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Sweet Home
by Maryann Dobeck
illustrated by Kathi Ember


ISBN-13: 978-0-325-01553-8
ISBN-10: 0-325-01553-8

Book 92
Level G

LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239_COV.indd 2-3 1/9/08 11:22:30 AM

Portsmouth. Design. ISBN-13: 978-0-325-01553-8 ISBN-10: 0-325-01553-8 Editorial Development.heinemann. and Production by Brown Publishing Network Credits Illustrations: Kathi Ember Printed in China 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 RRD 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239_COV. including information storage and retrieval systems. Home Sweet Home Author: Maryann Dobeck Heinemann 361 Hanover Street Portsmouth. NH 03801–3912 www. Gay Su Pinnell. Fountas. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical Offices and agents throughout the world Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Books Copyright © 2009 by Irene C. NH 03801. without permission in writing from the publisher. and Heinemann All rights reserved. 361 Hanover Street.indd 4-5 1/9/08 11:22:30 AM . Requests for permission should be mailed to the Permissions Department at Heinemann.

Home Sweet Home by Maryann Dobeck illustrated by Kathi Ember LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239.indd 1 1/9/08 11:22:59 AM .

“I will paint my house red. But she wanted a new color for her house. Hen had a nice white house.   LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239.indd 2-3 1/9/08 11:23:05 AM .” thought Hen. She liked her house.

” said Hen. “Do you want to play with me?” (white) “Not today. “I’m going to paint my house. “Hello.indd 4-5 1/9/08 11:23:11 AM .” “I will help you.” said Cow.   LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239. Along came Cow.” said Cow. Hen.

the sky. bright blue paint. “We need a ladder. “I will go find one.” She got tired of waiting.indd 6-7 1/9/08 11:23:15 AM .” said Cow. I will use this Cow waited and waited. (blue)   LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239. So Cow grabbed a can And she did. of paint.” “This paint is as blue as said Hen.” for a house. “Blue is a good color You wait here.

Along came Pig.” And he did. for a house.indd 8-9 1/9/08 11:23:21 AM . yellow paint.” I can help her. (yellow) (blue)   LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239. “Hen must be painting I will use this her house. Pig grabbed a can of paint.” “Yellow is a nice color Pig said.” said Pig. “Look at all the paint cans. “This paint is as yellow as the sun.

Duck grabbed a paint can. Along came Duck. green paint. “This paint is as green as the grass. (green) 10 11 LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239.” And he did.” I will help her.indd 10-11 1/9/08 11:23:25 AM . “Hen has lots of paint. for a house. “She must be painting I will use this her house.” “Green is a fine color said Duck.” said Duck.

” “Hi. Along came Hen with a tall ladder. Hen.” 12 13 LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239. “Hello. “Look at your bright yellow house. Hen!” said Pig.indd 12-13 1/9/08 11:23:28 AM .” said Cow. “Look at your bright blue house.

” 14 15 LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239.indd 14-15 1/9/08 11:23:33 AM . Then Hen smiled. “Look at your bright green house. (green) (yellow) “Good morning. no!” said Hen. “Oh. She looked at her house. Hen!” said Duck.

” And she did! (white) (green) (red) 16 LLI_HomeSweetHome_0239. “My house is as bright as a rainbow.indd 16 1/9/08 11:23:35 AM . I’ll paint this door as red as a rose. “But it needs a red door.” said Hen.