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In this article the author stresses on the fact that many parents teachers and
school administrators regard. Psychological testing in schools as an advantageous
practices that supports children in achieving a method to know the educational
i terest e d a o g you g hildre a d hild’s pote tial for a hieve e t and to
identify strengths and weakness.

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline
and an applied since which seeks to understand individual and groups by establishing
general principles and researching specific cases. In this field a professional
practitioner of researcher is called a psychologist and can be classified as a social
behavior alor cognitive scientist.
Psychological attempt to understand the role of mental functions in
individual and social behaviour while also exposing the psychological and biological
process that underline cognitive function and behaviour.

Psychological test is a test to find the educational interest areas of children.
For this I selected the 9 standard. I gave the printed copies to each students of the
class and gave instructions to them. The psychological test was based on the interest in
education areas and it include agriculture, commerce, fine arts, humanities, home
science and technology. After conducted the test points were added.
From this psychology test it can be say that the main interested area of 9
stance students are fine arts and home science. The least interested area is
technology and science. Commerce and history in the average area.

After conducting the test the point were added out of 30 students 16
students interested in fine art ,includes arts ,painting ,craft designing, music etc. The
main interested of 6 student in agriculture. It including framing, horticulture, irrigation
science, agricultral, botany etc. The main interested area of 13 students home
science. Home science including embroidery making, seeing, home decoration,
cooking etc. 2 students id class liked humanities as the main interested area. It
includes languages, sociology; literature etc. The main interested area of 2 students is
science. Science including anthropology science of health disease and bacteriology,
maths, zoology etc. Only 10 students liked technology as their main interested areas.
4 students liked commerce includes modern transport, shop management, insurance,
sale, purchase , business etc.


A psychological test is on objective and standardized measure of sample behavior.
From the psychology test, it can be say that the main interested area of 9 standard
students are fine arts and home science. The least interested area are technology and
commerce, science and humanities are average area.


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