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T a l l

TooBlasser Riley
by Ga
r i a n Lies
a t e d by B
illust r


ISBN-13: 978-0-325-01575-0
ISBN-10: 0-325-01575-9

Book 101
Level J

LLI_tootall_0059_COV.indd 2-3 1/9/08 12:11:52 PM

Requests for permission should be mailed to the Permissions Department at Offices and agents throughout the world Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Books Copyright © 2009 by Irene C. Portsmouth. ISBN-13: 978-0-325-01575-0 ISBN-10: 0-325-01575-9 Editorial Development. including information storage and retrieval systems. 361 Hanover Street. and Heinemann All rights reserved. and Production by Brown Publishing Network Credits Illustrations: Brian Lies Printed in China 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 RRD 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 LLI_tootall_0059_COV. NH 03801. Gay Su Pinnell. NH 03801–3912 www. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means. Design. without permission in writing from the publisher. Too Tall Author: Gail Blasser Riley Heinemann 361 Hanover Street Portsmouth.indd 4-5 1/9/08 12:11:52 PM .heinemann. Fountas.

Too Tall by Gail Blasser Riley illustrated by Brian Lies LLI_tootall_0059.indd 1 1/9/08 12:12:25 PM .

” she told her mother and father. “Sorry!” the coach said. and the net is down here. she went to try out for the volleyball team. “You’re up there. “They didn’t pick me. Lola was sad. You’re just too tall!”   LLI_tootall_0059.indd 2-3 1/9/08 12:12:29 PM .” Lola decided to try out for another team. “But I still want to play on a team. On Monday. Lola wanted to play on a team.

” she told her mother. Lola went to try out for the softball team. “Sorry!” said the coach.”   LLI_tootall_0059.” said her mother. You’re just too tall!” Lola hung her head. “Try again. On Tuesday. “You’ll find a team that’s right for you. “No one can pitch the ball to you. Lola.indd 4-5 1/9/08 12:12:33 PM . “They didn’t pick me for the softball team.

” said the coach. Lola. “Don’t give up.indd 6-7 1/9/08 12:12:38 PM .”   LLI_tootall_0059. Lola went to try out for the track team. “You’d win every race with those long legs! You’re just too tall.” she cried. “It wouldn’t be fair. “No one will ever want me on their team!” “Try again. On Wednesday. “I’m just too tall.” said her father.” Lola went home.

to try out for the swim team.” he said. You’re much too tall. Lola went Lola didn’t like to swim anyway. “The pool is only four feet deep.”   LLI_tootall_0059.indd 8-9 1/9/08 12:12:43 PM . to be on a team. But she still wanted “I’m sorry. On Thursday. so she wasn’t quite so sad. The coach shook his head.

I can’t be on a team. through the door “I give up. shouted from inside.” 10 11 LLI_tootall_0059.indd 10-11 1/9/08 12:12:49 PM . of the bowling alley. “Sorry!” Well. she said. Lola was sad. But she couldn’t even fit When she got home. she tried to try out. I’m just too tall.” the coach for the bowling team. Lola went to try out “You’re just too tall. On Friday.

” said Mindy. “I don’t want to try out “Come try out for our team. “We need YOU!” 12 13 LLI_tootall_0059. came over. Lola’s friends “NO!” said Lola. said Jill.indd 12-13 1/9/08 12:12:55 PM . On Saturday.” for the team.” I’m just too tall. “We need one more player. The coach won’t pick me.

Lola’s friends came back Lola thought about it. We know you’ll get picked “Okay.indd 14-15 1/9/08 12:13:00 PM . they said. on Sunday.” for our team!” 14 15 LLI_tootall_0059.” for another team. “Let’s go. She still didn’t want to try out “Please change your mind.” she said. But she did want to help “Please come and try out! her friends.

the coach picked her right away. This time.” said the coach. “For this team.indd 16 1/9/08 12:13:03 PM . “Not at all. “I’m not too tall?” she asked. you’re just perfect!” 16 LLI_tootall_0059. So Lola tried out for the basketball team.

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