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Dear NWNCC Board

I write to express my support for preserving the NW Neighborhood Cultural Center as a
center for the arts and the community.
As a passionate arts-advocate as well as being a parent, I understand the importance of
providing young people with important cultural experiences that are accessible, interesting and
thought provoking. One shining example of this type of important cultural resource is the
Northwest Children’s Theater. This well-established and beloved organization plays an
important role in our city and helps to inspire our youth and expand access to the arts.
As a long-time Portland resident, I also recognize the importance of saving historic
places in a rapidly changing city and ensuring the sustainability of medium sized cultural
The NWNCC board will be making important decisions about the future of the Center
and of the NW Children’s Theater and as you carefully evaluate the options, I urge you to
consider the long-term benefits to our community of preserving historic buildings and
supporting community-based arts organizations. These types of cultural resources are what
make Portland a great place to work, live and experience life.

Thank you for your service to our community,

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly