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Pranapratistha of Yantra
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(Installation of Life in a Shri

A yantra must be given life
Our panel of experts
(pranapratishta) before starting its
worship. The following, from
Nityotsava, describes the process
LIVE TALK FORECASTS of infusing life into Shri Vidya. The
rite installs the 35 tattvas into the
 By Pandit S.P.Tata yantra and gives the yantra the
full set of senses and the
Antahkarana, or subtle body. It is
said that engraving a Shri Yantra
on gold is said to hold good for
life, on silver for seven years. The process also imbues the yantra with the matrika, the
letters of the Sanskrit alphabet which are the goddess as sound.
 Live talk forecasts
 15, 30 & 60 Minutes
The Yantra Gayatri is: Yantrarajaya Vidmahe Mahayantraya Dhimahi Tanno Yantrah
Brahmna-Vishnu-Maheshvara are the Rishis of this great mantra installing life into the
Rg, Yajur, Sam and Atharva are the Metres.
 Career forecast Consciousness is the Devata.
 Business forecast Am is the Bija, Hrim the Shakti, Krom the Kilaka.
 Finance forecast The application is installation of life into the Shri Chakra.


SPECIFIC QUESTION Aim Hrim Shrim Am Kam Kham Gam Gham Nam to Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. – Am
to the thumbs Namah.
 Ask Specific questions
Im Cham Ccham Jam Jham Nam to Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell. – Im to the index
fingers Namah.
Um Tam Tham Dam Dham Nam to Hearing, Touch, Eyes, Tongue, Nose. – Um to the middle
fingers Namah.
Um Tam Tham Dam Dham Nam to Speech, Hands, Feet, Genitals, Anus. – Aim to the ring
 Marriage Prospects
fingers Namah.
 Love and Romance
Om Pam Pham Bam Bham Mam to Talking, Giving, Moving, Enjoying, Excreting. Aum to the
 Chart Matching
little fingers Namah.
 Match + Life of both
Am Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Lam Ksham to Manas (mind), Buddhi
 Improve & Save
(intellect), Ahamkara(ego), Thought, Inner Cause. – Ah to the palm and back of the hands

LIFE FORECASTS Aim Hrim Shrim Om Am Hrim Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Haun Ham Sah
may Life exist here in the Shri Chakra!
 Your entire Family
 Your Basic Life Om Am Hrim Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Ham Sah my individual
 Premium Services existence be here in the Shri Chakra!
 Your Raja Yogas
Om Am Hrim Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Ham Sah may all the senses
 Doshas & Remedies
be here in the Shri Chakra!

Om Am Hrim Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Haum Ham Sah, may Speech,
YOUR CHILDREN Mind, Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Nose, Breath come inside this Shri Chakra! May Happiness stay ABOUT POOJAS
long here! Svaha.
 Progeny Prospects
 New born Baby Internal meditations Poojas Introduction
 Life of Your Child How Poojas work
Yantras may also be visualised Who performs them
internally. That, for example, is the When & where
case with the Shri Yantra, with the What guarantee
different mandalas starting at the Our Homam pictures
base of the spine and going to the Free Advise
 Auspicious Muhurtam
top of the head.
 Cesarean Muhurtam
Different rituals exist for the
purification of a yantra for the
OTHER FORECASTS eight materials mentioned above. For health
This which follows is drawn from For wealth
the Devirahasya. Shiva is the Seer, For Success in job
 Year Ahead 1, 2 & 5
Trishtubh the Metre, Parashakti For Love & Marriage
 Your Going Abroad
the Devata, Shrim the Bija, Hrim For happy Marriage
 Your Education
the Shakti and Klim the Peg. The application is the purification of the given yantra. For Mangala Dosha
 Your Property
For Saturn Sadesati
 Your Health
After doing hand and limb nyasa, one should meditate on the throne of the given Devi as For children
 Birth time rectification
being in one’s heart. One should draw, engrave, or paint the yantra, and place it on a gold Namakarana Pooja
 Court cases
colour pedestal, installing breath into it. For Education
 Who is your deity?
It can be smeared with Kunda, Gola or Udbhava flowers or with the eight scents. The Vastu Dosha Shanti
 Investment guide
mantra differs for each material: Griha Pravesh
For Dosha removal
Gold: Aim Sauh Aim Sauh Chakreshvari Yantram Sauvarnam Shodhaya Shodhaya Svaha. Blackmagic removal
VASTU FORECASTS (Aim Sauh Aim Sauh, O Lady of the Chakra, Purify! Purify the gold yantra! Svaha) Fears, Phobias
Silver: Om Rum Om Rajatam Yantram Shodhaya Shodhaya. (Om Rum Om Purify! purify the To clear obstacles
 1 Vastu question silver yantra) Litigation & disputes
 3 Vastu questions Copper: Om Krom Om Strim Om Krom Tamreshvari Yantram Me Shodhaya. (Om Krom Om For Specific goals
 Full Vastu Guidance Strim Om Krom, O Lady of Copper, purify the copper yantra for me!) Full list of poojas
Crystal: Om Shrim Hrim Om Kulambike Shodhaya Shodhaya.

Birch bark: Om Hum Shrim Hrim Prim Ruddhesvari Parayantram Shodhaya. (Om Hum
Shrim Hrim Prim O Lady of Trees, purify the yantra!)
Bone: Om Aim Klim Sauh Kapalamalini Yantram Shodhaya Svaha. (Om Aim Klim Sauh O Navagraha Poojas
 About Astrojyoti
Thou garlanded with skulls, purify the yantra! Svaha) Nakshatra poojas
 Awards we won
Hide: Om Shrim Om Aim Klim Citasane Yantram Shodhaya Svaha. (Om Shrim Om Aim Klim
 Compliments
O Thou Whose seat is the Pyre, purify the yantra! Svaha)
Vishnu Stone (Shalagrama): Om Hsau Aim Sauh Klim Shrim Shrim Nitye Vishnu Shila
Yantram Shodhaya. (Om Hsau Aim Sauh Klim Shrim Shrim, O Eternal One, purify the
Vishnu Stone Yantra ) Ganesha Pooja
After using the appropriate mantra, the yantra should be placed on a pedestal (pitha), and Shiva Pooja
bathed with the substances previously described, whilst the appropriate root mantra is Devi Pooja
recited. One should then offer scent and flowers, and should worship the appropriate Vishnu Pooja
Devi in the usual form within the yantra. This all should be done at night. Lakshmi Pooja
Satyanarayana Pooja
Carrying a Yantra. This is considered to be a highly potent way of concentrating magical Saraswati Pooja
power. The time to do this is during an auspicious astrological period. The yantra should Kartikeya Pooja
be drawn using the eight Kaula perfumes. Outside the yantra the root mantra should be Hanuman Pooja
written. Dhanavantri (Health) Pooja

On the outside of this the armour (kavacha) and 1000 names should be written. The Devi
should be invoked into the yantra in due form. All good substances are to be used. The
yantra is then entwined with gold and silver thread, and placed into a metal holder and
may be worn on the person.
 Sanskrit scriptures
Yantras should always be used on the level. If drawn on paper the colours preferable are  About Scriptures
red, orange, yellow or a combination of these. A yantra without bija mantras is dead. They  The four Vedas + MP3

can be drawn to whatever size is required.  108 Upanishads
 21 Puranas
The two main types of yantra are Bhu and Meru. The former is flat, two dimensional, the  Bhagavad Gita + MP3
latter is of pyramidal form. When not in use they should be stored carefully. Metal ones  30 other Gitas!!
should be regularly cleaned to prevent corrosion &c. In worship they should be placed  Brahma sutras
level on a pedestal or pitha. This may be as ornate or as simple as required.  Patanjali Yogasutras
 Bhagavatam
 Durgasaptashati+MP3
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