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For quite sometime I have been observing the many multi coloured sri yantra pictures
published in the various websites and tantra books.

While one is free to visualize HER as one wants, being a sri vidya upasaka I thought of
LOVE & MARRIAGE making a sri chakra with the right colours as described in the various scriptures. The
following is the outcome of my study of several tantrik scriptures, mantra mahodadhi and
 Marriage Prospects also the writings of Sri Amritananda.
 Love and Romance
 Chart Matching 1st Avarana the outer square with three lines and 4 gates is brown. The outer line is white
 Match + Life of both (though the colour of the 10 deities here is like molten gold), the middle line is orange red
 Improve & Save like the rising sun and the inner line is yellow like the colour of butter.

2nd Avarana the 16 petal lotus is pink like lotus flower.

3rd Avarana the 8 petal lotus is red – the colour of Bandhuka flowers.

 Your entire Family 4th Avarana the 14 cornered triangle is colour green like the colour of glow worms.
 Your Basic Life
 Premium Services 5th Avarana the outer 10 corners triangle is red like Japakusuma flowers.
 Your Raja Yogas
 Doshas & Remedies 6th Avarana the inner 10 corners triangle is colour blue (though the deities here have the
lusture of 1000 rising suns).

7th Avarana the 8 corners triangle is colour red like Dadini flowers.
8.The innermosst triangle is white.
 Progeny Prospects
 New born Baby Poojas Introduction
9.The Bindu the central point is red like Sindoor.
 Life of Your Child How Poojas work
I made the above picture by colouring the 9 avaranas accordingly. The background colours
Who performs them
are of course to give a visual effect.
When & where

The Sriyantra of Devi is a great geometric design. It takes a lot of geometric perfection to What guarantee
get it perfect. When it is perfect, if you draw 2 lines bisecting the top and side both will Our Homam pictures

cross at the central bindu and will also cut through the tips of the triangles and Free Advise
 Auspicious Muhurtam
padmadalas on their path as can be seen in this pic bellow. This is designed as per the
 Cesarean Muhurtam
instructions given by the great Adi Shankaracharya to get the geometry right to draw the POOJA BY PURPOSE
correct Sriyantra.

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