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Jazz Education Resources 1

David Edmund, Ph.D.
University of Florida
NAfME Jazz Mentor
December, 2011

Resources for Jazz Educators
To my fellow music educators,

My name is David Edmund and I am December’s NAfME Jazz Mentor. As the Jazz
Mentor, my first order of business is to provide some information to the music educators who
take advantage of this forum. This list is by no means comprehensive, hierarchical, or
promotional. There are so many more resources available and I will update and expand this list
throughout the month of December. If you are aware of additional resources, I will gladly add
them to the list, so please keep me “in the know!” I wish to thank you for viewing this resource
and I hope you will find the list to be helpful.

Musically yours,

David Edmund


NAfME’s Jazz Resource page:

Jazz Education Network home page:

Jazz Education, Inc.

A Passion for Jazz

Charles Mingus Jazz Education site

Jazz at the Lincoln Center

Jamey Aebersold Articulation Resource

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