October 11, 2016
Gifted Data Gathering Meeting

Committee Members:
Kathy Ayars 4th Diedre Walton 3rd Steph Kinnaman, Media
Brenda Irwin 5th Courtney Townsley 2nd Dr. Whiston,
Vocal Music
Carol Butler 1st Mary Daily, Gifted Facilitator Mandy Bolton

ITBS CogAT Teacher Recommendation
Ellie O. Reading=8 Verbal=91 Perfectionist; deep thinker;
Math=9 Quantitative=96 reflective & quiet
Tara P. Reading =9 Verbal=94 Quickly grasps concepts;
Math = 9 Quantitative=95 enjoys sharing ideas; very
NV=95 creative
Annabella S. Reading=9 Verbal=79 Hard worker; talented
Math=6 Quantitative=67 writer; makes learning
NV=92 connections
Luke D Reading=6 Verbal=57 Motivated, insightful,
Math=9 Quantitative=99 perfectionist
Olivia C Reading=9 Verbal=77 Contributes to discussions,
Math=8 Quantitative=79 hard worker, finishes tasks,
NV=71 goes above and beyond