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The tourism sector plays an important role for improving the nation

economy and income. Today, tourism is one of the sources of income

because of those positive developments. As we can see, many tourists

destinations that encourage Malaysian people and foreigners to visit made

us are interest in tourism industry. At this point of view, we can see how

people try to involve themselves to gain profit. In additional, the tourism

industry at Malaysia is not dominated by Malaysian people but also by


By Abu Huzaifah bin Abu Bakar,………………………….. the nature of our

business is about tourism which is focus on planning for a holiday trip.

Travelling is superb and fantastic. From that, we got an idea which is about

the customers themselves choose their own location and their own

satisfaction but still have limitation on that. As we already know, usually

holiday trip already have their own package and the customer cannot

simply change when they do not like something in the package.

Based on our observation, all the holiday trip business in Malaysia having

same package and customer cannot simply change to their own taste and

choice. So we decide that we should be innovative on that particular

thing. Finally, we hope that our holiday trip will be the best company

choice that tourist want.

The name underwater treasures tours this unique and special name we

choose because we want to make customer try our challenger holiday trip.

This means that customers have a many ways to enjoy their holiday trip.

The reason why we choose this name as our company name because all

connected to the island state of Singapore. After they already know what services our company provide they probably will use our service for a holiday trip. Cultural and ethnic diversity either on peninsular or the East Malaysia. Besides that. Although. which is very valuable to the tourism sector. More than that. East Malaysia shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia. when their heard our company name for the first time they will asking themselves this our providing services so they will come to know more detail on that. With this business plan. This business plan is important for our company because with the business plan we can make a loan from the bank. It made Malaysia’s economy less dependent on exports and the government has pushed to increase tourism in Malaysia. bank will be more confident to give a loan for us and we will focus with other step which is open a business. So we hope our customer creatively choose their holiday trip but took our bonus trip is diving underwater. coastlines on the South China Sea and the straits of Malacca. West Malaysia shares a border with Thailand. As a result tourism has become Malaysia’s third largest source of income from foreign exchange. This business plan consists of . The nature of tourism industry also has a unique history of nation building. the Malaysia is ranked as the 10th most visited place in the world in 2016. So that our company take this advantages as our business plan to make Malaysia will be more popular destination for holiday trip.members in our company love to dive underwater. First of all.

. We want to make a loan with Maybank. That is. The government is aided fund to stimulate the growth of small and medium size of Bumiputra enterprises and encourage business ventures with established corporation. Operating Department and Financial Department. We want to make loan about RM 20 000. we cannot make a loan and cannot open this company because we do not have enough money to start the business. The loan will be used to buy equipment or facilities that are needed in our company.0%. we will divide that money to four department in our company. for Marketing Department. Maybank also maximum 8 years of first drawdown from the date so that it gave enough time to us to repay it. Human Resource Department. this is because Maybank have a specific loan for New Entrepreneur Fund (NEF).complete detail about our future company. Maybank interest not too high just 5. Without this business plan. The loan will be divide into RM 5 000 for each department.