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Ahmed Zaki

Drilling Group Financial Controller at Schlumberger

I have been building and acquiring professional business skills for the past 11 years in finance field and other
areas (Financial analysis, General accounting, Internal and external audit, Financial reporting, processes
improvements, people management, migrations, consulting, and Taxation).

With a diversified range of Industries and Sectors during audit time (Energy, O&G, Telecom, Engineering,
Construction, Military Services, Shipping, and Education), I have worked for companies such as Parsons
Corporation, Hyundai, ABB Group, Halliburton, Siemens Westinghouse Services, Orange, and Ernst and

Impressive international experience, I have worked in various parts of the world (Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia,
Algeria, and Tunisia) and also participated in projects in several countries such as India, US, France, UAE,
Qatar and Saudi.

Strong involvement in multi-disciplinary structures. Audit, Accounting, Taxation, and Finance.

Deep knowledge of risk control tools and processes. Process mapping and reviews, SOX requirements,
Tendering, Risk assessments, Contract reviews.

Financial Controller (Schlumberger) - Algeria 2015
Senior Regional Financial Lead (Schlumberger) - Malaysia 2014
Regional Financial Lead (Schlumberger) - Malaysia 2012
Senior Management Accountant (Schlumberger) - Malaysia 2010
Management Accountant (Schlumberger) - Kuwait 2009
Senior Associate (Ernst & Young) - Kuwait 2007
Associate (Ernst & Young) - Egypt 2005
Trainee (Dale Carnegie) - Egypt 2004

Drilling Group Financial Controller at Schlumberger
October 2015 - Present (11 months)
- Responsible for the overall financial management and profitability and monitoring the working capital
within the drilling group.


Insure all vessels tracking and support reports are done and sent to worldwide controller on a monthly basis.Educate the team with all financial / operational trainings.Ensure adherence to corporate ethical policies and internal controls. contractual terms and evaluate impact on profitability associated with pricing in bids.Provide assistance with financial planning. . Page2 . . .Review all major tenders (risks and opportunities). .Ensures that all financial transactions are recorded in compliance with the SLB policies and procedures and the business is conducted in compliance with the local laws. Safety and Environment standards and procedures. . . train and mentor accountants to ensure full compliance with SLB financial procedures. deadlines are met and improve level of work quality when needed. .Analyze utilization ratios (both in tools and people) with view to highlighting inefficient areas and opportunities to maximize value of resources.Comply with all company’s policies. .Train line managers to interpret and comprehend financial statements and principles. . . . knowledge transfers & best practices inline with the company’s policies according to US GAAP. .Assess customer's credit limits.Malaysia at Schlumberger July 2012 .Understands. . identify at risk receivables and follow up with to ensure collectability. forecasting and monitoring of results versus objectives as well as providing finance related recommendations on areas of improvements. reviews and implements Sarbane Oxley requirements.Complete/review monthly financial review/reporting. including Personnel.Review and examine the financial impact of new and existing investment opportunities with a view to maximizing the company's return on investment (ROI). .Prepare all financial forecasts and ensure that the objectives are challenging but realistic relative to overall market expectations and available resources. Organize periodic audits internally and assist in external audits. Quality System and Health.Ensure all month end / quarter end reporting packages are sent on time. Regional Financial Lead (Middle East Area) . . monitors results versus objectives.September 2015 (3 years 3 months) .Recruit. and coach them regarding key business drivers.Highlight trends on cost inflation and identifies opportunities to save/reduce discretionary spending.Manage the finance team responsible for MEA area (11 management accountants). . highlight underlying reason for variances and suggest corrective actions wherever needed . . .Insure smooth communication & strong relationship is built up with the Operational Controllers and Operations managers in the related countries.Perform monthly / quarterly reviews on profit & loss statements together with balance sheet statements related to area of responsibility.

Analyze profitability of new business opportunities via contract reviews. .Provide quality support for both Functions and Segment Operations . .Analyze and control investment (Capex “Capital spending. inventory usage – issuance / additions.Train the new management accountants and assistant accountants.Perform monthly reviews of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounts relating to area of responsibility. Schlumberger dedicated it’s best assets to establish a centralized financial hub in Malaysia which allow us to efficiently support worldwide management and operation teams.Seamless and liaise transition as much as possible. Process Improvements and Quality deliverables. .October 2010 (1 year 10 months) . bid support and evaluation of risk versus reward prospects. including business indicators such as profitability and liquidity. balance sheet notes.Present monthly analysis on costs and revenue.Kuwait at Schlumberger January 2009 . with honor I was nominated as a member of the team who is responsible of the following in addition to the main role responsibilities “mentioned after”: . provisions – accruals. . . . . Senior Management Accountant . and tendering”.Lead PWC quarterly audit within Schlumberger for full MEA area to make sure all audit issues are closed on a timely manner & no unexpected exposures reported.Malaysia at Schlumberger October 2010 . .Organize team building activities and events to build up positive team spirit and improve team work. Inventory.Ensure across-the-board implementation of standard finance practices. . . Page3 .Perform all employee’s quarterly and yearly performance reviews and appraisals.Standardization.Managing worldwide Capital Expenditure reports (worldwide) and assuring related reports are sent inline with agreed deadlines. .Review the main responsibilities between the financial hub and the supported countries. .Help the country migration from local support to Hub support.Review company’s financial flow charts and related financial process for development which including but not limited “cost centers structures.Undertake financial planning. Management Accountant . M&S. . payroll – employees on loan. . FA capitalization – disposals – transfers in/out.Identify weaknesses in internal control and suggest improvements. forecasting and monitoring of results versus objectives. .Supervise mentoring and development of AP / AR Accountants. revenue recognitions – adjustments and forecasting. and Receivables). .June 2012 (1 year 9 months) We in Schlumberger aim to achieve the highest level of perfection in our work together with the continuous improvement trend maintained by our management. physical count preparation – adjustments – reconciliations.

Serve as a liaison between clients and upper management. .In-charge of several Audit engagements.Identify and communicate accounting and auditing matters to managers and partners. .Identify tax saving opportunities. Quality System and Health. . .Testing client’s internal controls to ensure effectiveness. .Subsystem control including client receivables collections. payroll and inventory.Prepare Balance sheet.Interact with clients to help ensure the information flow from the client to the audit team. .Kuwait . .Egypt .Provide assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements. Page4 . reviews. . .External Audit Services at Ernst & Young September 2005 .Attending Tax inspections and objections meetings on behalf of the client.Identify and communicate technical matters to both clients and upper management. .Evaluate currency exposure. Associate Accountant .Understands. . Cash flow statement.Complies with applicable company policies.Performing physical counts as needed and preparing related management reports. implements and complies with Sarbanes Oxley requirements as defined in the risk control matrix. including Personnel.Prepare Tax declarations and financial statements. . .Attending client meeting to advice engagement status and best taxation practice.Identify performance improvement opportunities. plans and operations . . . .Execute the day-to-day activities of audit engagements of various clients.Supervise Audit team and interns on engagements. Senior Associate . .Team member in several external audit engagements. .Conduct financial training for field engineers and managers. fixed assets.Interact with tax authorities and maintain excellent relationship. .Taxation Services at Ernst & Young January 2007 . . . .January 2009 (2 years 1 month) .Preparing researches about different type of taxes in Middle East. .Clear understanding of Kuwait Tax law and its amendments together with the related bylaw and circulars in addition to the double taxation treaties.Plan and perform audit engagements of various multinational clients. Safety and Environment standards and procedures. Income statement and. .Assuring implementing of applicable tax circulars in client’s books. .Provide financial and taxation advice on business structures.November 2006 (1 year 3 months) .

Accounting.Skills & Expertise Financial Analysis Internal Controls Auditing Forecasting Finance Account Reconciliation Payroll Accounting Accounts Payable Analysis Management Sarbanes-Oxley Act Financial Reporting US GAAP Fixed Assets Education Cairo University Bachelor's Degree. 1998 .2004 Languages English (Full professional proficiency) Arabic (Native or bilingual proficiency) Page5 . Commerce .

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