assume all NPCs have the stats of a Shadows on the Long Road is an adventure commoner. as Detailed descriptions for these creatures can the road has disappeared and the ground has be found in the Monster Manual. It will present a less It’s been some time since your last adventure - difficult. but then the  Ghoul weather changed. nor every possible reaction accounted for. it is recommended that you also the Long Road. you. A cold gusty wind has come  Hell Hound up along with a thick. This adventure is designed to be run with You joined a grain caravan heading north to minimal preparation. on the hundred-mile stretch purchase the Player’s Handbook and the between there and Longsaddle. Unless stated otherwise. it can be moved to any other setting with a small Caravan Duty amount of work. It Rules. you can find basic stats in the wet and cold. but they have text. which are available for free download. off in the distance! A warm light! Not every loose end is tied up in the following The party do not yet realize it. of people now. In the following sections. It seems to have  Ogre gotten dark early too. you have no idea where you are. and you can only see about five feet in front of The statistics for new monsters may be found at the end of this document. the boxed text should Introduction be read aloud to the players. D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules and SRD online. This adventure assumes you have access to the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Basic But then you heard a rumor in Triboar. The journey started well. Although it is set on the Long Road.  Shadow Someone – you can’t remember who -  Thug suggested you push on. been lured onto a small demi-plane by a subtle Be ready to improvise. there. session. all gone without a trace. and understood the miserable night squatting in the swamp – Warlock class. If you don’t turned into a smelly. intended to be played in a single session. You are own the MM. and do so with charm. Before running the investigate. challenge to 4th trouble and treasure have both been level characters. It would also be helpful if you were familiar Just as you have resigned yourself to a with the grappling rules. shallow marsh. though still enjoyable. unusually scarce. It was a bad idea. you should skim through the contents of this document and also ensure you are with nothing to show for it but sore feet. If . seems that people have been disappearing on However. The combat sessions have Read the following aloud – been designed to present a tough challenge to four 3rd level characters. The trip to Longsaddle was quiet. familiar with the following creatures – Now your party is heading back south on your  Animated Armor own. The demi-plane is only a few miles confidence! across and turns back on itself at the ends. wet fog. A large number Dungeon Master’s Guide.

armor and weapons. and then the ghoul number of the facing windows are cracked and will leap at them from the mist. read the after their weary journey. appears to be unlocked. It is large but not A number of ghouls roam the swamp. He will introduce himself as Grundy. hound. They will hear splashing brickwork is fractured and ancient. mounted sudden growl and are attacked by a hell trophies. His master. they will encounter one every hour or so. broken only by clumps of rock and twisted. The manor house is shrouded in mist and is difficult to make out fully. following – Grundy will usher them through the Great Hall into the Dining Room at location #1. and has an upper story. read this - is thick mist everywhere. If they examine the body of the .the party walk away from the light. There If they approach the house. They are greeted by a gnome dressed in fine but rather old fashioned clothes. Some distance beyond though it is also rather dirty. A short gravel path leads through the viciously. wooden door. There is a read the following – wrought iron gate in the wall with a cheerless lantern hanging from the frame. the remaining walls are decorated with When the party get to within 75’. the steward of Saltmarsh Manor. attacking broken. Lord Gideon Saltmarsh. The gate This large hall is impressively decorated. dying trees. If You come to a wall of dilapidated stone. swampy ground up to a heavy. Paneled walls you can see an old manor house. The demi-plane is always dark. smelly marsh. they wish to stop and examine the Great Hall. If the enormous. covered with decaying thorn. The gray party wander around. number of lofty recessed windows. invites them to share a hot dinner If the party approach the light. hour or two. vaulted ceiling with a yellow light flickering in the windows. and then the door opens inward with a creak. while The house is about 150’ away from the gate. portraits of varying sizes. A great hearth dominates one end of the room. they hear the scrape of a lock and key. and a sounds for a few moments. they will creature after they dispatch it. with dull rise to meet a tall. and the Guests for Dinner ground is a cold. they hear a tapestries. As the party approach. they will notice find themselves approaching it again after an it is wearing a collar. thinning a little near the light.

This chapter assumes that the players follow However. all is not as it seems. Grundy . who also died  he spends his days reading and attending to the estate The meal includes such delights as cod liver  he receives a number of visitors. very slender. salt water fish. guests polite questions about their home. The center of the room is dominated by a long dining table. with a bald head and a gray beard. travelers whom he is happy to help eel puree. go to Intelligence (Arcana) check will enable a the chapter titled “Saltmarsh Manor” below. carved in a most elaborate and magnificent fashion. might also have snuck in through the back A DC 25 Intelligence (Investigation) or door at location #16. illusion conjured by Gideon. character to see through the illusion. made of dark polished wood and set with gleaming While they are eating. but his wife died skinned human. The interior walls are plastered with a light stucco. They the banquet they imagine. their family and their vocation. closely and beautifully woven. he takes them into the Dining Room – This room speaks of comfort and opulence. and a row of If questioned about himself. a daughter. he will share this blazing candelabra suspended from the ceiling. information – A rich feast is laid out. Atop the clean flagstones lies a richly decorated rug. Gideon will ask his silverware.  his family has owned the house and estate Sitting at the head of the table is Lord Gideon for many generations  he lives here with a number of servants Saltmarsh. The party are and later head up to the Guest Chambers. He does not seem The room is well lit by a roaring fire in the especially interested in the responses. The feast is an Grundy to the Dining Room to meet Gideon. but not and explore the manor on their own. food gets cold. It It is possible the players will ditch Grundy is perfectly harmless and quite filling. actually eating oatcakes and drinking water. and treat the adventure as a normal dungeon crawl. bacon broth and roast beef. If the party follow Grundy. He is a pale  he was married long ago. hearth at the northern end. Assume that Gideon returns to his study at location #14. and Grundy returns to his room at location #10. is standing by to top up the character’s cups Off Script with fine wine and ale. He will welcome the party and insist they begin eating before the giving birth to their first child. If this happens. mostly lost pastries. beef marrow fritters. master of the house.

burns in the hearth at one end of the room. if he is still alive. Grundy will show them to their rooms at location #2 – After dinner. In reality. he will dodge while screaming for help. Use the grappling rules to conduct the match. At that point Gideon. below. go to “Visitors in the Night”.If asked about the hell hound in his yard. The thugs are not especially quiet. Gideon’s dark patron. with two beds opposite and a small table who is actually a 6½ foot tall minor flesh between them. favoring scorching ray and eldritch blast. Grundy appearance . Attacking Gideon The party may choose to attack Gideon in the Dining Room. A fire suggests they “try a fall or two”. and will stake up to 50gp per match. so if the party have a set a . Manor”. go to “Saltmarsh the foot of the dining table. Two rounds after that. promising to fetch them accident”. A basin of steaming water and a pair of towels Gideon will ask the party to ignore his sit atop the small table in each room. Gideon will summon Magnus. As per tradition. and suggest that it is time they all retired. Gideon will compliment one of the PCs on their physique and ask if they The chamber is small. Grundy will return (carrying a candle) with the four thugs from location #7. he will appear after two rounds and charge into battle. the four thugs from location #7 will join the battle. they are grappled for a full round without escaping. If they decide to stay in their rooms. Gideon will propose further matches. he will note that there are “wild dogs” roaming the Gideon will thank the party for their company. Gideon’s statistics may be found in the About 3 hours after leaving the characters. swamp. He has a manservant named well furnished. If the PC agrees. Magnus who is an excellent wrestler. golem (see “Monster Stats”). Magnus does not talk. and he matching the polished floorboards. The walls are paneled with oak. and his face is a horrible mess of scars. will go on the offensive. the wrestlers should strip down to loincloths. chapter titled “Monster Stats”. Gideon will also suggest they gamble. though comfortable and enjoy wrestling. If so. If everyone enjoys the match. Magnus was a gift from for breakfast.“the result of a terrible childhood then bows and leaves. The match is over when one of the contestants is pinned – that is. If Magnus is not already in the room. The players may choose to explore the The wrestling match takes place on a rug at mansion at this time – if so.

while the upper story has a wooden the stairs. except for the Great Hall and Chapel. The house is always quite dark and shadowy because there is no daytime in the demi-plane. closely and sneak in via the back door. made of dark polished wood and set with gleaming silverware. floor. Dining Room At some point the players will explore (and This room speaks of comfort and opulence. and taken to the Pen (location a long rest. If they interrogate him. The squares are 5’. The creatures in the manor will stay in their If the party defeat the thugs and they may be own rooms. the thugs will draw their weapons also numerous candles in standing holders. however. The ceilings of the manor are 10’ tall. If this plan fails and the characters arm There are. and a normal melee will ensue. and location #10. some are unable to move. The thugs will attempt to grapple the in the room descriptions). you may even permit them to take stripped they will hear the sound of heavy feet on flagstones. the party will be knocked out. At your them in battle. others will be preparing their position for an assault. Grundy will then bind the restrained PCs hands (it takes one round per character for him to do this). dominated by a long dining table. The center of the room is of this document. back to his room at location #10. and then relights them when he unconscious rather than kill them. which are 15’. The ground floor and basement are paved with . Saltmarsh Manor 1. however. The fires will burn combat starts. Atop the clean flagstones happen at other points (if the party were to lies a richly decorated rug. but this has been covered with paneling or plaster The plan is crude. #7 out to look for the party. The interior walls are made of brick. fires in most rooms and themselves. Once awakes about 6 hours later. even if they hear a commotion able to catch Grundy. Grundy will attempt to flee down 3-4 hours after Grundy retires. In combat. This will most likely happen The interior walls are plastered with a light after the party deal with the thugs who attack stucco. This means that the party can easily take a If the thugs manage to bind the PCs or defeat short rest when they need to. the Grundy extinguishes the candles after he goes thugs will choose to knock the PCs to bed. If you feel they are resting too #18). characters while they sleep. clear) the manor. from other parts of the house. discretion. but has been effective in the in many of the rooms (this will be mentioned past. Some are too refer to the section called “Grundy’s Tale” in timid to move. Their equipment and treasure will be much. one thug per person. Maps for the manor can be round on the final page beautifully woven. send the thugs from location stored in the Cellar (location #17). carved in a most elaborate and them in the Guest Chambers. for example). but could also magnificent fashion.

however. party. vaulted ceiling with a shadows. all boarded shut – the atmosphere is dark and with two beds opposite and a small table oppressive.There is no-one left in this room after dinner . around. There is nothing of value in these room. and a closed. while Treasure. and there is a clasp with a small lock on it. It is of a young and graceful looking woman in a wedding gown. can easily be levered out and is worth 100gp. with all of the have grisly and macabre themes. Guest Chambers The three guest chambers are all identical. no candles. black book. atop which sits a wooden altar well furnished. A row of hard benches leads up The chamber is small. The book is the only item of interest in this Treasure. the cover will fly open and three shadows will emerge and attack the This large hall is impressively decorated. mounted embedded into the altar. A fire in the room. The ornaments on the wall could be Treasure. Beneath the book they will find an the remaining walls are decorated with eldritch symbol made of platinum and tapestries. between them. Lynessa. but trophies. Great Hall touches the book. Her expression is sorrowful. portraits of varying sizes. The silverware (which is promptly of interest to someone decorating a large cleaned and reset after dinner) is worth house. Unpolished bricks line the walls of this long and tall room. but would be very bulky to transport. A great now all blank. 4. they will rooms. and the windows are burns in the hearth at one end of the room. though it is also rather dirty. they will notice that many it is a much darker room then. Treasure. One picture in particular captures your attention. It is not magical. though comfortable and to a raised dais. Paneled walls If they examine the book after defeating the rise to meet a tall. hearth dominates one end of the room. wearing a golden necklace. Together they would fetch perhaps 100gp. There is no fireplace matching the polished floorboards. If the characters examine some of the . The walls are paneled with oak. It is too bulky for the PCs to carry 100gp. candles extinguished and the fire burning low. They will immediately attack the party unless they are accompanied by Grundy or Gideon. The woman in the picture was Gideon’s wife. smaller pictures. they will notice that the pages are number of lofty recessed windows. see that the cover is made of vellum. If anyone 3. Two animated armor suits stand near the door on the long wall. armor and weapons. Chapel 2. If the characters look closer.

more prisoners in recent months. They Piled at one end are numerous bags of grain were lured here by Grundy many months ago alongside several unopened barrels. and never leaves unless summoned by Gideon. large oven occupies one corner. Another corner has several open water barrels. they will . and if they have heard beneath the covers. Guard Room know why. leading trapped – afraid to wander the mists because of the hell hound and the ghouls. Their main job is to help capture lost The bags of grain contain only oats (Gideon is travelers. They don’t 7. down.5. Two long benches cross the middle of the room. contain beer. Most of the barrels contain water basement. and number of scattered weapons. After dinner they will return to their room. Spare Room beds. Magnus the minor flesh golem is here. They will fight with half cover against anyone who attacks This good sized room is clearly a kitchen. but imagine it is unpleasant. other. 2-3 human and gnome servants from location #9 will also be here. preparing the food (oat cakes and porridge). Pantry The Thugs Tale Empty wooden shelves line this small room. The stairs lead down to the They have noted that they are taking many basement level. and a This room is covered in dust and cobwebs. If the party enter the kitchen without Grundy or Gideon. 6. During dinner. Magnus will attack. It is bare except for a modest Four half-orc thugs reside here. They don’t know what happens (drawn from an outside well). Treasure. who are taken to a prison in the an ascetic). There is a still figure not already been killed. A across the barricade. though a few after that. Against with promises of generous pay. reeks terribly. Captured thugs will share the following. a crude wooden bench and table. If they have bed in the corner. There is nothing of value in the kitchen. while two Treasure. If the PCs defeat the thugs and cauldrons sit over an open fireplace in the search their bodies. Kitchen have created a simple barricade for themselves out of their table and bench. fighting in other parts of the manor. alongside a large bag of grain. they will find 120sp. Now they are the far wall is a set of wooden stairs. This sparse room consists of several humble 8.

They are responsible for cooking and cleaning. Stewards Room throw off the covers and attack when they get This spacious room is lightly plastered and close. not a fighter. If fighting Grundy’s Tale has broken out in the manor. . worth 30gp. and will surrender immediately if threatened. decorated with a bright and simple fresco. Servant Rooms He is an old gnome. and simply calls her “the Offspring” The Servants Tale  The Offspring lives in the basement The servants were lured here with promises of generous pay.  Gideon never named his daughter. The chain is just 5’ ghost haunts the manor. one side. the servants will If questioned. Gideon uses his power to but they don’t know what. he is utterly free and a clean stone floor.  Once a month. Several small beds line of normal moral convictions. They know that Gideon does mist back to the real world something evil with the travelers who stay. and there is a small table and basin though. A Treasure. was born with hideous deformities Treasure. but doesn’t put them in immediate danger. Both rooms are virtually identical. long so it’s possible to stay out of the creature’s reach by sliding along the far wall. and that her to torment the servants. Grundy will tell the following –  He has served the Saltmarsh family for over be huddling together in the far room. This room belongs to Grundy Amberkettle. rich vermillion rug covers the cold flagstones. They will be very frightened of the  Gideon Saltmarsh has mystic powers PCs. 9. A four posted bed lies at one end of the room. He is a good liar. If anyone approaches the bed. Beneath the bed is a silver bracelet. After so This tidy room has whitewashed brick walls many years serving Gideon. and a fire roars in the hearth. and will co-operate in any way that  Gideon’s daughter did not die at birth. and near it sits a tidy wooden writing desk. They have been part the mist. and it is where he is most likely to be found if he is not serving the party dinner or leading the thugs to subdue them (see “Guests for Dinner”). sitting opposite them. There are six servants in total – four gnomes and two 60 years humans. the Steward of the manor. and Grundy goes to a local strictly forbidden from going down into the town (Triboar) for supplies basement. the ghoul will 10.The thugs somehow managed to capture a It is rumored amongst the servants that ghoul and have chained it to the wall in order Gideon’s wife died by suicide. and will pretend to be serving Gideon under compulsion. There is nothing of value here. and then found themselves  Grundy does not know how to escape the trapped.

He  Ecclesiastical History of the Heartlands pretty much knows every room in the house  The Letters of Thoradin and Riardon  Collected Essays of Lynessa and the perils they present. and a number of plush chairs necklace about the neck. it will feel as if they are poking thin air. Lynessa Saltmarsh. with no sign of the bottom. Near the door where This wretched spirit is all that remains of you entered are three good sized bookshelves. committed suicide soon after the birth of her daughter. This door is locked. Floating in the middle of the room is a young lady. Grundy keeps his private purse. they will see it disappear. they will feel as if they are falling endlessly  The Calimport Tales into a black hole (in fact. philosophy. with a rich gold across the room. A DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) assuming the characters can transport it there check will uncover a small alcove where safely. Treasure. This long room is paneled with wood that has been painted dark green. they will simply be . Following are some typical titles – The illusion is very convincing. reading from his extensive library of over actually an illusion. The book collection would be worth perhaps 150gp to a collector in a large city – Treasure. The books cover misery. She crammed with books. If the PCs drop  Canticles of the Blessed Tabitha something in the pit.Grundy knows more than he is letting on. She is slightly 11. however. A beautiful wedding gown sits on a wooden mantel. dressed in rags. and her spirit has been bound to the This is where Gideon spends a great deal of his house ever since. It contains 250gp. The pit beneath her is time. are scattered all around. and you stare into a black pit. as he hopes one of these dangers will take care of the party. The lock may be picked with thieves’ tools and a DC 10 Dexterity check. and has her face uplifted and her eyes closed as she quietly whispers to herself. A keyring on Grundy’s belt has keys to 12.  The Book of the Civilized Man If they stick a pole into the pit. You open the door and stop suddenly – the floor of this spacious chamber is completely missing. theology and folklore. There is a large You see a thin ledge on the far side of the hearth on one wall with an ornately carved chamber. and is a projection of her five hundred volumes. Library translucent. Grundy and Gideon have keys to this room. If a PC falls into the  Epic Poetry of the Northmen pit. the wife of Gideon. Lady’s Chamber every lockable door in the manor. A long patterned rug stretches wickerwork mannequin the. He will not share this information. history. The door is flimsy and may be beaten down with a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check.

an illusion. The door may be beaten down with a presence. and must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution 14. and especially if there has been combat in the house. The walls are covered Once the entire party has entered the study. with a beautiful. and hung he will attempt to quietly slip back into his over by a number of portraits and landscape bedroom. a plush chair and a If the party has been extremely quiet. Intelligence (Arcana) check will allow a with a writing table and chair at the far end. Grundy thieves’ tools disarms the trap. He keeps The bookcase contains Gideon’s occult library the fire well stoked as it also warms his study. This is where Gideon will be found at any time with a bed. This is Gideon’s sleeping chamber. There is nothing of value in this abilities. A stone hearth lies in the wall that he risks destroying many valuable items – opposite you with a roaring fire. The room is spirit of Lynessa. textured paper. Gideon also Treasure. A DC 25 Intelligence (Investigation) or The room is large but only sparsely furnished. they dressing table. The dressing table has a number of has a small Book of Shadows which he keeps rings and a silver necklace. document. cupboard and writing table. This door is locked. Unsuccessfully has a key. may be able to surprise him at his writing desk. after dinner. it will disappear along with lit only by a dim lantern on the desk. He knows paintings. and a decorated crimson rug covers the floor. Study saving throw or be poisoned for 1 hour. 13. A DC 15 Dexterity check using DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check. The total value is in his belt-pouch. You also but he also knows the situation is desperate. and the Fourth Book of Ossander. The dress is also The walls of this room are paneled with cedar. of about a dozen volumes. For a full description of his Treasure.lying on the chamber floor). commodious chamber. as does Gideon. see “Monster Stats” at the end of this room. the Principia Discordia fine but now old and worthless. most of it once Signature of Reality. he will be using One with Shadows to A large canopy bed sits in the middle of this hide invisibly in the corner behind the door. the illusion of the black hole and dress. The in supernal. and a chest on the other. Whoever opens the chest takes 1 piercing damage and 2d10 poison damage. What remains is a dark and dusty Ladies Chamber. The lock may be picked A DC 20 Intelligence (Investigation) check with thieves’ tools and a DC 15 Dexterity allows a character to deduce the trap’s check. . notice a pair of cupboards. then fireball the study. 150gp. Titles include things such as The wardrobes are full of clothing. There is a poison needle trap on the chest latch. Several are written but otherwise he spends little time here. character to pierce through the illusion. attempting to pick the lock triggers the trap. If flanked by a small glass-doored bookcase on anyone physically makes contact with the one side. Lord’s Chamber If Gideon has heard any noise at all.

all stripped naked. The Cellar door is locked Master. The Pen The floor of this long room is covered in deep mud and shallow pools of water. If the with a DC 25 Strength (Athletics) check. If Gideon fireballs the study. scrap iron what has survived and what has been and more beside. Cellar engraved pewter. however. The floor has now turned destroyed. a potion of flying and a potion of markers sticking up from the marsh. and beyond those bars is the most pitiful sight imaginable. weapons. are crammed into cupboards in this room containing linen. The occult books might fetch 200gp Dexterity check. 18. It is too strong to break from a collector in Waterdeep. (Grundy and Gideon have keys) but can be You hold my heart in your hand. It may also be broken down yours. picked with thieves’ tools and a DC 20 now as always. The engraved words are in As the players enter the basement level. The the pen. worth 90gp. Tiny mangrove shoots push up along the walls.Treasure. filth. Read the following – Your humble servant. This compact room is full of goods – clothing. speed. Linen Room room. Gideon has a full set of keys. some are calling out 16. swampy odor. though it can be picked with thieves’ tools and a DC 20 . you must decide armour. A DC 25 Wisdom (Perception) check will. and others merely rock back and forth in silent anguish. please heal her or give me the strength to destroy her. planks of wood. The characters will also find a thin square of 17. Back Door in terror. A row of iron bars cordons off one side of the 15. Some are moaning. please take her to you. Gideon. they supernal. A great mass of There are a number of free-standing people. Treasure. wallowing in the mud and their own stairs lead to the upper level. and say the following – notice that the floor is very muddy and emits a nasty. The back door is locked. positively swamp-like. A few – 2000gp and 300pp. some open the chest. He also has 3 potions feet beyond that is a collection of crude grave of healing. If the party down. Outside the back door is a well. If the child be Dexterity check. The rising damp has rendered most of the goods useless. please forgive my iniquity. child be mine. they will find Gideon’s treasure old wagons and a stable with two horses. and your boots sink down a couple of inches with every step. uncover a small gold necklace that someone overlooked.

of course. rags and an enormous leather apron. they will easily find the barehanded. dwarves. though keep a gold necklace hidden. a great many of There is an ogre in this room. The coherent ones tell the same story – they 19. then rush to attack them Guest Chambers (location #2). If the Party Are Captive He will stare at the party in astonishment It’s possible the party were captured in the when they enter. or charge past him ogre’s stash. will give it to the PCs in gratitude if freed. He also has a Wand of Secrets which he found in the key from the Butcher’s belt possession of a prisoner long ago (and which  Someone may be able to pick the lock with somehow escaped Gideon’s notice). dressed in old them will rush back toward the cellar stairs. The sound of heavy it. He has no a hairpin that one of the prisoners still has. which does 2d8+4 awake in this room. they could try and overpower him clothes in the corner. and a character could work them out of their frame with a DC 15 Strength check Any remotely plausible escape plan should work. and then were Blood splatters cover the wet. The PCs equipment is in the Cellar (location #17). He is The Butcher will hear the noise and will come known only as “the Butcher”. enormous butcher’s cleavers are embedded in selects an unlucky prisoner and drags them back to his room. worth 75gp. He has a key to the Pen in prisoners. If so. She there are also a number of elves. If the party search the nest of prisoner. idea how to use the wand. 150gp and 4  They could use sleight of hand to pick the emeralds worth 200gp total. and A DC 20 Dexterity check would be required treats it simply as a “pretty stick”. and his job is to in to investigate from location #19. escape –  When the Butcher comes in to select a Treasure. alongside several wooden barrels. an ogre (known only as “the wooden table – it is very bloody and several Butcher”) comes into from the next room. A truly gruesome sight greets you in this room. The majority are human. In the middle of the room is a massive Every day or so. chopping and screaming follows. naked like the rest of the slicing damage. They have several options for location #18 tied to his belt. He has 500sp.There are nearly 70 prisoners crammed into Treasure. they with his enormous cleaver. If the party free the captives. . slice up the prisoners and feed them to the Offspring in location #21. Butchery got lost on the Long Road in a strange mist. gnomes and half-orcs. and are on the brink of madness. Some have been there for months. A crude nest of clothes lies in a corner. slick walls while overpowered in the night and dragged into the nauseating piles of gore float on the swampy Pen. sought shelter in the manor. floor.  A couple of the bars near the edge of the pen are loose. One of the prisoners has managed to this space. then silence.

With its leathery skin. and a cluster of mangrove-covered walls. A cruel wind suddenly picks up. to your astonishment you glimpse open air. A dozen paces more and the twisted mangroves begin to thin. The horror beyond anything you have seen in your smell is utterly stomach-churning. Clouds of The door is barred from the outside. is a pale figure. Details of the Offspring can be found in the Monster Stats chapter at the end of this document. A Minauros. adventuring career. vast winged atrocities wheeling above the horizon. and loathsome. You should severed leg dangles from its mouth and blood probably try to discourage them from dribbles down its chest. forehead. The mire before you is littered with foul carrion. the muddy water grows deeper and deeper. endless and vile. Seated at one end of this In the distance you can see harsh metal cell. a smattering of acidic rain burns your flesh.20. As Gideon has long suspected. It The PCs have discovered a gateway to looks up expectantly as the door opens. stretches before you. “And they were never heard momentarily confused. it is actually the progeny of his infernal patron. green-yellow gas drift lazily across the surface.” and lurches clumsily toward you. squatting on the swampy floor amidst the towers rising from the mire. one of the levels of Hell. until it is indistinguishable from marshland. clawed hands and fanged maw. it’s parentage seems more infernal than human. Infernal Gateway As you trudge down the corridor. Yet instead of revealing stone. and is broken only by piles 21. A vast swamp. The creature looks exploring. blinking in the light. and it’s no longer possible to catch a glimpse of the underlying stone. beneath a nauseating sky of churning ochre clouds. then roars in anger from again. ridged The vista feels alien. quietly shut your rulebook and say. who molested Gideon’s bride on their wedding night in revenge for some slight. Nursery of rotting soil and warped vegetation. and a you are greeted by the stuff of nightmares. The mangroves cluster thicker and thicker against the walls and even the ceiling. This is the Offspring. . powerful and malevolent. A few more steps and you emerge into the open. If they insist. As the door opens and you peer into the room.

he can use his action and shivering in the morning sun.The demi-plane the manor sits in was a gift Monster Stats from Gideon’s patron. they will find that Saltmarsh Manor Agonizing Blast. frightened dim light or darkness. When he is in an area of seventy former prisoners. and will no doubt come up with a plan… Spellcasting. vampiric touch . Wis +3 Gideon are dead. Assuming the party escaped from the basement. Once both have died. If they stay below ground. He has two 3rd level spell slots. of course. and will already been applied in the stat block below. they will not have time to search before the cave-in. blast. 8 (-1) 15 (+2) 14 (+2) 13 (+1) 10 (0) 18 (+4) they will find roughly 50gp worth of gold dentures. His spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 15. be buried alive and quickly suffocate. spare the dying. the manor will return to the natural world. he adds his Charisma modifier to the morning and the mist has lifted. When he reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points. but the Medium humanoid. When he casts eldritch has returned to the natural world. discover they are about 30 miles north of Eyes of the Rune Keeper. Note: This has little difficulty locating the Long Road. writing. scorching ray 3rd level: fireball. It is mid. poison spray. all naked. hex 2nd level: blindness. if both the Offspring and Saving Throws Cha +7. fire bolt. shillelagh. Gideon is a 5th‐level Warlock. Challenge 3 (700 XP) Conclusion Dark One’s Blessing. The party will Armour Class 14 have about a minute to return to the ground floor while the basement shakes and Hit Points 38 crumbles. Of course. and knows the following spells: Cantrips (at will): eldritch blast. thaumaturgy 1st level: hellish rebuke. they will Speed 30 ft. He can read all Triboar. and only exists so long as both Gideon and his legal heir (the Offspring) are alive. There is the problem. But the to become invisible until he moves or takes characters have proven themselves an action or reaction. They will have damage it deals on a hit. of about One with Shadows. Treasure. +7 to hit with spell attacks). resourceful. chaotic evil basement below will collapse. If the party spend ten or so minutes STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA digging through the Offspring’s excrement. he gains 9 temporary hit points.

two attacks. all other Wizards of the are magical. Monster turn. range 120 ft. Damage Resistance bludgeoning. paralyzed. and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast Actions in the USA and other countries. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. poison. Coast product names. one target. This material is 5 ft. poisoned Offspring. Ashton Smith. Dungeon Master’s Guide. Ranged Spell Attack: +7 to Speed 15 ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 17 (+3) 9 (-1) 15 (+2) 6 (-2) 10 (+0) 5 (-3) Medium construct.. neutral Damage Resistance fire. reach and their distinctive likenesses are property of Wizards of the Coast. Hit: 14 (2d10 + 3) slashing Damage Immunities lightning. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the Large fiend. Hit: 1d10 + 4 force damage. chaotic evil express written permission of Wizards of the Coast. hit. Forgotten Realms. a short story written by Clark Senses darkvision 60 ft.. United States of America. Player’s Handbook. it has disadvantage on attack rolls the Coast. exhaustion. Armour Class 13 . If the golem takes fire DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. petrified.Actions Hit Points 90 Eldritch blast. D&D. This adventure was inspired by The Nameless frightened.T. bludgeoning from nonmagical attacks that aren’t silvered Armour Class 9 Languages understands Common but can’t Hit Points 66 speak Speed 30 ft. one target. slashing and piercing from non-magical attacks Inspiration Condition Immunities charmed. The golem’s weapon attacks Adventurers League. reach 5 ft. the dragon and ability checks until the end of its next ampersand. Manual. Challenge 3 (700 XP) STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Actions 17 (+3) 9 (-1) 15 (+2) 6 (-2) 10 (+0) 5 (-3) Claws. one or two targets. Hit: 12 (2d8 + 3) bludgeoning protected under the copyright laws of the damage. Wizards of damage. Black Aversion to Fire. All characters Slam. Credits & Legals Languages understands the languages of its creator but can’t speak Challenge 3 (700 XP) Design: M. poison damage. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. D&D Magic Weapons..