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Role of Teachers in the Process of Learning

Teacher, Learning Process and the Role of Teachers in the Process of Learning.
Teachers are professional educators with the primary task of educating, teaching, guiding,
directing, train, assess, and evaluate students on early childhood education, formal education,
primary education and secondary education
(Act No. 14 of 2005 ttg Teachers and Lecturers).

The process of learning is a teaching and learning activities concerning the activities of
educators, learners' activity, the patterns and processes of interaction of educators and
learners and learning resources in a learning environment within the framework of the
education program to materialize
(Rooijakkers 1991: 114)

Role of Teachers in the Process of Learning
a. Teachers as Facilitators
Therefore, in order that teachers can fulfill their role as a facilitator of the teacher should be
able to meet the principles of learning developed in education partnerships, namely that
students learn best when:

 Students are fully able to take part in every learning activity
 What is learned useful and practical.
 Students have the opportunity to fully utilize their knowledge and skills in
sufficient time.
 Learning can be expensive and customized with previous experiences and
thinking of students.
 foster understanding, both between teachers and students and students with

Teachers can optimize its role as a facilitator, the teacher needs to understand
matters relating to the utilization of various media and learning resources.
(Vienna Senjaya, 2008)

b. Teachers as Motivator
In order to increase student motivation then it must:

flexibility in the mix. Role of Teachers and the Media in Learning Process Principles . humble. . always wants to learn and work hard. A dynamic life provides a logical consequence that requires everyone to give something new so it is always in line with the pattern of life (Angayank. the courage to be. have a principle in truth. 2008) c. especially in the learning patterns is needed. The use of media learning should be seen as an integral part of a system of teaching and not just as a tool that serves as an extra that is used when necessary and only used exercise a anytime needed. directly required to have knowledge and insight into a broad. 2011). not just any use 6. Teachers as Innovators Teacher as innovator activity.  Generating student interest  Clarify objectives  Create an atmosphere of fun in learning  Give praise reasonable to every student's success  Provide assessment.  Comment on the results of the students' work  Create competition and cooperation (Vienna Senjaya. do not feel tired of being an educator (Fatah. Teachers as Inspirator Teachers who take on the role as the inspiration. d. and most importantly. 3. 2. 4. Teachers should take into account the pros and cons of the use of a medium of learning 5. The use of instructional media should be organized. systematic. 2010). If in case a subject of media requires more than the teacher can utilize multy media use and facilitate the teaching and learning process but can also stimulate students to learn. flexible in communicating.Principle Role of Teachers & Media in Learning Process 1. Learning media should be seen as a learning resource that is used in an attempt to solve the problems encountered in the learning process. Teachers should really mastered the techniques of a learning media is used.

While media that do not support the course should be removed all the way to while. teachers are also required to be able to develop the skills to make learning media will be used if the media has not available. Although so the use of media as a tool can not be careless by arbitrarily teacher. .In capable AT-study groups. Competence teachers themselves should be used as the calculation . Media to support the achievement of learning goals are certainly more note. But should pay attention and consider aim. then do not use it. Vol. is there able or not to use the media.Teacher at least be able to use cost efficient tool which although simple and understated but is a necessity in order to achieve the expected goal of teaching . In 2012 68 using the tools available. If not. 3.