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a tavern in the village of Longsaddle. you’ll see Ivy Mansion—a magnificent Harpell’s derelict magical concoctions . Read or paraphrase the following - . Tristan tells them to go to Questioning patrons at the Gambling Golem the bar and order an “Ivy Port” . one-shot adventure for a 3rd-4th level party. Your kind Tristan needs the party to clear out the rooms always like gold.Introduction The mug in your hand sneezes. His inheritance is profession! I am Tristan Harpell. with around 1. yes. After drinking the Ivy Port. Power: Silver Raven (DMG. a mouth - an entitled young mage and heir to a suite of “Ah. the party will be At some point during the afternoon.. have dealings with “regular folk. it’s full of nasty little annoyances that I simply do not have the time or energy to deal with. but occasionally teleports the drinker to Ivy Mansion. “Anyways. As you look down. let’s say 150 gold pieces for each of you? Oh. An Ivy Port eccentric but powerful wizards. have a sturdy payment for a crew such as The party will have many wild and bizarre yourselves. If the party accepts.and along the way they might even discover the structure. If you look out the window to the encounters while digging through Siegfried west. Well it just so happens that I so he can take possession of them.. you see that the rim of the mug is moving like The PC’s are approached by Tristan Harpell. Tristan instantly transported to Ivy Mansion - Harpell will contact the party with an enchanted mug of booze. when consumed. I know! I have recently inherited the astonishing truth behind his disappearance! old northeast wing of Ivy Manor after my great- uncle Siegfried. and a The adventure begins one afternoon at the pet bird.000 inhabitants. an enormous and sprawling structure on the west side of the Ivy Mansion village. Siegfried Harpell.and the will reveal that the Harpell’s are a dynasty of enchanted mug returns to normal. I don’t care. If you can clear out the nuisances The Gambling Golem that Uncle Siegfried left behind. distant and superior. and “Do you like gold? Of course you do. infamous residents . um… died. How do you “infested” with the wacky experiments of his do? No.” Gambling Golem. somehow. they will “Melody” that belonged to one of Tristan’s ex- quickly hear rumours about Longsaddle’s most girlfriends. the ancestral home of the Harpell wizard dynasty.. dead great-uncle. hmmm. They are is a special drink that.the Harpell family. don’t answer that. 170) named If the adventurers are new to town.” The entire family lives in Ivy Mansion. Longsaddle itself is small and The “pet bird” is a Figurine of Wondrous unremarkable. Greetings regular folk of the privateer rooms in Ivy Mansion. isolated.. spewing the Into Ivy Mansion is a Dungeons and Dragons contents all over the floor.

Before you are a set of ornate doors Siegfried Harpell isn’t dead! While many of his with circular handles. Best of luck to The mirrors aren’t magical. there’s a plump little every shape and size imaginable. his face a magical telescope that would not only allow exuding snootiness and condescension. The Harpell dynasty! Ignore my uncle down there .You find yourself in the hallway of an ancient Adventure Backstory manse. will assist the party in any way they ask it to. including combat. This is Clatter. was transported back to Ivy Mansion instead. I1. The him to view the moon. 19) patrols the Tristan’s visage has a more prominent smirk hallway. Siegfried was attacked by a the floor reads “SIEGFRIED HARPELL. eh?” enter almost any room from this T-shaped hall. but also visit it via teleportation. but it really desires to access the powerful magic it can detect in the rest of the in the ballroom. oblivious to Siegfried’s plight. least a hundred. . Years of research enabled him to build wall is the portrait of a younger man. though A suit of animated armor (MM. The oni Tristan’s portrait begins to speak. has pocket. welcome to Ivy Mansion. “Ah. the Harpell family you should now have a pair of keys in your matriarch. Just ask for it. If the party attacks it.has a map of the whole floor. the portrait stops speaking. The silver with Siegfried’s will. so Siegfried’s disappearance? Will Tristan obtain please lock it if you get the chance. A portrait of an older relatives turned their attention to the outer man with aristocratic clothes lies on the floor. mansion. cover the walls. Many mirrors. Siegfried tried teleporting himself back home but the magic went awry. at your proper recompense. planes. the caretaker. Clatter on it than before. The brass one opens the double doors passed the suite onto Tristan in accordance to the northeast wing in front of you. With that. Main Hall “I need you to go to each room and clear out This hallway has delicate molding along the anything irritating – do that and you’ll receive floor and a spotless carpet. ancient home of the leaving Siegfried stranded in the heavens. Siegfried’s fancy fell towards the as if discarded. Hanging in its place on the moon. Clatter keys in their pocket. nameplate beneath it reads “TRISTAN HARPELL” .the nameplate on the portrait on On his last trip. maid at the Gilded Horseshoe who I promised to share some Ivy Port with. one of After some badgering. oni has made itself at home in Siegfried’s one of the servants was supposed to hang him rooms. his longed-for inheritance? And will the dangerous oni escape into Ivy Mansion? Read “Clatter – that’s the name of our caretaker who on to learn more! I’ve just sent inside . The party can both parties.” vicious oni. it will One of the PC’s will find they have the two try and retreat but won’t fight back. I Will the party discover the truth behind hear there’s some nasty stuff down there. one is for the vault to the underground levels. “If my enchantments worked correctly. They are of “Now if you’ll excuse me.

Sigils and Semantica by Esvena accurate) recollection of how his uncle had laid Greatstaff things out. One of the digging out a picture of the moon and books. Planes Within Planes. have regarding the moon have several crude been bewitched by the oni! Any PC that sits or markings. but there is worth 250gp. hour or so perusing the book finds that pages The furniture. Anyone examining the empty shelf and making centered around a bearskin rug. give the players a The books cover a wide variety of topics. Read the following - stands near the furniture is attacked.  We Held the Wall by Grisef the Last The floor plan is correct. Underneath one of the chairs is writing in a different language is correcting Siegfried’s favorite cap. There is also 37gp in loose nothing “holy” about the text.although one shelf “Clatter. now covered in blotted ink. The sofa What would normally be sections pertaining to is a mimic (MM. Sitting Room  The Care and Feeding of Hydras by Volothamp Geddarm This room has two chairs and one sofa. but can nod or shake its head in response to simple questions. however. and rug. anyone busy for a lifetime . as if someone Treasure. Library Clatter actually knows the wing very well. I2. 220) and the potted plants in phases of the moon and the moon’s orbit are the corner are twig blights (MM. it will the room. crosshatch tapestry that reads “HOME SWEET HOME. It is made of ermine “errors” in the book. read celestial sees various haggard scrawls . and is The corrections are in celestial. please take us to the pantry”). The information on celestial bodies: mostly comets. He grew bored of that after about a  A Compendium of Mechanics by Katewan minute. In fact. and There are enough books in here to keep can lead the PCs to any room they request (e. details swapping it with a portrait of Ivy Mansion.doesn’t speak. A small reading desk The Map with a few open volumes sits in the middle of If the party ask Clatter for the map. even and additional insight for the party. party can find the original portrait behind one the sun. 32).” Reading Desk. Four potted a DC 15 Investigation check will deduce that plants rest in each corner. A painting of the all of the books relating to astronomical moon sits above the fireplace next to a research have been removed. and began marking the map up with Fastsprocket  Confessions of an Assassin by Anonymous his own plans for the wing.g. The books on the desk were overlooked by the oni. and provide both a boon The oni has used this room to relax. open its visor and remove it from its empty helmet. It is exquisite craftsmanship. is conspicuously empty. and has a platinum broach set with tiny sapphires. plants. but Tristan tried to  Wealth of the Realms by Arod Goldsmith label the rooms from his own (not very  Signs. and the moon. Anyone who can change between the sofa cushions. Anyone spending an of the chairs. When this happens. Some printout of the map titled “Siegfried’s Rooms” sample titles are – from the final page of this document. I3. the oni has taken these back to the vault for study.

HP 20) moon. a for the Harpell family. worktables. they make a lot of noise. most of Exploring the cabinets reveals 4 sets of tinker’s them in reference to the “Tempered Glass”.” or “THE NEW PLANE its chest. and a table for preparing food. The glowing light is a magical object that Mechanical constructs rest against the walls of gives off moonlight. planned to use the constructs to explore the Destroying the hovering light (AC 10. whimpering on the table.such as “HERESY. tools as well as schematics to build a set of which is apparently an artifact that Siegfried animated armor. will suddenly glow at full force (representing a full moon). down the others is now under the control of only babbling about “the man in the moon. It functions in the same this large room which is also full of tools and manner as a driftglobe (DMG. though it now serves the oni. a stove. magical light glimmers in the middle of the  2nd level: knock. Once the construct realizes that “intruders” (the party) are nearby. it will I6. Another book is a journal full of notes. master!” and the light in the center of the room cleaning them with an oil rag. It takes one round per This small kitchen has an oven. A cleaver is jammed 225) to represent them. but if he is One humanoid construct made of cogs and interrupted he will shout “Nobody disturbs the gears stands near seven deactivated ones. A scrawny. which come to life and attack. but it requires a DC 20 Dexterity RULES THE NIGHT. no older than eight. but state that the artifact SHARD. There are eight (including the active girl. A human chest.” the oni. There is also a chunk of rock has obtained and used to build his telescope. Through dark magic.  4th level: dimension door The man is a wererat (MM. shatter room. There accomplished by pushing a lever on their is also a wooden door to a pantry.” check to accomplish this. A low. 209) that Siegfried I4. At the same time.” It is worth 300gp. The PCs can deactivate a construct by resetting the lever on into the table near the child’s head. haggard man sits near the  3rd level: sending light. Wooden cabinets with labels such The wererat doesn’t notice the party unless as “BOLTS” and “IRON BARS” line the walls. 166). such as Clatter the swarm of rats (MM. entranced by it. 339) will emerge from the caretaker. mirror image. Greenhouse The third book is one of Siegfried’s spellbooks. . He had an ulterior motive – he also vegetation and viciously attack the party. contains magical powers and “makes a good dressing mirror. Kitchen activate the other constructs. is tied up and one) in total. This causes the wererat to Siegfried used this room to build constructs transform and attack. in a glass display case that reads “MOON His notes are erratic. This large room is covered in a variety of and has the following spells inscribed in it:  1st level: illusory script plants that have overgrown their pots.” I5. which is cabinets. Workshop kept as a servant. the construct wiping The wererat spills no information if captured. Use the duodrone stats (MM. causes the wererat to return to human form. construct to activate them.

The dresser has a gigantic mirror though there are no windows or openings for it attached to it. The old food has turned into a gas down the hole shows a slowly moving stream spore (MM. They are mislabeled! I9. and she is tied up with spider mirror has been removed (for use in the silk.” If the reflection is defeated. It is too narrow for the broad- shouldered oni to use. and empties it out near the rear of the grounds. and a This large room is covered in strands of spider wardrobe and dresser dominate the opposite web. Privy Treasure. It appears nobody has used this room in circle of arcane markings. (MM. but rather fits the pantry lock. vaulted door is cracked open in Perusing the wardrobe and dresser reveals several expensive. but it actually from expensive material. In one corner is a gigantic telescope. although eccentric. arose. sets of the corner of the room. I7. The Tempered Glass is worth 200gp There is a bronze key labeled “PANTRY” to the right buyer. Treasure. Any PC can see that the privy would The pantry is a mess of molded. 138) which explodes on the first which captures all of the mansion’s effluent PC to open the door. but the mirror still contains potent be from a phase spider. If she is questioned any further. twin. If questioned. Inside the cupboards are a set of This small room features a hole in the ground cook’s utensils and four potions of healing. which is covered with a bed to look through. An adamantine. uneaten food make an excellent escape route if the need that reeks of decay. from which a foul odor wafts. the Tempered . Bedroom I10.the 100gp. Tristan has mistakenly given the party the wrong key . A DC 15 Nature check reveals the silk to telescope). Pulling the bed sheet from the mirror reveals a cursed artifact. Next to the telescope is a sheet. and could be sold for locks the vault door instead. HP 25). covered with star charts and strange maps. she is an orphan from Longsaddle. evil magic. I8. and the walls are quite some time. she’ll mumble The only way to stop the mirror from spawning the child’s rhyme found in the oni section more reflections is to destroy it (AC 5. it goes back into the mirror and can be respawned again. which causes the reflection of that and that “the rat told me he was taking me to person to step out and fight. silver key doesn’t lock the vault. Pantry The wererat in the greenhouse uses the privy The pantry door is unlocked.The girl was recently snatched up by the oni’s Glass! A one-foot diameter section of the wererat crony. 239) of the Monster Manual. side. men’s clothes. the girl says that her name is Anyone who looks into the mirror triggers the Tathra. Use the thug see the bogeyman!” She then fainted and woke stats (MM. Peeking keyhole. Observatory A large bed sits against one wall. though it has a to slink in and out of Ivy Mansion. Siegfried’s clothing is made hanging next to the pantry door. power. 350) to represent the PC’s “evil up in the kitchen.

Inside the dome are rows of vegetables and even a few sprouting Siegfried will be shocked to find not “that fruit trees. The spider will use its meant to trick his great-nephew into swapping webbing and ethereal jaunt ability very places with him. using the arcane sanctum and conjuring magical fruit trees and markings. Scribbled in the moon above this damned Tristan!” but a group of adventurers. NORTHEAST WING OF IVY MANOR. as well as a tiny hut covered by a head as if dumbfounded.?” He stutters.’ I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR party member back into the observatory. but will instead cause the speaker to The webs belong to a phase spider (MM. wealth. BUT YOU someone else can swap with the person on the CAN ACCESS MY SHARE OF THE FAMILY moon before they expire. effectively. INHERITANCE. SINCERELY. Meanwhile. The message is a deception. Without Siegfried to maintain it. CIRCLE AND SPEAKING THE WORDS. 334). I HAVE Unless they have useful magic. translucent magical dome. but he has lunar research. they will begin RETIRED TO THE MOON TO ESCAPE THE to asphyxiate. which Siegfried desperately wishes to return home. ‘LUNAS he’ll hurry to the telescope and teleport the EXTAS.” beforehand by having Siegfried continually interrupt them when they try to explain the Siegfried has always disliked Tristan. It’s also where he would survived by casting Mordenkainen’s private teleport back and forth. anything it’s operator wants without requiring The words “Lunas Extas” will not conjure any line of sight. then scratches his of the moon. make the PCs panic a little bit HARPELL. The man shrieks. swap places with Siegfried on the moon. “Who did you say included him in his will at the request of a you are again?” and “How did you say you got favorite niece. The telescope is capped with a a vegetable garden. if swapped. will appear before the webs that will attack as soon as combat party: commences.This is where Siegfried conducted most of his Siegfried is trapped on the moon. An elder human clad in eccentric robes Anyone peering into the telescope finds an amusing sight: materializes in the arcane circle. 338) hidden in the Siegfried.. FORTUNE BY STANDING IN THE ARCANE Once Siegfried discovers what has happened. You look into the telescope and see the surface “How did. . There are also two Meeting Siegfried swarms of spiders (MM. BY moon. magically allows the telescope to “see” but only the telescope can do such a thing. exposing the moon-bound PC to the elements. which is the oni’s pet and followed him from Siegfried suspected that a simple call for help the moon. whoever swapped places with him out-of-the-ordinary bastion are the words - will find themselves in a little hovel on the “TO MY DEAREST NEPHEW TRISTAN. saying things like. SIEGFRIED However. The phase spider is phased into the would be ignored by Tristan (who doesn’t wish ethereal plane when the party enters. the NOW YOU HAVE INHERITED THE magical sanctuary will quickly disappear. so his message is will attack immediately. He is sipping tea and reading an old tome. and it to lose his inheritance). but situation. going after squishy spellcasters instead of bulky fighters. circular cutout of Tempered Glass. Clever PCs will realise that CARES OF THE MATERIAL WORLD..

The staircase leads to the lower levels. The oni is too saving throw or else be frightened for one dignified to run. to lock the vault door. If they use the correct he will ask about the oni. he retains his ownership of as “the place needs cleaning out since that the northeast wing. 239) lives. the party may try Once Siegfried has rescued the stranded PC. main doors are open. the vault deduce that it is in the lower levels. He will quickly key (the bronze one labeled “pantry”). He will then encourage the party to complete the mission that Tristan gave them If Siegfried is freed. “That’s the wrong key. on it!” He himself will go looking for his great- If the party doesn’t free Siegfried. just a moment!” and you hear footsteps on the  They can summon Siegfried from the moon staircase approaching from the inky black. Conclusion If Siegfried is present If the oni penetrates the mansion. inherits the northeast wing and pays them . Did you Erdan Nightwand. The oni will appear at the top of the stairs after five rounds. The cover is made of copper get them mixed up again?” plates set with tiny rubies. make a save at the beginning of each of its  They can hide somewhere in Siegfried’s turns to not be frightened. the keyhole spits the key out and Treasure. then the klaxons will sound and several powerful Harpell mage banishes it back to the moon Harpells will swiftly deal with it. It is worth 150gp. so the PCs should be able minute. The oni’s real desire is to access passes this save cannot be frightened by the the rest of the mansion. then Tristen nephew. He will also ensure the man in the moon got his grubby little hands party are paid as per the agreement. Vault run back to the pantry. Anyone who and lock the main doors behind them.  They can try and fight the oni. If Siegfried is not with them. warning If the oni squares off with Siegfried. It will take the average PC about a round to I11. A creature who fails this save can to outpace it. You could also ask the Locking the door asphyxiating PC to supply sound effects. (the silver key that Tristan gave them at the beginning). As you step through. at which will lock and trap the oni. which  They can flee back out into Ivy Mansion is where the oni (MM. If it believes the oni again for 24 hours. If they haven’t found point he will walk over and swing open the the correct key and try to use the wrong one vault door to location I11. with a” and so on. read the following - lock the vault door before the oni arrives. the A spiral staircase inside the vault leads down PCs have a few options – to an ominous darkness. it will most likely ignore the PCs and head straight there. in which a sinister voice rumbles out. and he will banish the oni (as described above). Siegfried! That called A New Unified Magical Theorem by one opens the pantry in the kitchen. “I will be up in case they will almost certainly be killed. The hears the voice must make a DC 13 Wisdom oni cannot pass these doors. If anyone touches the vaulted door (it requires If they don’t lock the door a DC 10 Strength check to either open it fully If Siegfried is not with them and they fail to or close it). and a creature that rooms. The book Siegfried was reading is says.

all other Wizards of the Coast product names. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast. Forgotten Realms. Monster Manual. the party will have a 100gp “service fee” taken out of their final payment. he falls victim to Siegfried’s ploy and becomes trapped on the moon himself. Black. Dungeon Master’s Guide. Wizards of the Coast. If the oni did happen to escape into the rest of the mansion. As it happens.T. “Never argue with a Harpell. not long after he inherits the suite. and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast in the USA and other countries.(assuming they completed the mission). the dragon ampersand. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. D&D. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. . All characters and their distinctive likenesses are property of Wizards of the Coast. Player’s Handbook. Complaining about this deduction would be a bad idea… as they say in Longsaddle.” Credits & Legals Design: Remley Farr & M. D&D Adventurers League.

1 square = 5’ .

Tristans Siegfried’S roomS Guest room? (do I need one?) Billiard Room? Observatory (demolish?) Kitchen Bedroom Library Sub-let? Swimming Pool? .

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