with vegetables. No one would go hungry. They made houses from bark and branches. The corn was growing tall. The only heat came from the fireplace. Each house had one room. Summer By summer. They made furniture for their houses. Summer was the best time for the Pilgrims. Words I Words I think Words I know I know don’t know The Pilgrims worked very hard. There was plenty to eat. They planted gardens with seeds brought over on the Mayflower.

and played games together. and beans. pumpkins. They gave thanks for their new friends and their food. The Pilgrims invited the Indians to join them in a feast. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans ate. peas. drank. The first Thanksgiving in America lasted three days. We call it Thanksgiving. the Pilgrims rejoiced over the food they had grown. Vocabulary: Words I Words I think Words I know I know don’t know 6 . They wanted to have a celebration. They had corn. Fall When autumn came. Ninety Native Americans came. danced. Today we still celebrate.

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