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6/20/2016 EPC from watching the mobile packet network evolution: Approaching ­ ZTE Corporation

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EPC from watching the mobile packet network evolution: Approaching 请输入关键词

2009-12-30 Author: Yang Lin (ZTE)

    With the LTE / EPC (Evolved Packet Core) technology matured, LTE / EPC deployment will soon
become a reality. With respect to the existing 3GPP mobile packet network, EPC network to achieve
the all-IP bearer control plane and user plane flat architecture, while supporting multiple
wireless access technologies. The evolution of the characteristics of EPC to meet the next 2011

generation mobile network operators access to high bandwidth, low latency, and low-cost sewing year
mobility needs. LTE / EPC network began maturing     from the beginning of the end of 2004 3GPP
LTE / EPC-related work, to March 2009 3GPP R8 standard freezing equipment manufacturers and
operators to work together, after four years of hard work basically completed the LTE / EPC
standards work.     Standards mature, so that work LTE / EPC prior to commercial deployment 2009

planned to expand: the major carriers will gradually start to laboratory testing LTE / EPC devices
(such as China Mobile has begun this year in August this year, LTE / EPC equipment test); IOT
testing industry LTE / EPC equipment is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2010 under the
MSF've driven; while the mainstream operators began to consider the construction of LTE / EPC pilot
network, such as Europe, T-Mobile, Telenor consider in early 2010 build your own LTE commercial
test network.     Mobile network data traffic explosive growth has become the primary challenge
today's mobile operators face the operator to deploy the next generation of mobile broadband
networks desire even more urgent.     Commercial deployment in 2011 LTE / EPC networks is no
longer out of reach. Evolution of the EPC network architecture mobile packet core network    
with higher access bandwidth, faster access speeds, seamless mobility and lower cost operators a
necessary requirement for the next generation mobile networks. All-IP LTE / EPC network bearer
control plane and user plane architecture flat separated, and support a variety of network access
common features to meet the above requirements. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of 3GPP EPC
architecture. Figure 1 3GPP EPC architecture     all-IP trend can be carried from the GSM, UMTS
selection and development network packet core network and radio access network bearer technology
interface seen. The same bandwidth, IP bearer network construction costs from hardware (including
transmission resources, the core network hardware cost) to the maintenance costs are much better
than TDM bearer. This feature is under especially high-bandwidth scenarios. The LTE / EPC is such a
scene, so from the beginning of the EPC standards that is OK to All-IP bearer, not only on the
wireless side interfaces S1 interface between the eNodeB and the EPC, EPC internal MME and the HSS
also use IP bearer diameter protocol.     Separation and user plane flat trend EPC network 1/4

integrated gateway product xGW integrated GGSN. and improve the user experience LTE partially covered in the initial deployment of LTE. Meanwhile EPC network support seamless mobility between various access methods. User plane handling capacity gradually become a major bottleneck in the mobile packet network equipment SGSN. UMTS and LTE access. ZTE to EPC smooth evolution of the core network solutions     ZTE's industry-leading core network solutions experts. but also lead to investment in packet core network of rapid growth. http://www. and a profound understanding of the mobile packet core network evolution trends and features of EPC network architecture. GGSN. to achieve the integration of the core network. and support for operators to LTE / EPC network smooth evolution. PDSN and SAE-GW and other gateway functions responsible for user plane packet processing and forwarding. as shown in picture 2. the EPC has made the smooth evolution of converged core network solutions --ZEPS: ZTE unified control NE uMAC product support GSM. so that the packet core network only provides the user plane processing gateway node. and long-term study of pairs of LTE / while optimizing the user surface properties.html 2/4 . and supports multi-mode end- users seamless mobility. Trend LTE introduction and mobile operators all business operations.zte. mobility management and other control surfaces for mobile users. not only significant savings in other network nodes such as SGSN / MME investment user plane investments and bearer network. leading mobile network data traffic reached 10 times or even a hundred times more than GSM. based on the development and construction of mobile core network experience.   Figure 2 ZTE converged core network solutions     ZEPS solution not only has the ability to separate control plane and user plane and all-IP. Packet core network control plane and user plane separation. saving and more network operators carrier's TCO. focused on providing treatment access authentication. so that a single operator began operating a variety of standard network. UMTS HSPA especially after the deployment. growth of bilateral single-user data traffic and high- speed access to the number of EPC supports a variety of network access common network. While ZTE converged core network solutions more dynamic characteristics of resource sharing. and this achievement penetrate deep into the ZTE core network GSN products and product development among the EPC. reducing network operating costs.     EPC network to achieve a converged core network to support a variety of common access 3GPP and non-3GPP access networks. making the network structure is more simple. simpler network architecture. integrated gateway tightly coupled feature enables users face flatter. but also to deal with the inevitable choice of network traffic surge.6/20/2016 EPC from watching the mobile packet network evolution: Approaching ­ ZTE Corporation control plane and user plane.

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