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// The pressure applied is not transmitted equally in all 1 direction throughout the fluid. 1 (a)(ii) The egg will crack. 4 2(a)(i) Same 1 (a)(ii) 100 P= 0. // Scale division of 1 Instrument S is smaller than Instrument Y. 1 (c)(i) D3 1 (c)(ii) 1 (c)(iii) Capacitor 1 The charging and discharging process of the capacitor reduces 7 (c)(iv) 1 the ripple of the waves. 5 3(a)(i) The impulsive force acted on the egg is small. 1 (b)(i) Zero 1 (b)(ii) 0 = m1 v1 + m2 v2 0 = (45)v1 + (60)(2) 1 v1 = −2. (b)(i) Diode B → Reverse bias 1 (b)(ii) To allow current flow in one direction only. MARKING SCHEME SUB TOTAL 1(a) Voltage // Potential difference 1 (b) Zero error 1 (c) S 1 (d) Instrument S has the smallest scale division.02 1 = 5000 Pa 1 (b) Pascal’s principle 1 (c) Part of the applied force will be used up to compress the air bubbles. 2 SECTION A MARK NO.67 m s−1 1 (b)(iii) Principle of conservation of momentum 1 6 Doping is a process of adding a certain amount of specific 4(a) 1 impurities to pure semiconductors to increase their conductivity. 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah .

When thermal equilibrium is reached.030 × 4. both forehead and cooling 1 pad has same temperature.709 J with correct unit 1 -Increase the mass of the gel 1 -The heat removed increases with the mass of the gel // the heat 1 removed is directly proportional to the mass (d) -Use a gel with higher specific heat capacity 1 -The heat removed increases with the specific heat capacity of 1 the gel // the heat removed is directly proportional to the specific heat capacity of the gel 10 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah .2 is higher than 1 Diagram 5. the current increase 1 (b)(iv) The current increase when the relative motion of the conductor 1 and magnet increases (b)(v) Faraday’s Law 1 (c)(i) Deflects in opposite direction 1 (c)(ii) Angle of deflection increases 1 8 The energy transferred from a hot object to a cold object // the 7(a) 1 energy transfer because of the difference in temperature (b) The temperature of the forehead is higher than the temperature 1 of the pad.3 × (36 – 15) 1 2. 1 (e) Archimedes Principle 1 (f) Sinks 1 Sea is denser than river 1 8 6(a) Magnetic field is the area that experiences the force of attraction 1 or force of repulsion (b)(i) Zero//No change//Centre 1 (b)(ii) Pointer deflect / Show reading//Not pointing to zero/centre 1 (b)(iii) The greater the deflection of the pointer. buoyant force increases.1 (c) Buoyant force 1 (d) As volume of water displaced increases. 36 – 15 1 (c) Q = 0. 3 Force of gravity acting on the object // mass x acceleration due to 5(a) 1 gravity // mg (explain symbol) (b)(i) The weight of cargo ship B is bigger than cargo ship A 1 (b)(ii) The volume of water displaced in Diagram 5.//Heat is transferred from the forehead to the pad until thermal equilibrium is reached.//Cooling pad absorbs body’s heat from forehead.

5g 12 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah . (d)(ii) To become stable 2 T ½ = 32 / 8 =4T½ (d)(iii) 1 200g  100g  50g  25g  12. 4 Unstable isotopes which decay and give out radioactive 8(a)(i) 1 emissions Short half-life (b)(i) 2 Long-time of exposure can damage cell Gamma ray (b)(ii) 2 High penetrating power Liquid (b)(iii) 2 Can flow easily in body (c) Radioisotop Q 1 The time required by a particular radioactive substance to (d)(i) 1 decay to half of its initial amount.

(b)(iii) The higher the refractive index. 5 SECTION B NO. the smaller the angle of refraction.1 > 9. total (c) 4 internal reflection occurs ̶ Observer can see the image of the cloud as a mirage ̶ or Draw complete diagram with label Characteristics material Reason The refractive Less dense at the index of the outer outer layer and Total internal reflection layer and the more dense at easily to occur inner layer the inner layer Strength High Not easily break (d) Easily bend // Easy to 10 Flexibility High pass through inner parts of human body To make it smaller // Easy Thickness Less to pass through inner parts of human body Density Less / Low Lighter 20 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah .2 Refractive Index in 9. MARK ANSWER SUB TOTAL Refractive index is a measurement of the ability of a medium to slow 9 (a) 1 down speed of light that pass through it. the smaller the angle of refraction. The air at the surface of the road is hotter // The density of air near the road is lower ̶ The light ray propagate from more dense to less dense ̶ When the incident angle is greater than the critical angle.2 5 (b)(ii) The higher the density. ̶ During day time.1 > 9. Angle of refraction in 9.2 > 9.1 (b)(i) Density of the glass block in 9.

6 NO. MARK ANSWER SUB TOTAL The spreading of waves after passing through a gap or 10 (a) 1 obstacle Wavelength remains unchanged Frequency remains unchanged (b) 4 Speed remains unchanged Amplitude becomes smaller compared to the incident waves Tuning fork without plastisine has higher frequency and short wavelength Sound will not diffracted effectively Only student Q can hear the sound clearly (c) Max 5 Tuning fork with plastisine has lower frequency and longer wavelength Sound diffracted effectively All students can hear the sound clearly Modification Justification Radiowaves Able to travel for a long distance At the top hill To get wider signal coverage (d) Long wavelength Easier for wave to diffract when 10 passing through obstacles Strong signal Overcome the damping effect Add signal booster Amplify the signal 20 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah .

the molecules displaced away from each other (b) 5 -Attractive forces are acting to oppose the stretching -When the solid is compressed. MARK MARKING SCHEME SUB TOTAL The ability of the material to return to their original shape and size 11(a) when the force exerted on it is removed.2 ) ( 0. 7 SECTION C NO.highest spring constant and low natural frequency Spring Q (d)(i) 2 Spring constant is higher // the gradient is higher Work difference = ½ (FQ .F P ) x = ½ ( 4 . highest elastic limit .08 ) (d)(ii) 2 = 0.08 J 20 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah . -When the solid is stretched. 1 -There are two types of force -Attraction and repulsive force between the particles of the solid.comfortable for user D is choosen because it has a small diameter . the molecules displaced closer to each other -Repulsive forces are acting to oppose the compression Characteristics Reason material enough space for the spring to be Diameter is small installed//stiffer can support motorcylist up to 100kg// Elastic limit is high Can withstand bigger weight (c) 10 Spring constant is small compression of the spring high Natural frequency to reduce is low bouncing//bumping.

8 NO.05A 1 (d)(ii) (12-10) W // 2W Efficiency = 10/12 x 100% (d)(iii) 2 = 83.3% 20 4531/2 (PP) [Lihat halaman sebelah . ceramic cartridge. 13A fuse rating. MARK MARKING SCHEME SUB TOTAL High melting point Can withstand high temperature/heat // does not melt easily 12(a) 4 Not easily oxidized Can last longer Maximum current flowing through the fuse is 5 A (b) 1 Characteristics material reason less space needed // to carry limited electrical current // less Thickness of fuse wire is mass hence low heat capacity // thin shorter time to heat up to melting point and blow Type of cartridge is Can withstand higher temperature (c) ceramic 10 Maximum rating must be slightly Amount of rating IS 13 A higher than normal current For fast blow // melt faster when Melting point is low excessive current flow // easy to cut the current flow R is choosen because 10 it has thin thickness of wire. low melting point I = 12/240 (d)(i) 2 = 0.