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King Rollo
and the New Stockings
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for Rose


“The red ones or the green ones? I like both.” said King Rollo.“I’ll wear my new stockings.” .

” he decided.“The red ones. “Tomorrow I’ll wear the green ones.” He put the green ones in the drawer. .

“They’re new.” said King Rollo.” said the magician.“I like your stockings. .

” said King Rollo. .” said Cook.“You took a long time to get dressed. “I didn’t know which stockings to wear.

” said Cook.“When you’ve finished breakfast. . I’d like you to take this pie to old Mrs Harris.

I fancy a walk to show off my new stockings. “Where does she live?” .” said King Rollo.“Good.

then the second on the left. take the third turning on the right.” . “It’s the first house on the right.“Go down the road.” said Cook.

“Which side is right?” asked King Rollo. .

“This side of course.” said Cook. . and she touched King Rollo’s right arm.

.After King Rollo had cleaned his teeth he took the pie. first house on the right. “Third turning right. second left.” he said.

” said Cook.” said King Rollo. .“Good. “Be careful with your new stockings.” “See you later.

Almost at once King Rollo returned. “Which side is right again?” he asked. .

“Oh.” . for goodness sake. “This side.” said Cook.

.” said King Rollo. “I’ve an idea.“I hope I remember. Then he said.” and he ran back indoors.

“Goodbye. “The green one is right. This time he had on one red stocking and one green one.” he said.He soon returned.” . again.

I do.” .“Fancy not knowing right from left. “Eh? What?” said the Magician. “But I do.” said Cook.

” said Cook.“I meant King Rollo. “Are you sure that you know?” .

One sock was black and the other white. . “The black is on the right.” he smiled.The magician lifted his cloak.

” said Cook.“You’re as bad as King Rollo. .

Down the road King Rollo came to a turning. He looked at his stockings. .” he said. “The first on the right.

” he said. “That makes the second on the right. .Then he came to a crossroads.

” he said. Come with me!” . “I’m taking this pie to Mrs Harris. “Hello.At the third turning he saw Queen Gwen. Queen Gwen.

first house on the green. I mean left and right.” .” said King Rollo.“Where does she live?” asked Queen Gwen. “Oh. “Second turning on the red.

Queen Gwen laughed.” said King Rollo.” she said. “and I’ve another pair like this at home!” . “Yes. “I like your new stockings.

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