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The hidden truth behind Sri Ganesha’s mystic
September 4, 2016 by admin 

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Ganesha is said to be the remover of obstacles, which he is most  New Articles by David Frawley
energised to accomplish on Ganesh Chaturthi.  News

The following article by Dr David Frawley was first published by DailyO.

Lord Ganesha is one of the oldest and most revered Hindu deities, as well as the most distinctive. His head
of an elephant, enigmatic stories and rich symbolism make him recognised worldwide. But what is the
hidden truth behind his mystic image? Few seem to know. Tweets by Dr David Frawley

Psychologists project their neuroses on Ganesha, turning him into repressed sexuality, missing his power
of transcendence altogether. Mythologists turn him into a quaint folklore image of tribal people, failing to
discern his universal connections. Archives
Great yogis know Sri Ganesha as the lord of the universe, the underlying cosmic intelligence that links us to
 February 2017
the supreme reality beyond all name and form.
 January 2017
Ganesha’s guiding power
 December 2016

Ganesha is the first of the gurus who guides us. He is invoked at the beginning of all Hindu rituals, as he  November 2016
aligns us with the benefic powers of the universe. Ganesha’s vehicle, the mouse, indicates his respect for all
 October 2016
creatures great and small.
 September 2016
Gana means a group and Isha or Pati means the lord, Ganesha, Ganapati. The Ganas on an outer level are
all the animals of which Ganesha as the elephant is the ruler or chieftain, but this is just the surface.  August 2016

 July 2016
The animals indicate the different souls and energies bound to the world of Samsara. Ganesha gathers
them together under his guidance and offers them to Lord Shiva as the highest awareness.  June 2016

 April 2016
The Ganas are the letters or mantras of Sanskrit and Ganesha as OM is their ruler. The Ganas are the
pranas and sense organs, and Ganesha as the inner self is the foremost. The Ganas are the tattvas, or  March 2016
universal truth principles, starting with the five elements, of which Ganesha as the inner self is the pivot.
 February 2016

The Ganas are the events and rhythms in time as the movement of karma. Ganesha is the lord of karma,  January 2016
the cosmic intelligence that dispenses the fruits of our actions.
 December 2015

If we ally our actions with Ganesha, all that we do will achieve the best result.  November 2015

 October 2015
Ganesha, Shiva and Shakti
 September 2015
Ganesha is Shiva’s son and representative. Shiva is Pashupati, or the lord of animals. Ganapati is the
 August 2015
foremost of the animals, Shiva incarnate as the ruling principle in the manifest worlds.
 July 2015
Both Ganesha and Shiva are Om. Shiva is Om in its transcendent state. Ganesha is Om in its state as
 June 2015
underlying and ruling all other forces.
 May 2015
Yet, Ganesha’s relationship with Shiva is controversial. Shiva cuts off Ganesha’s head as a little boy and then
 April 2015
replaces it with the head of an elephant. This strange story has been the subject of much misinterpretation
and distortion.  March 2015

 February 2015
Lord Shiva represents the unbounded consciousness beyond the limits of the dualistic mind. Shiva turns
the individual soul into Ganesha by taking it beyond the individual mind to the universal consciousness  January 2015
embracing the whole of existence.
 December 2014
When we surrender to Shiva as the non-dual state, we align ourselves with Ganesha and are no longer  November 2014
bound to our human conditioning. This requires the difficult sacrifice of the ego represented by the human
head.  October 2014

 September 2014
Ganesha is also the son of Shakti as Devi Parvati. Only Ganesha can take the supreme Shakti energy and
direct it along the necessary currents for its complete manifestation.  August 2014

 July 2014
Ganesha dwells in the Muladhara, or root chakra, that rules over the earth element and holds the Kundalini
Shakti, our individual power of transcendence.  May 2014

 April 2014
Ganesha provides us with the stability to wield the Shakti force that rises out of the earth and takes us to
the infinite light.  February 2014

 January 2014
Ganesha is the unity of Shiva and Shakti, holding the highest awareness of Shiva while displaying all the
powers of Shakti.  October 2013

 June 2013
His two consorts are Siddhi, the power of accomplishment, and Buddhi, the power of knowledge.
 March 2013
On Diwali, he is combined with Lakshmi and Sarasvati, who reflect these two forces. Ganesha is dear to all
 February 2013
the Goddesses.
 November 2012
Ganesha is said to be the remover of obstacles, which he is most energised to accomplish on Ganesh
 October 2012
Chaturthi, the main day of the year for his worship.
 August 2012
Surrender to the cosmic intelligence of Ganesha and he will manifest the best of all possibilities without
your need to worry, turning all difficulties into grace.
 June 2012

These are but a few glimpses of the yogic secrets of Sri Ganesha. Yet if you are willing to join his group of
ganas, which is your true family, Ganesha will lead you to unqualified bliss.

Jai Sri Ganesha!

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