Measures of Student Learning

Date: 2/ 1/17
Time: 8:48-
Location: Room
Meeting Called by: Ms. Phillips Type of
Meeting: MOSL
Facilitator: Note Taker: Ms.
Time Keeper:
Attendees: Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Marino, Mr. Del Negro, Ms. Celentano, Ms. Cape, Ms.
Boodram, Ms. LeFaiver, Ms. Silverberg, Mr. Almonte, Ms. Macauley, Ms. Byrd, Ms.

Agenda Item: Reviewing Advanced Guide for Educators 2016-2017 and
Identifying List of Cluster Teachers and Departmentalized Teacher Teams
Presenter: All group members

First, we greeted one another and passed out materials which included: The Advance
Guide for Educators, provided by Ms. Phillips and the list of NYSAA students, provided by
Ms. LeFeiver. We scanned the Advanced Guide for Educators for our options and found a
link on page 11. Ms. Celantano pulled up link on laptop and identified the elements to
this initiative that are non-negotiable: assessment (NYSAA), growth measurement and
target population (individual). We said that we needed clarity on the term individual and
discussed what individual means. Through discussion, we came to understand that
individual could mean that you can only be tied to the individual students that you see
directly, not the whole group.
We then created a list of departmentalized pairs and cluster teachers whom would be
affected by the decisions that need to be made about the MOSL:

Departmentalized Teacher Teams Cluster Teachers

Barracato and Mulvaney Kelly
Perdomo and Pelan Del Negro
Jordan and Rothman Jamison
Felix and Williams Scott
Sencion and Centeno Celantano
Boodrum and Archer Sabio
Cape and Barron Hazardman
Naftali and Mccauley Walker
Mingione and Shore Mr. G
Madison and Moreno Ms. Alvarez
Ms. Cook
Ms. Sadrianna
Ms. Cohen
Ms. Del Negro

Agenda Item: Identifying MOSL Options for Teachers
After we identified these teachers, we began to brainstorm the MOSL options for each
-Linking clusters to all of the classes that they see.
-Linking cluster teachers to one class that they see the most.

Classroom Teachers
-Linking classroom teachers to only their homeroom classroom.
-Linking classroom teachers to their class and the class that they departmentalize with.

Ms. Stevens
- She is in question because she doesn’t have any NYSAA students and she doesn’t

Following this, we began discussing the pros and cons of each option. We acknowledged
that if teachers are linked to more students, they have a higher chance of having a
better average. This also reinforces the existing collaboration in teacher teams. We
also discussed that some teachers may prefer to only be linked to their homeroom class.
This may be due to the fact that classroom teachers are solely responsible for
administering the DLM (English/Math) assessment to their homeroom students.

Another conversation that we had was the importance filling out the initial contact
survey with accuracy. In order to change the level that the state selects for a student,
teachers will need to provide evidence to justify a change in levels. We briefly discussed
what materials we could use as evidence. Ms. Alvarez suggested printing out the
“Standards Report” on Sandi.

Agenda Item: Voting on MOSL options

After a vote, we decided the following:
-Cluster teachers will be linked to all of the classes that they see that has NYSAA
-Classroom teachers will be linked to their class and the class that they departmentalize
-We need clarification on how Ms. Stevens will be evaluated.

Next Steps:
-Send proposal to Administrative Team
-Ms. Celantano will meet with Administrative Team
-Establish protocol for Goal Setting
-Share unified Goal Setting models with Team Meetings to create cohesion