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Personal History - 5 March 2015

ARGANATA, adhya yoga

Personal Details
Personal Details

Gender: Male Civil Status: Single

Country and Place of Birth: ponorogo, indonesia Date of Birth: 27-Feb-1992

First nationality: Indonesia

Are you currently a WHO staff member? No Previously applied to WHO? No

Permanent Address: Present Address (if different from
Permanent Address):
Jl.ontoseno no.28 kepatihan,ponorogo, indonesia
ponorogo,ponorogo,indonesia Jl. MT haryono gg.VI D NO.906,
63416 dinoyp, malang
Indonesia malang

Home telephone: Professional telephone: Mobile telephone:
(0352)489835 +6285646478744

Mobile telephone: +6285646478744

Other details

E-mail for correspondence:
Contract Information
Contract Information

Employment Fixed Term Only (1 year or more) If you wish to work less than 80%
Length Special Short Term 2 Only (less full time, please indicate
Preference than three months) percentage
Availability 1 month's notice
Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Emergency Care Nursing
   1 to 2 years    1 to 2 years
Language Skills
Language Skills

Mother Tongue 1 : Indonesian Mother Tongue 2 : -

U.N. Proficiency Examination No

Working Languages Speaking Reading Writing

        English Intermediate  Intermediate  Intermediate 

        French None  None  None 

        Spanish None  None  None 

Other languages

        Javanese Mother Tongue  Mother Tongue  Mother Tongue 

Highest Educational Degree University Degree
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short-term assignments. please specify.12/2014 Starting Annual Ending Annual Salary (and Salary (and Currency) Currency) Brief description of duties and responsibilities: Student in nursing academy brawijaya university Please indicate how many people you were May we contact your employer as a Yes responsible for.Indonesia Indonesia Other educational details Nursing academy in brawijaya university International Experience International Experience Are you currently employed by an international organization as explained above? No Have you lived and/or worked outside your home country on a long term basis (1 year or more)? No Organization: Duty Station: From: . Are you willing and able to travel during the course of your duties? Yes If no. Present and previous employment Present and previous employment 1 listed currently Exact Title of student Position held: Name/address of Hospital Name and title of employer: supervisor(s): From:-To: 1/2014 . or with reservations.To: Grade: - - - Do you have professional experience outside of your home country (e. reference? Reason for leaving: Computer Skills Computer Skills Wordprocessor: Working Knowledge Database: Working Knowledge Spreadsheet: Working Knowledge Printed: 05-March-2015 Page 2/3 . extensive business travel)? No Please specify the country and field of work: A number of jobs in international organizations require that you travel extensively or are prepared to relocate.g.. Ners 2014 Malang. management responsibility. WHO Educational details Year Name of Education Institution Degree / Title of degree/diploma and description of Diploma studies 2010 brawijaya university .

N. in which Date: 16 Dec 2014 Place: malang.indonesia Full Name as Signature: adhya yoga arganata Printed: 05-March-2015 Page 3/3 . I understand that any false or misleading statement. in which year did you If yes. complete and correct. I also certify that any documents provided in support of my application are authentic and accurate.indonesia adhya. typing test? No If yes. may provide grounds for the withdrawal of any offer of appointment or the termination of employment.enter language(s) and speed Verification of Date and Place of Application to Vacancy Verification of Date and Place of Application to Vacancy I certify that the statements made by me in my personal profile are true.N. or withholding relevant information. business person: Fax: title: dr. aurick Malang. Agency? pass? Typing Shorthand (if applicable) English wpm wpm French wpm wpm Spanish wpm wpm Other language(s) .co +6285646478744 m doctor Length of stay at current place of residence in current country of residence since: 16-Dec-2014 in current town/city since: 16-Dec-2014   Clerical Skills Clerical Skills Please note that this section is not always required for all vacancies Have you passed the U. WHO Operating Systems: Working Knowledge Internet & e-mail: Working Knowledge Presentation: Fair Programming: Working Knowledge Family Info Family Info Dependent family members Name: Date of birth: Relationship: sriwahyuni 15-Jul-1963 mother Relatives Employed by the United Nations or one of its specialized agencies Name: Relationship: International Organization supriadi father none References Name: Address: E-mail: Briefly indicate how you know this Telephone: Occupation.