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Master Questions Set

1. We expect all employees to be strong contributors and add value to the
organization. From your experiences so far, please describe a time when you
delivered significant results. Include details of the context, the actions you took,
and the results that were achieved. ( 950 characters including spaces)

2. Describe a situation when you faced a difficult problem and you were able to
solve it. Include details of the context, the action you took and the results that
were achieved. ( 950 characters including spaces)

3. Provide an example when you approached your work with a mindset of having
limited resources or time. Please include details of the context, the action you
took and the results that were achieved. ( 950 characters including spaces)

4. Please describe yourself as a person. What are your strengths and areas of
improvement (min. 3 each)? Site situations to exemplify each. (word limit 500)

5. What is your single largest achievement so far? Why do you consider it to be your
largest achievement? What is your largest defeat to date?

6. Have you ever adopted a non-traditional approach to manage a project / situation
or to solve a problem? Briefly describe the project / situation of the problem, the
approach and the outcome

7. What are your personal goals in life? How would getting into XYZ help you in your
journey towards your Personal Goals?

8. Why did you leave your previous positions/switch to different jobs?

9. Why the MBA? Why now?

10. Outline briefly your reasons for joining our organization?

11. What were your 3 key focus areas during the last 3 years? What were your

12. What are the types of assignments that keep you hooked and charged and what
are those that you find boring?

(maximum 500 characters) 23. 14. What are the three most important values that guide your thoughts and actions? 21. At times. we may find a group of people disagreeing with our beliefs/point of view. What are your short term and long term objectives? 16. Give us an instance where you had to convince a group of people on your point of view. In your student life or professional career so far. Describe an incident that has had a deep impact on you and brought about a significant change in you? 15. How do you define success? 17.13. do you think you should have handled it differently? 25. Sometimes. many of us are caught in a situation of moral conflict. Tell us about a time when you had difficulty with a co-worker and how you handled the situation. What was the outcome? (maximum 500 characters) 18. 24. How did you resolve it? (maximum 500 characters) 20. What happened? 19. Describe a challenging project or a seemingly impossible task which you have undertaken. where we have to choose between two seemingly right alternatives. . Give us one situation when you faced this conflict. 26. which has given you a sense of accomplishment 22. In retrospect. If yes. Give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership inside and outside the work environment. please detail your position in the organization. When was the last time you were disappointed with your performance on the job. Are you a member of any professional/social/cultural organization? (Yes/No). please cite any innovative / creative initiative taken by you. Please cite any challenging task handled by you that has given you a sense of accomplishment.