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8. Click on the Objects tab.

You need Exterior, Garage, and BBQ Pits
by Klose.
Here, you can make ponds, fencing, gates, and retaining walls!
Want a golf course in your garden?

You can change the settings here!

Select the Plants tab.
Select which one you want to use.
Select the Deck tab.
Click on the Deck icon, and
select all the corners of your
Now, press SHIFT on the keyboard and select ONLY these
TWO corners.

Select Insert New.


Use the pointer and
make a box to to
select the things you
want to copy.
Now, select Edit, Copy To Floor, Upper

Select Design, Work on Floor, Second

Select Design, Work
On Floor, Work On
First Floor.
Select Live View, 3D Viewing
Method, Walk-Through

Set the Walk-Through
Elevation at 3 metres.

Click on the Railings icons, but don’t drag! Click on the corners of the
floor that you want to add some Railings.

If you are finished, then press Esc on the keyboard.
10. Click on the
Roofing tab.

Choose the style of roof you want
to use.

Click here and DRAG!
11. Click on the Trim

Select Windows,
Doors, or Walls.
Choose the style you
want, and then click
and drag to your
Windows, Doors, and
12. Select

Play around with the settings until you are happy
with your rendering!
Click File, Save As Go into My Documents

On the Desktop, you will see Mr.
Colin’s ICT Class.
Double click on it, press OK, then
click and drag your work.