METRAN vs. PAREDES, 79 Phil.

Prior to the Court of Industrial Relations a petition was filed in case No. 36-
V entitled "National Labor Union, versus Metropolitan Transportation
Service (Metran)," wherein petitioner alleged that it was a legitimate labor
organization, thirty of whose affiliated members were working and under
the employ of the respondent; that the respondent "is a semi-governmental
transportation entity, popularly known as `Metran, having nine demands at
length set forth in said petition be granted.
Wherefore, Metran filed a petition for the dismissal of the case "on the
ground that it belongs to the Republic of the Philippines and as such, it
cannot be sued". It is an office "under the supervision and control of the
Secretary of Public Works and Communications," under Executive Order
No. 59.

ISSUE: Whether or not Metran can be able to invoke the Doctrine of State

Yes, the court held that Metran was a mere office or agency of the
government, unincorporated and possessing no juridical personality under
the law, incapable of suing or being sued and that a claim against it would
in effect be a suit against the Government, which suit may not prosper
without the Government's consent.