Francophone Postcolonial Literature (M.St.

Special Subject)

Michaelmas Term 2015

Students will meet for 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Photocopied reading material will
be made available to students in advance for discussion in session 1. Sessions 1 and 4
will be based on discussion of texts to be read in advance, with no written work to
submit. There will be a reading list of 2-3 texts to read for each of sessions 2, 3, 5 and
6, and students are advised to have made a good start on the primary reading before
term begins. By the introduction session students should have chosen two areas on
which they will write essays (2500-3000 words each); they will do a short
presentation (10-15 minutes) on each of the remaining two areas.

Session Week Topic Tutor
1 1 Introduction. Theory and historical Jane Hiddleston
context. Reading and discussion
2 -
2 3 North African literature Jane Hiddleston
3 4 Caribbean literature Jane Hiddleston
5 -
4 6 Historical background Toby Garfitt
Reading and discussion
5 7 Sub-Saharan African literature Toby Garfitt
6 8 Immigrant literature Jane Hiddleston

Tutors: Toby Garfitt, Magdalen (
Jane Hiddleston, Exeter (
Jennifer Yee (

1. Introduction: Theory and Overview

Students must read the following essays for discussion in the seminar:

Edward Said, ‘Introduction’, Orientalism (1978)
Pascal Blanchard, Nicolas Bancel, Sandrine Lemaire, La Fracture coloniale,
Introduction and Chapter One (2005)
Robert Young, ‘Postcolonial Remains’, New Literary History 43 (2012): 19-42

Ces voix qui m’assiègent (Paris: Albin Michel. The Sense of Community in French Caribbean Fiction (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.2. Celia. Liverpool University Press. 1961. Les Damnés de la terre (Paris: Gallimard. 1994) Condé. 1999) Frantz Fanon. la fantasia (Paris: Albin Michel. 1991) Nicholas Harrison. 2003) Kenneth Harrow. Assia Djebar: Out of Algeria. 1954) Assia Djebar. 1997) Glissant. 2008) . L’Amour.1996) Jane Hiddleston. North African Literature Set texts: Driss Chraïbi. Research in African Literatures 44. Maryse. Le Discours antillais (extracts) (Paris: Gallimard. 2002) Assia Djebar.1 (2013) 3. Rue Darwin (Paris : Gallimard. Postcolonial Criticism: History. 2011) Selected secondary reading: Assia Djebar. 1995) Boualem Sansal. ‘A Rustle in History: Conversations with Boualem Sansal’. and the Work of Fiction (Cambridge: Polity. Theory. ‘Melancholia and Victimhood in Boualem Sansal's Le Village de l'Allemand: Ou Le journal des frères Schiller’. University of Minnesota Press. Decolonisation and Literatures. The Marabout and the Muse: New Approaches to Islam in African Literature. Edouard. Caribbean Literature Set texts: Chamoiseau. Autobiography and Independence: Selfhood and Creativity in North African Postcolonial Writing in French (2005) Dinah Assouline Stillman. (Portsmouth: Heinemann. 2006 Winifred Woodhull. 1996) Selected secondary reading: Britton. Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement (Paris: Albin Michel. Desirada (Paris: Editions Robert Laffont. World Literature Today (September 2012) Lucy Brisley. Texaco (Paris : Gallimard. 1993 Debra Kelly. Patrick. Le Passé simple (Paris: Denoël. Transfigurations of the Maghreb: Feminism.

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