In 19 of February/ 2017 I was very nerves to I repeat what happen in last semester with Avalon

school. I went to Albhja School at 7:32 the Deputy Director greeted us and she told us about
program and it was very difficult for us because we didn’t understand. After that she take us to
MST my MST was absent so that she told me to sit with Maytha MST. When we went to class it
was the Arabic teacher teach student new letters when Arabic teacher finished MST start teach
student new letter is “U” she teach the sound of letters and name of letters also three words start
with letter u there are up, under and umbrella. After that she assessment student with pictures she
put three pictures and she take one to student say what the picture the teacher take. After that, the
teachers send student to centers and each teacher take group. The groups are mix levels to high
level help low level and medium level. Arabic teacher sit with group write new letter in their
book. The English teacher let the student write the letter “U”. the another students they went to
centers and play. When the teacher finished with first group she take another group so on. The
time is finished the student make line up and they went to eat area they wash their hands and we
give student the meal and they start eat and set with their friends. When they finished they make
line up and we went to play ground area. And the Deputy Director told us about name for each
game and she will put new schedule for us to monitor each game. When the time finished we
went to next class. Because each teacher teaches two class. The MST did same what she did in
first class. And we help Arabic teacher to student answer in there Math book. First we taught
students after that they answer the questions. At 12:15 first students car go after that the bus
students make line when their bus monitor came take their students and go. At tow o’clock I
went to my home with big smile because there was very friendly with us up I was very hangry I
didn’t ate anything in school it was no break.