The craftsmanship is unlike anything I have Lady Septima Harpell seen before. but one which seems very fair compensation. especially themselves at The Gambling Golem. it is old – so old that my heart freezes within my breast if I dare If the PCs are not on their way to Ivy Manor by think about it for long. especially at such short notice. 3:45pm. for a pleasant afternoon . Its flight is slow and jerky. during my survey. She says - enjoyable. After that she will disappear in a puff of smoke. If the PCs are still not at Ivy Manor by 4:30pm. though still gaze. Furthermore. Please be punctual. leaning over as if it were about to fall. that I saw it – an enormous tower of Ivy Manor today at 4pm. they will be Introduction led through numerous sprawling passages and halls into a small sitting room. tower. I found small pair of golden wings comes fluttering through the door. and return to me with your report. Assuming the PCs go to Ivy Manor. something extraordinary. will be provided. She is a mature-looking woman with a probing They will present a less difficult. I will pay Lady Septima Harpell (an archmage) will you one thousand gold pieces for your service. Friends. You may not be aware. With the aid of a magical scope. Unless stated otherwise. will get to business immediately (please help A Compelling Offer yourself to the refreshments). must mind one’s reputation” and then turn When will you start? them all into rabbits. A compact Expedition to the Lost Peaks is a Dungeons & table in the corner has several goblets of wine Dragons adventure designed to be completed and some tasty finger-food. enjoying proponent of the natural sciences. say. geography. The combat A few minutes later. It says – It was there. but it eventually finds its way to the PCs table. Drinks and canapés iron. tough challenge to four 5th level characters. appear before them. another flying message will deliver itself to them. written with beautiful High Forest. This time the word “request” will This is my mission for you – travel to the be replaced with “require”. within the borders of the colored note inside. Suddenly a golden-colored envelope with a Yesterday. thank you very much for agreeing to assume any NPCs have the stats of a meet with me. in a forgotten valley between the We request the honor of your presence at the Peaks. investigate it as thoroughly as you can. . in about 6-8 hours of play. I commoner. They lie at the head of If the PCs open the letter. “Apologies. called the Lost Peaks. calligraphy. challenge to 6th-7th level characters or larger parties. but I am a great Our heroes are in Longsaddle. Good ale. they find a gold the Dessarin River. and the village are a pair of little known mountains envelope drops to the table with a heavy thud. Septima Harpell will encounters have been calculated to present a slowly fade into view. I tall tales and a little bit of gambling all make am making an exhaustive study of the North. map of this region ever devised. sitting in an empty chair. Many miles to the east and south of this The wings fold away abruptly.and no-one is and creating the most detailed topographical thinking very much about adventuring.

Lady captain. thoroughly explained to him the location of the The party may encounter a territorial water tower. and is rather in awe of the PCs. Agreement for Dungeon Masters Guild. Somewhere on the times. Biruk says very little during this entire From Longsaddle to Triboar is a journey of journey. a half-orc At Yartar. the party will join a caravan she knows about the tower. and are very eager to know travel montage. . some or all of the encounters suggested below. Biruk will charter a small boat to scout named Biruk Nightbolt. Used with permission. Septima will do her best to answer any questions they have. which will take 5 days.If the PCs are extremely polite. elemental in the river. He is very take the party up the Dessarin River to the familiar with the region. The Journey From the edge of the High Forest to the foothills of the Lost Peaks will take 3 days of It will take the party many days to travel from travel. They to simply skip over this and describe it as a are hunting orcs. who will demand their valuables. but she has told them all In Triboar. a gang of 8 hobgoblins and a hobgoblin able to negotiate the fee upwards a little. and will make polite 6 days of travel. or you may wish to play out what the party are doing in their forest. The caravan might be threats if they try to decline. the party may encounter the Bonehunter Map created by Rich Lescouflair and © 2016 by Castle Skydawn Design. and Lady Septima has edge of the High Forest. he is painfully shy at the best of roughly 4 days on foot. The party may encounter a large band Longsaddle to the Lost Peaks. which will take another they take the mission. just as they are entering the outskirts of the forest. She will supply them with a guide. She will insist that heading over to Yartar. road. they may be Boys. You may choose of wood elves from the Bright Leaf clan. attacked by a dozen worgs one evening.

Lost Peaks. so the party may need to take precautions if they want a long rest. Peryton Nest There is a nest on a metal shelf near the roof of the Green Deck which contains 6 perytons. forest with dense underbrush. spikey bushes. The top of spaceship. but they are also quite territorial. they to anyone inside the ship. Anyone forcing their way through as some sort of light. from the roof. It mirrors the night and day cycle of the outside world. Wide paths laid There is no obvious way to enter the ship from with thick grass cut through the woods. It lies in a rocky valley between the the page is roughly north. however. Biruk will not enter the ship with the party. with the exposed portion long and has a ceiling that is 150’ high. 2-3 of the creatures will . is clearly very old and very damaged. At any given moment. though potentially tiring. hundred feet above the ground. Features This deck is the largest intact portion of the The ship is half-buried in the ground and sticking out at a 45-degree angle. or fall off the ship. The walls. and apply normal falling rules for The deck is fully lit by artificial lighting coming damage. with floors and roof are all made of a grey alloy that the PCs have never seen before. however. If they fail. It air is warm and rather humid. as well page 16). It is ship remaining. behind a cold. The party should be able to take a short rest without much trouble. The only vegetation in the valley are dry.The Tower The Green Deck The “iron tower” is actually a crashed See Green Deck Map on page 14. The floor of the deck will feel “down” Strength (Athletics) check. really at a 45-degree angle to the ground. The allosauruses from location #10 roam the deck freely. even though it is must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw. blue lake. About a feral pigs and bush fowl roam the paths and the undergrowth. It is roughly 600’ wide. 700’ enormous. the underbrush will be attacked by one every 10’ or so. and much of the rest of the ship little more than The floor of the deck is covered in a thick tangled metal. Climbing to the gash The rough surface of the ship makes it an easy Gravity climb. much of the exterior fallen prey to rust. If they fail. Many of the creatures on the Green Deck are mobile. He will make a small camp nearby and wait for Resting them to return. The measuring many hundreds of feet in length. Anyone The ships artificial gravity module still climbing up to the gash must make a DC 5 functions. Small the ground – it is all a twisted ruin. the PCs will spot a gash in the side of the ship The forest itself is full of assassin vines (see with rather lush vegetation spilling out. roll 1d10 and multiply the result by 10 to see how many feet Light they fall.

to talk to the PCs so long as they are polite. and he is happy 16. Metal Box. the PCs will hear If anyone attempts to fly over the deck. away. each full of superb the rules in the Dungeon Masters Guide. looking for pigs the direction of the PCs. Over the course of their conversation. He thinks the deck. Though still wild and chaotic. as well as part of the lake. When opened. sometimes the perytons will converge on them rapidly and further away. the PCs will see the allosauruses from location #10. It is suspended about 50’ above the floor. but grew content above. For more details. and provides a good overall view of the when he realised there were many trees to deck. and can also spray fertilizer and 2. For the purpose of combat. “I do hope you were intending to ask Alien Technology before you take one of those apples. If attacked. They have extensible vibroshears. If the PCs touch one of the 246-247. It is At regular intervals on the Green Deck. At regular intervals. Apple Tree Grove insecticides. If the PCs take a moment to examine the deck itself. sometimes nearer. remaining in each. There are still a few of those around  Some of the Tin Men are gardeners like he yards away. he will 1. a slow. until they confront the attack. pages looking apples. the not locked. Observation Deck tell them the following –  He was captured “quite some time ago” This 100’ long metal deck is positioned about 20’ below the gash in the hull mentioned and has been on the ship ever since  At first he was angry. In a clearing several hundred Men”. apple trees. they are about 2’ to a side. they will quickly notice Clipbots a metal box at one end of the platform. treat them as a small resilient object made of steel using There are half a dozen apple trees in the middle of the clearing. they will discover 2 party will come across the clipbots. then look in . A metal ladder leads down to the floor of Oakshadow has never seen one. and hover gently along the ground. see page common name is Oakshadow. they may all be gone now  The servants of the Masters are the “Tin Allosauruses. Their job is to tend the flora on The forest around this clearing looks a little the deck. a large treant will technology that the PCs may uncover as they step out from the amongst the trees. The perytons cannot enter the circling around the deck. One will give a bone- and fowl. the colors and shapes are in They can only move at 5’ and are not harmony and the whole effect is very pleasant aggressive. different to the other areas. all of this cry again. His explore the ship. chilling cry and then they will all dash off out of sight. The creatures will is. they will slowly float on the eye. deep voice behind them says. He likes those ones suddenly stop and sniff the air. nor will they attack a well-armed party on the ground. creatures.” There are a number of items of alien As the PCs spin around. These are laser pistols (see page 16) with 20 shots cubes made of a dark. glass-like substance. The PCs will be able to see the forest and care for glimpses of the path. They can also clearly see the other  The owners of the ship are referred to observation deck on the north wall at location simply as the “Masters” – though #11.

the ground. He saw one of them near the lake story has always puzzled him. He will ask them to wait a moment. but can’t chaos – Tin Men were rushing around tell them why it did so. This The Flying Man seemed to be winning. Oakshadow will be very pleased if they tell him and so he kept it. they will wake up and investigate. The Lair. The tunnel itself extends for about 20’ and terminates in a small round lair. ground here – it’s about 10’ wide and slopes down gently and out of site. hungry and aggressive. The floor is littered with pig and fowl bones. He platform and over the deck. who then planted the him from above.  Some time ago a creature “similar to you They wove and fought for several minutes. but couldn’t bear to leave his Things had settled down a little when there trees  There are some wild creatures around the was a disturbance on the north platform. These do not fight. and will return with a gravity belt (see page 15) which he took from “the 3. fast asleep. recently Immediately after the ship crashed there was  He remembers the ship crashing. Inside are 3 manticores. but hates them If the PCs ask Oakshadow to tell them about since he saw them burning some trees and the Flying Man he will gladly do so. for the wildlife. He used to talk to them (they told Tale of the Flying Man him about the Masters). exploring. with several Tin cannot tell them the names and numbers Men in pursuit firing their wands. seeds and grew the trees  They may take as many apples as they The Flying Man’s equipment was scattered all need “but don’t be greedy” over the deck. A creature (“similar to a human”) flew off the deck so they “should be careful”. his apples are delicious.  Some of the Tin Men carry “burning wands”. He will give it to the party as a There is a large dirt tunnel opening in the gift. He thought about everywhere. Explorers End Flying Man”. Anyone making a DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) check will hear the slow breathing of several large beasts coming from the tunnel. but creature had an old apple and gave the then a number of perytons descended upon core to Oakshadow. little folk” came through. The Flying of the creatures – such things don’t Man had a burning wand of his own and fired interest him back. Oakshadow took what  He asks that the PCs be careful of the remained of his corpse and buried it in one of his favorite places “near the lake”. and tore him to shreds. . but there is a nest of twigs and leaves against one side containing 2 manticore cubs. The Flying trees as they pass through Man’s belt caught his eye for some reason. doing repairs and attempting to departing once he realised they were on restore order. If the PCs make too much noise.

within 15 seconds. the feel the ground rumble a few times. Smelly Swamp not fail me. shaped as them. It is shallow are behind the tree line. When it sees the party Nearby. The object If the PCs open the box (it is unlocked) they is actually an antimatter rifle with 2 shots will find it contains 10 fragmentation remaining. Having come so far. if my courage does 7. Indoor Lake burst out of the ground right in the midst of The indoor lake is about 200’ across and is them and attack. enter the strange tower in the The floor of this “clearing” is actually a wet morning… and very smelly swamp. precisely where the sage disintegration. You have 15 seconds to reckoned it would be.” changes everything we thought we knew about If the PCs do not head back down the path our world. On the finger of the one remaining underground. a bulette will 8.A few moments searching amongst the bones In the digestive track of the bulette is an will find some old armour and half a enviromask (see page 16) that it swallowed humanoid skeleton. but about 6’ deep near the center. but the bottom quickly drops away to a depth of about 30’. Death from Below Masters using genetic manipulation. with 15 shots remaining. I will meditate tonight and. it will say in common – There is also a laser rifle (see page 16). intertwining grape vines with a tiny cluster of rubies set in it. The swamp is shallow near the There is a small metal box lying on the far side edges. Shambling Mound hopeless. Contaminated alien fauna are not of parchment . As it happens. A clipbot is busily The PCs can see something thin and metallic pruning some nearby plants. I cannot now turn back. Please reads – depart immediately or be subject to mandatory …found the tower. There is also an eternalight next grenades (see page 16). and it will immediately attack blocks their exit. of this tidy little clearing. now many hundreds of years old). A clipbot is attempting to trim some of the reeds back. If his theory is correct. Guardbot It is worth 250gp. but the PCs will not encounter hand is a ring of platinum. As they swing around to the north. the party will find a Longsword +2 it will speak some words in an alien language. with Mistreaver engraved on the pommel. it comply.” 6. A few moments later. the guardbot will attack.all that remains of a journal. It will not attack if the party filled with cloudy blue water. a shambling mound quietly Beneath the surface near the rifle is an slips out from the forest behind them and otyugh. An inscription on the interior reads: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. around the edges. there is a small colony of other bulettes living Skeleton. anything that gets too close. It permitted on the Specimen Deck. but its vibroshears are broken so the job is 4. poking from the far end of the bog. . (This strange creature had its lifespan extended by the 5. some time back. They will also find a scrap “Halt. investigating. and it is As the party approach the bend in the path. But while they are to it (see page 16). Standing near the intersection of the path is a guardbot (see page 16).

If they climb up 100’ they will come the PCs dig up the mound. There is a single metal ladder shallows of the lake are difficult terrain. 4 awakened trees will shafts except that it has metal rungs attached quietly move across the entrance of the grove to the wall. The allosauruses will time their attack perfectly to hit the party from multiple directions at once. near the middle of this grassy clearing. Oakshadow spent much time in this small grove and caused a number of the If the PCs climb the ladder up about 100’ they trees to awaken. The allosaurus in front will suddenly roar and charge. If the shafts. The metal door on the energy cells (see page 16). connecting the ground to the deck. location #1. They lurk near the shallows. It can be opened manually with a DC 15 Strength check.The lake is teeming with many exotic though harmless fish. Intelligence (Nature) check will identify the creature as a githyanki. much like the elevator examining the grave. they will see 2 allosauruses have quietly blocked off the rear passage. dressed in cannot access anywhere else – the other decks rags of futuristic clothing. and will slowly advance on the Medical Deck. While the PCs are busy Inside is a metal tube. If they examine the trees. and also a If the PCs explore the lake (they will probably metal door with a heavy handle. There is a low mound. and will This large metal observation deck is attack as soon as the PCs enter the lake or if suspended from the wall about 50’ above the they try and skirt around the edge. it is also home to 3 11. 100 feet to the bottom – normal falling rules 9. about 7’ long and 3’ A skilled climber could scramble up and down wide. If they look behind them. and block it. These ones are especially will come to a service hatch leading onto the aggressive. A DC 20 have either been completely blocked off or were destroyed in the crash. However. need the enviromask from location #5 to do this). Observation Deck Chuuls. The ground. Surrounded. . There are 4 open archways in the northern wall. on a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check Elevators. Inside it is an exquisite gold necklace bottom of the ship – these were the ships worth 300gp. party and attack. they will see 2 allosauruses pacing them. 10. The archways lead into vertical they will find a small plastic box on the metal tubes which stretch from the top to the bottom. Anyone stepping into one of the shafts will fall alien. The PCs the decayed remains of a skeleton. platform is a service hatch. Flying Man Grave apply. Buried with it are 2 Service hatch. location #1. Ambush As the PCs walk up this path they will see a lone allosaurus creep out from around the bend. The workmanship looks rather elevator tubes but they are no longer working. they will discover to the Medical Deck. 1 on either side.

The chairs in the room have a peculiar 1. and quickly realise it is one of the levels of hell Resting Roleplay out the results of the hallucination. door in the north wall is a security scanner which can visually identify a creature’s Features species. 3. You can make The ships artificial gravity module still up your own hallucinations if you wish. Tactically also a service hatch to the left of the tubes – minded PCs will realise these chairs would this is most likely the way the PCs have make good improvised cover in a firefight. Until the PCs enter location #6. Immediately above the the page is roughly north. even though it is really at a 45-degree angle to  They see a terrible monster coming the ground. The floor of the one of the following examples - deck will feel “down” to anyone inside the ship. angular. with the guardbots there before resting again pages 246-247. then their limbs begin to The deck is fully lit by artificial lighting coming from the roof. These images change occasionally and are. through the door  Blood begins pouring from all of their Light orifices  First their digits. colorful The Medical Deck images. they will be The security scanner itself can be destroyed – able to rest as often as they wish. See Medical Deck Map on page 15. inside of which is a perfectly 2. (see description below). in fact. There is stop they will lock into place again. they will need to deal using the rules in the Dungeon Masters Guide. Foyer property. middle of this room. Unlike the hatch on the Green Deck. Chairs. floors and ceiling are all made of the walking through the door (including all of the same grey alloy the party encountered on the party) will be irradiated by a purple beam. Waiting Room dissected human male. targeted creature must make a DC 15 Wisdom Gravity saving throw or be affected by a terrible hallucination for 3d6 minutes. Research Room There is nothing else of interest in this room. Once they come to a to those found on the Green Deck. fall off Doors  They feel like they are falling into a The doors automatically slide into the walls bottomless pit when someone approaches within 3’ feet. side of each door are strange. abstract art. or use functions on this deck as well. The Green Deck. The ceiling is 10’ high in all areas. Each organ is neatly There are four rows of four chairs each in the labelled in an alien script. and  They find themselves alone in a terrible then slide back out after they pass through. There is a large glass case suspended on the north wall. After treat it as a small fragile object made of steel entering location #6. this one opens easily. Anything unauthorized species The walls. but if a certain amount of pressure is There are 4 open archways in the north wall – applied they will unlock and begin gliding these are the elevator tubes and are identical easily across the floor. On the walls on either . entered the deck. The top of Security Scanner. They are locked magnetically in place. place.

Just as disturbing is a long bench on the Make a DC 20 Constitution save or take eastern wall on which are five jars filled with a 1 3d8 poison damage and be poisoned for 1d6 translucent blue gel. Each drawer You become resistant to radiant damage for 18 has a glowing label in an alien script. 1d6 hours Inside each drawer is a small glass cube filled You become enormously confident. The cube is about one +1 to all rolls for 1d6 hours inch in size. however. with four spindly grey fingers ending in talons. as per the spell Built into the eastern wall are hundreds upon hundreds of small glass drawers. and gain 19 with a colorful liquid. Pressing the button expels the liquid as a gas. and the PC holding the cube must The effects can stack. paralyzed for 1d6 hours Jars. If you activate another spray while one is the effect – still in effect. The effect of any other spray you have taken 10 is neutralized 11 You are healed for 3d8 points 12 Your strength increases to 21 for 1d6 hours 13 Your dexterity increases to 21 for 1d6 hours You become invisible for 1d6 hours. as per 14 the spell You are hastened for 1d6 hours. but in a slightly unusual roll a d20 on the following table to determine way. you roll again on the table but . Make a DC 20 Constitution save or be 3 unconscious for 1d6 hours There is a table in the middle of this room. If the PCs examine the jars for any Make a DC 20 Constitution save or be 5 length of time. on which are lying a number of exotic looking Make a DC 20 Constitution save or be 4 medical instruments. The frightened for 1d6 hours heads and brain are still conscious. which are 17 You gain 3d6 temporary hit points opened by simply touching them. as per the 15 spell 4. Three of the jars have hours human heads in them. The blue fluid keeps all three Make a DC 20 Constitution save or be 6 heads. and has a square glass button on 20 You become 5 years’ younger one face. the brain and even the hand alive. they will quickly and mercifully expire. and will hours remain alive for 24 hours after removal. Any Make a DC 20 Constitution save or have all attempt to read their minds will determine that 7 of the hair on your body fall out they are all understandably insane. one of them has a free Make a DC 20 Constitution save or be floating brain and the final one has an alien 2 blinded for 1d6 hours looking hand. Dispensary 16 You can detect thoughts for 1d6 hours. they will see the heads blink deafened for 1d6 hours occasionally. A very clear image of an Illithid is present in one of Make a DC 20 Constitution save or become 8 the minds. mute for 1d6 hours If the heads or brain are removed from their Make a DC 20 Constitution save or your jars. 9 skin changes to a strange color for 1d6 The hand is a little more resilient.

must subtract 5 from your result (results less Otherwise they will need to use magic to open than 1 are treated as 1). roll on One wall of this small room is covered by an the strange medicine table from location #4 to enormous glass cabinet with thousands of determine the effects. and determine that they are sick. on the PCs in an enveloping maneuver. it will enter the repair station armed with a medicine spray (see below). In location #7 there are an additional 2 5. any guardbot is reduced to statistics to the guardbots. The “glass” they are made of script. through the entire medical level. they them will say. the guardbots will close in. ability to hover. please hold still. “This is for your own good. Wall Screens. at location #7. The arms will ignore information scrolling across and down in alien the PCs entirely. the PCs bring the hand from location #3 and place it in the indentation. and will re-emerge 3 rounds The medbot is malfunctioning after its long later with all damage repaired. silver indentation next to the door on the outside and platinum components worth 1200gp in wall in the shape of a four-fingered hand. substance. lined neatly against the north wall.” 7. “Alien intruders must be will render as strange medical terms. . the door will open. isolation. you must ineffective. subtract 10 from your result. It will focus on one of the PCs. The PCs will be able to damage the arms. The medbot has similar If. Unlike the other sliding doors. each additional spray. If total. There is an the glass drawers. they will pursue the PCs with its spray. and 3 guardbots. except that it is less than 10hp. the arms appear super-sized on the walls of the will set to work and fully repair it. All the while the medbot will be saying. during combat. It will guardbots will pause for a minute to have then say (in Common). The medbot will then small glass drawers filled with technical focus on another PC. Inside the room are 5 guardbots. but it will take quite a lot of effort (and 6. Locked Door. such as eliminated”. One of If anyone uses magic to read the labels. If the PCs spend an hour going through all of the door in the west wall is locked. Treatment Room guardbots being serviced. usually treatment room. Repair Station If the medbot manages to spray the PC. images of that PC will suddenly If a damaged bot enters this room. the them. the elevator or service shaft as well. each with a different futuristic tool attached. and will follow the PCs down using their stun guns to subdue the character. they will find gold. Also present are a medbot after fighting commences. Some of the images will be x-rays. They have the If the PC resists. Security Station will give them no gain). If you activate a spray the door – conventional thieves’ tools are while two others are still in effect. from the roof. scan If the PCs retreat through the west door. And so on. and come at them strategy. some is actually an extremely strong silicon based thermal and so on. and will continue until components. They will emerge There are 4 chairs and an operating table in from the door and join the combat one round this largish room. with Guards. When the medbot selects a PC for treatment. After that. “Please hold still while I themselves repaired and also consider their administer your medicine”. Twelve jointed glass arms extend the entire party has been “treated”. with reams of medical within about 20 seconds. and they will fan out and advance “Methionylthreonylglutaminylarginyl”.

on which is projected various animated by a mysterious projectile and we crash lights.8. It doesn’t matter whether the PCs tell the truth or not – the Construct has very advanced Our mission was to survey future target mind-reading sensors (better than magic. whilst others your reckoning. as well as any other intelligence deep within their subconscious. the voice to contact the Collective. The Construct will answer any (Continued next column) questions the PCs have (just make up the . the Masters decided to abandon the ship and establish a new colony I must apologize for the actions of the on this planet. The Construct We had completed our survey of your world and were lifting off when our vessel was struck The walls of this room are covered with dark glass. with The Construct will then show them a picture of this vessel being my body. so you can assume that at least one character has some you might think of it as a ship that sails knowledge of them. and a gentle voice will say. The Illithid are quite remains of a deep space exploration vessel – notorious in the Realms. in worlds for conquest by the Masters. I am glad. through the stars. that might be useful (such as the languages of the sentient species). and I understand. the elevator tubes and the able to penetrate our defensive screens. digging out information from specimens. our communications array had been damaged beyond repair. In the language of the Masters it is called the Relentless Dawn. I lost control of the security and it has plagued me over the centuries. “I’ve been expecting you. the the source of this projectile was nor how it was Medical Deck. but it As the PCs enter.” addition. and there was no way Regardless of whether they sit or not. Tell responsible for the operation of the ship. You are probably wondering who I am. Please take a seat. After some debate. what do you know of my Masters? might consider me to be a kind of golem. This left me with a dilemma. diagrams and alien script. will continue with the following (which you may read or paraphrase) . Not a very exact an Illithid (that is. by diagrams are clearly deck plans. but the best available to me. After fact) and has comprehensively scanned the landing we would collect flora and fauna brains of the PCs. outside area near the ship. In up to them. so there was nothing I could do to help you. and will question the PCs closely about The structure you are standing in is the what they know. screen. You me. subsystem some centuries ago. I am obliged by my directives to render any however. This is quite difficult to explain in words that you will That has changed with your arrival. half a dozen chairs will glide was clear the ship would never fly again. None of the Masters onboard were hurt. I am the intelligence construct sense that my long vigil is nearing its end. guardbots. Some of the landed. Continue the discussion for as long as it is interesting. a Mind Flayer) on the analogy. that you survived your encounter assistance I can to the Masters in the with them. and yet I have had no information about them since their departure. The story and image serve as stimulus. It is still unclear to me what show video images of the Green Deck. completion of their goal. This happened many centuries ago.

If the Construct spoke truly. Lady Septima Harpell will that you have told me even more than you listen to their report with a deepening frown. she will dismiss the party. so I suggest you depart with haste. . established themselves firmly in this world. settled. At some point the Construct will say – Conclusion I must thank you for rendering me such a The return journey to Longsaddle will pass great service. Thirty minutes later the ship will be consumed in an enormous explosion. regrettable that you have given them the Once the financial transactions have been pejorative and inaccurate label of mind flayers. inhabiting worlds we know nothing about.answer if you don’t know it). millions or perhaps billions of Illithid. realise. so I wondrous and troubling than any I’ve known urge you to seek them out and submit before. I am therefore preparing this ship to I fear I shall never sleep easily again. self-destruct. The walls will go dark. saying – I can only say that in the service of the Masters you will find a peace and happiness You have brought me tidings of matters more beyond anything you have known before. there are yourselves to them. though she will pay them a fee of 150gp per and indeed have become strong. She will pay them the agreed fee without hesitation. and It is clear that I can be of no further use to the intent on conquering the universe. and knowledge of my existence may even upset the new equilibrium that they have Glad am I to have learned these things. It is item. She will also insist the PCs hand It is obvious to me now that my Masters have over any alien technology they have salvaged. Farewell. I will be frank and inform you without incident. Masters. This will take approximately 30 minutes. though created.

Green Deck Map 11 10 7 9 8 6 3 2 4 1 5 100’ .

Medical Deck Map 1 3 2 4 7 5 6 25’ 8 .

an antimatter rifle with 2 shots and a gravity belt with 2 Saving Throws Con +5 hours of flight. Alternatively.a small Languages - explosive device that sprays shrapnel in all directions when it explodes. Challenge 4 (1. Following are the items of technology that the PCs can find on the ship. a 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 16 (+3) 1 (-5) 13 (+1) 9 (-1) laser rifle with 30 shots.  Laser Rifle – a shoulder fired device that Alien Technology projects a high energy beam of coherent light at the target. Use the Alien Monster Stats Technology rules on page 268 of the Dungeon Masters Guide to determine what happens. 11  Fragmentation Grenade . Entangle. 3 checks. The assassin vine can animate plants within 30 ft. The assassin vine looks like a control grid on the buckle.100 XP)  Gravity Belt – a light metallic belt with a Camouflage. 2 checks. Damage dice for the and crushing animals and depositing the weapons can also be found on page 268 of the carcasses near its roots.  Enviromask . projects a high energy beam of coherent light at the target. 1 check. 1 check. Armour Class 10  Antimatter Rifle – a shoulder fired device Hit Points 68 (8d10+24) that projects a highly destructive beam of antiparticles at the target..allows the user to breathe Damage Immunities lightning freely in any environment for thirty Damage Resistance cold. of itself as the entangle . It STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA will supply a laser pistol with 50 shots. 1 check. It requires a DC successfully operated it permits the PC to 20 Wisdom (Perception) check to notice it fly at a rate of 60’ for two hours. fire minutes. When normal plant when at rest. exhausted continuously emit soft illumination the color of starlight and somewhat brighter Senses blindsight 30 ft. 1 check.  Energy Cell – a three-inch circular disk that provides energy to various devices. before it attacks.  Eternalight . passive Perception than a standard lightbulb. The PCs will encounter a number of items of alien technology in this adventure. While the players will probably recognise most of them. 1 check.a three-inch globe that can Condition Immunities blinded. deafened. The number in Large plant. unaligned italics indicates how many intelligence checks The assassin vine is a semi-mobile plant that are required to determine how to use the item collects its own grisly fertilizer by grabbing (as per the above rules). a DC 20  Laser Pistol – a handheld device that Wisdom (Survival) or Intelligence (Nature) check can be made to notice it. 2 check. the characters would not. Dungeon Masters Guide. Speed 5 ft.

D&D These security robots are typically cylindrical. and the Acknowledgements: This adventure was assassin vine cannot use its slam on another inspired by the classic module. If the assassin vine has grappled a assassin vine statistics from Devin Cutler’s target. technology names from Gamma World.T. and some of the alien bludgeoning damage. have retractable arms Coast product names. and their respective and weapons. and are mounted on a logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast hoverpad. Hit: 11 (2d8+2) vine is dead or decides to end it. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. all other Wizards of the stand about 2m tall. 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 10 (+0) 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 10 (+0) Damage Resistance slashing. Dungeon Master’s Guide. Hit: 9 (1d8 + 5) bludgeoning Design: M. I took the Constrict. Adventurers League. the target is restrained. in the USA and other countries. Player’s Handbook. All characters glass-like substance. one target. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit. Forgotten Realms. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork Speed 30 ft. fire. Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit. If the target is a creature it is grappled (escape DC 15). contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Coast.spell (save DC 15). They are constructed from a dark.. one target. and their distinctive likenesses are property of Wizards of the Coast. This material is Armour Class 16 (metal casing) protected under the copyright laws of the Hit Points 27 United States of America. Wizards of the Coast. the Barrier Peaks by Gary Gygax. causing 9 (1d8+5) Book of Forests. The effect takes no action Stun Gun. stun damage. Black damage.. Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit.. lightning Challenge 1 (200 XP) Actions The guardbot may use its’ action to fire either it’s laser carbine or it’s stun gun. Laser Carbine. Actions Slam. one target. Hit: 11 (2d8+2) radiant damage. unaligned Manual. to start or stop and lasts until the assassin range 60/150 ft. Expedition to target. Monster Medium construct. D&D. reach Credits & Legals 20 ft. . the dragon ampersand. Until this grapple Cover: Shutterstock ends. range 90/225 ft. it can constrict it.