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MALAYSIA 2015 1119/2
Kertas 2
2 jam

Dua jam lima belas minit

1. Tulis nombor kad pengenalan dan angka giliran anda pada ruang yang disediakan.
2. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B, Bahagian C dan
Bahagian D.
3. Jawab semua soalan dalam kertas soalan ini.
4. Soalan-soalan dalam Bahagian A mempunyai empat pilihan jawaban. Jawab setiap soalan
dengan menghitamkan ruang yang betul di halaman 20.

1. Write your I.C. number and index number in the space provided.
2. This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D.
3. Answer all sections in this question paper.
4. Questions in Section A have four options. Answer each question by blackening the correct
space on page 20.


[Lihat halaman sebelah]


Section A
[15 marks]
[Time suggested: 25 minutes]

1 Based on the extract, the flood victims will
A receive donations of basic items
B participate in the Flood Recovery Drive
C obtain some cash to buy food and clothing
D take shelter at the Kuala Pahat Folks Home

2 From the dialogue above, we
know that contemporary and pop
music concerts are
A costly
B unique
C favoured
D informative

C Malaysia won five gold medals.SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 3 Which of the following best shows the sequence in preparing for a marathon? A B C D 4 Which of the following statements is true? A The four karate exponents were better than their opponents. B Khamiswaran represented Malaysia in sailing. .

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 D Ruffian Tan won her event. . D The first symptom is discomfort in the nose and throat. Nov 2000) 6 Based on the information above. which of the following statements is true? A There will be less secretion after the first day. he will have a fever. 5 When you sign up at the exercisenet website. B Secretion from the nose is thicker on the first day. you will be A making a donation B supporting a charity C meeting other running mates D paid 20 sen for every kilometre you jog Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Nose & throat discomfort sneezing running nose fever secretion secretion clear and watery yellowish-green and thicker (Adapted from Pear Magazine. C When a person starts sneezing.

one way we can help the gorillas is by A providing homes for them B setting up the anti-poaching patrols .SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 7 From the extract.

a woman called to ___ 10___ me that she could not make it to the party. “Your son has invited the whole class – 30 children in all.SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 C donating to the conservation programmes D getting rid of the animal traps in the jungle 8 The most suitable heading for the advice above is A Aedes Can Kill C Check Your Plants B Stop the Breeding D Weekly Watering of Plants Question 9 – 15 are based on the following passage. 9 A concerning B concerned C concerns D concern 10 A question B remind C inform D ask 11 A confuse B confuses C confused D confusing 12 A me B her C him D them . I asked __14____ he had done such a thing. As my son’s eighth birthday approached. I would like to share with you an incident that I will never forget. so she replied. then she said. “I have ___15___ wanted a surprise party. Haikal. This is ___ 9___ my only son.” I hung up and ___13___ called for Haikal. he could not contain his excitement because he was allowed to invite the children in the neighbourhood to his birthday party. I must have seemed ___11___ to her. On the morning of the ‘big’ day.” I said “but you’re most welcome to drop in later for a piece of cake. Mom! Are you surprised?” You bet I was. “I’m Haikal’s teacher – Mrs Choo.” She paused. and then said.” She was silent for a few seconds. Choose the best answer to fill each blank. He looked mischievous and burst into laughter. “Didn’t you know he’d invited ___12___ to his party?” “No.

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 13 A suddenly D where B gradually C reluctantly 15 A rarely D immediately B always C usually 14 A why D sometimes B how C when Section B [10 marks] [Time suggested: 25 minutes] Questions 16 – 25 Read the following descriptions and answer the questions that follow. .


With the present demanding lifestyle. Types Benefits Ways of Serving 16 ______________________  warm or cold Water  add a slice of lemon or lime ______________________ ______________________ 17 ______________________ . An average adult loses about one to two litres of body fluid daily and it is generally recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. So. Isotonic drinks. Milk when mixed with chocolate or ice cream can also be a delight. provide a good way for sportsmen to replace the loss of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium chlorides. complete the following table. SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 THE ROLE OF FLUIDS Fluids play an important role in your body.25 Based on the descriptions given. their intake is often overlooked. excessive intake may cause an increase in the flow of urine. Soup is an all-time favourite which supplies a good amount of fluid. Freshly brewed coffee or tea is revitalising. In addition. however. Served with some herbs and spices. blended fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals in juice form. which come in various flavours. Questions 16 . You can drink it warm or cold. Coffee or tea can help you to stay alert when you need to work late. Water not only helps you to regulate your body temperature but also to remove waste from your body. you can add a slice of lemon or lime to give it a refreshing taste. Of course. The calcium and protein in the milk provides growing children with strong bones and teeth. One of the most important fluids is water. A glass of low-fat milk is sometime most welcomed. remember to enjoy the different types of fluids. it is known to help relieve nasal congestion. Establishing a fluid plan is thus essential in your daily life. Your daily life would not be colourful if you had not been spoil with the many choices of fluids.

When the sky darkened and the cyclonic rain fell that day. . he like most Sri Lankans. was at home enjoying his public holiday. SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 ______________________ ______________________ 18 ______________________  build strong bones and teeth 19 ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 20 ______________________  replace electrolytes (such as  in various flavours potassium. chloride and ______________________ magnesium) ______________________ 21 ______________________ 22 ______________________  with some herbs and spices ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 23 ______________________ provide vitamins and minerals  in juice form ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ 24 ______________________ 25 ______________________ Coffee or tea ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Section C [25 marks] Questions 26 – 31 are based on the following passage. 30 from Pebo village know that the jackfruit tree he planted 15 years ago would save his life one day. Little did Kumar. The villagers had been given a warning by the meteorological department months before the floods hit but few paid attention to it.

Mobile clinics were set up. shoes and other items that were requested by the village head. some Buddhist monks ‘rescued’ the refrigerator and it has been in the temple since. Food such as rice. She was at a friend’s house when the landslide occurred. In addition. Overnight the temple in Pebo. Kumar’s house was destroyed. it was the natural place for the community to gather. An additional 39 houses were badly damaged. What little land they had was taken from them. 27 houses were swept away. 13 houses were completely demolished – those situated nearest to the swiftly flowing river before it burst its banks. She is now staying with her aunt. cooking oil. as a result of which the main industry of the town came to a standstill. The victims. The poor were made poorer as the flood waters and landslides destroyed their mud houses. many of them by landslides from the surrounding hills. It was Mercy Malaysia’s first mission to Sri Lanka. They were crowded together in poor sanitary conditions at the Pella village school. We do what we do because we believe that we can bring hope. such as uniforms. many of whom were suffering from scabies. (a) why did Kumar try to save the refrigerator? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) how was Kumar saved from being swept away by the strong current? .” said Kumar. where was Kumar when the cyclonic rain fell? ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 27 From paragraph 2. Over at Pella. an army officer. making 450 people homeless. The death toll was high at 250.SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 When the rain came. Mercy Malaysia’s team donated clothing. Gem mines were damaged. lung and eye infections were given medical treatment. He was also trying to save the only refrigerator his family had ever owned from being swept away but the current was very strong. normally a tourist attraction. waiting for help. She stared at the camera with fearful eyes as she was being interviewed by reporters. Only its foundation was visible on the morning we visited the village of Pebo as part of Mercy Malaysia’s Flood Relief mission. solidarity and love to the people (Adapted from The Star. a landslide swept away rice fields. depriving farmers of their livelihood. became a refugee camp. flour. Thousands of families were affected by the floods and landslides. “It took me downstream and I quickly clung on to the jackfruit tree while my friend threw a rope to me from the other jackfruit tree. “What we have done is a drop in the ocean. In his attempt he almost lost his life to the Delwala river. was made homeless due to the landslide. sugar and salt were distributed to flood and landslide victims. Left with no shelter. another small village. Irosha Damayanti. nearby villagers came in large numbers after getting news of the relief effort. However. Pebo is one of the fortunate villages. On the day of the distribution. no one died in the flood. Kumar only had time to save important documents and a few things. 45. Mercy Malaysia’s team president said. 2003) 26 From paragraph 1. including the mines where they worked as labourers. Further down the river. the water level went up three metres within an hour.

which place was used as a shelter for the refuges? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) From paragraph 4. write a summary on:  the hardships the villagers faced as a result of the floods and landslides  what was done to help them Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must  be in continuous writing (not in note form) . ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 31 Based on the passage given. how was Damayanti affected by the landslide? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 29 From paragraph 5. do you think that Mercy Malaysia’s contribution was important? Give a reason. (i) __________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (ii) ____________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 30 From paragraph 6.SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 28 (a) From paragraph 3. (a) Which phrase shows that the gem industry stopped its operation? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) How did the poor become poorer? State two ways.

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2  use material from line 14 to the end  not be longer than 130 words including the 10 words given below Begin your summary as follows: The village of Pebo was affected by the floods as … [15 marks] _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Section D [25 marks] 32 Read the following stanzas and answer the questions that follow. si tenggang’s homecoming .

the wife i began to love in my loneliness. in the country that alienated me. not easily fooled by words or ideas. iii but look. i have not entirely returned.SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 ii it’s true i have growled at my mother and grandmother but only after having told of my predicament that they have never brought to reason. having been changed by time and place. i have brought myself home. coarsened by problems estranged by absence. the contents of these boats are yours too because i have returned. still malay. sensitive to what i believe is good. i am just like you. i am no longer afraid of the oceans or the differences between people. and more ready to understand than my brothers. what does si tenggang mean when he says. “I have brought myself home”? . seasoned by confidence. the journey was a loyal teacher who was never tardy in explaining cultures or variousness. they took to their predecisions. i know. look. muhammad haji salleh (a) In stanza ii line 3. broadened by land and languages. to know whom does the word they refer? ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) In stanza iii line 2.

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) Which line in stanza iii shows that si tenggang has not completely changed? ___________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) The contents of these boats are yours too In your own words. what do you think si tenggang means by the statement above? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 33 Read the extract from the short story The Lotus Eater below and answer the questions that follow. .

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 (a) What does Wilson do every time someone tries to speak to him? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (b) What was Assunta supposed to do with the money given to her? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (c) What was the writer’s opinion of Wilson’s life? ________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (d) If you were Wilson’s friend. suggest one way. Jungle of Hope – Keris Mas The Pearl – John Steinbeck The Return – K. how would you help him solve his problems? In your own words.’ From the novel that you have read. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 34 The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language. .S. ‘It is important to have a person you look up to in your life.Maniam Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below. write about one character that you look up to.

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 Give reasons why you choose him/her. [15 marks] _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ .

SULIT BAHASA INGGERIS SET 2 PAPER 2 1119/2 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT .


D 7. A 13. C 4. Mixed with chocolate or ice cream 20. C 3. Isotonic drinks 21. Remove waste from the body 18. A 10. D 14. B 6. C 12. D 5. B Section B 16. A 2. C 11. ANSWERS KLON SPM 2015 SET 2 PAPER 2 Section A 1. B 9. A 15. Soup . Regulate body temperature 17. Milk 19. C 8.

(a) “came to a standstill” (b) i. 29. (a) The temple in Pebo (b) She was made homeless. ii. The flood waters and landslides destroyed their homes. The temple . 28. Help you stay alert and revitalises you 25. Freshly brewed Section C 26. (a) It was the only refrigerator his family had ever owned. The gem mines were damaged so they lost their jobs. (b) He clung on to his jackfruit tree. Fruits and vegetables 24. 13 houses were completely destroyed and 39 were badly damaged here. Yes. 30. 31. 27. I think it was important. (Suggested answer) The village of Pebo was affected by the floods as the river burst its banks and landslides occurred. He was at home. Help relieve nasal congestion 23. They distributed food and clothing to the victims and gave them the necessary medical attention.22.

Mobile clinics were set up to treat the flood and landslides victims. 250 people died. lung and eye infections. were destroyed. many of whom were suffering from scabies. Gem mines. They were housed in the village school. At was converted into a camp for the victims. which provided the main industry of the town. depriving the people of their jobs. a landslide destroyed the rice fields and 27 homes. Mercy Malaysia provided clothing and other items requested by the village head as well as basic food stuff. leaving 450 people homeless. .