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Comparatives and Superlatives Grammar Handout Q 2
Unit 2
Quiz 2
The Passive Voice

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the comparative and superlative adjectives
in parentheses.

1. Viral videos are often (popular, comparative)________________________ mainstream and
television movies although they are not (professional, equality)____________________ either.
Viral videos may become (profitable, superlative) _______________________ type of movies.
2. Many true movie lovers feel that watching a movie in a home theatre is (satisfying, negative
superlative) ______________________ movie experience. Home theatre screens are (small,
comparative) _____________________screens in a movie theatre. The experience is not
(enjoyable, equality)_______________________ going to a drive-in cinema.
3. For foreign-language audiences, a translated movie is certainly (easy, comparative)
____________________ to understand _____________________ the original but the translation
is often(accurate, negative comparative). _____________________ A sub-titled version is
(good, superlative) _____________________ choice.

/9 points
B. Complete the text with the passive form of the verbs in parentheses.
Movie star Karine Vanasse (born) _____________________ 1 in Drummondville, Québec. She
(see) ___________________ first ________________2 on TV in Le Club des 100 watts. Her
acting career took off in 1998 when she (choose) _____________________ 3 to co-host the
show Les Débrouillards.

Then, she (cast) _____________________ 4 in several series such as Marie-Antoinette and
Emporte-moi. Movie critics (impress) _____________________ 5 by her performance in films
such as Séraphin: un homme et son péché, which (direct) ____________________ 6 by Charles
Binamé, and Polytechnique, which (write) _____________________ 7 by Denis Villeneuve.

As a result, she (nominate) _____________________ 8 for several acting awards. American TV
audiences (introduce) _____________________ 9 to Vanasse when she appeared in Pan-Am.
They (thrill) _____________________ 10 to hear that her acting skills
(display)_____________________ 11 in a new TV series, Scruples.
/11 points

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Comparatives and Superlatives Grammar Handou
Unit 2
Quiz 2
The Passive Voice

C. Re-write the following sentence using the passive voice.
1.Mom prepares the food.


2.The people welcomed the Prime Minister.


3. Miss Walsh teaches us grammar.


4. The boy killed the spider.


5. The workers were digging a canal.


/5 points

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