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Differentiated Math Curriculum

Morley Elementary
Teacher ____________________________ Gifted Facilitator _____________________________

Indicator Outstanding Proficient Progressing
 Always uses pre-assessment before  Uses pre-assessment and  Occasionally uses pre-assessment, sometimes uses this data
Curriculum beginning a differentiated unit. typically uses data to plan to plan lessons.
Compacting  Incorporates a compacting form to lessons.  Sometimes compacts curriculum but typically follows scope
streamline instruction.  Compacts/Accelerates through and sequence of regular math program.
 Accelerate through the regular the regular curriculum.
curriculum at an appropriate level.
 Integrates independent research
projects for students who are above
differentiated level.
 Group students according to ability level  Students are occasionally grouped  Sometimes uses grouping techniques-students are already in a high
even in the differentiated classroom, which according to ability in the ability math classroom so feel as though they are already
Grouping allows for rapid in-depth instruction and differentiated classroom appropriately placed.
 Incorporate LPS Differentiated Math  Incorporate LPS math materials  Rarely use LPS differentiated math materials.
Curriculum Materials for all of the lessons. most of the time.  Uses only the LPS regular math curriculum but use
Materials  Provide rich, inviting tasks that require  Use lesson or ideas that are accompanying challenge problems that are found on docu-
spatial as well as analytical skills found on-line or teacher share.
 Students explore topics in depth, draw materials/books
generalizations, create new problems
and solutions.
 Uses the regular LPS math  Uses the regular LPS math  Uses only the regular LPS Math Assessments.
Assessment assessments. assessments.  Only uses the LPS Differentiated Report Card when it is time
 Continually monitors student progress  Sometimes documents what is to assess students at the end of the first and second semester.
using the indicators on the LPS observed in the differentiated
differentiated report card. classroom using the LPS
 Makes adjustments using the Differentiated Report Card
assessments that are incorporated. Indicators.
 Continually processes/reflects with  Occasionally visits with  Rarely visits with students concerning progress in
Reflection students concerning understanding of students about progress made in differentiated math class.
math concepts and participation in classroom.
differentiated math class