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Masa 7.40 – 8.10 am
Perkara 1. Ucapan Pengerusi
2. Bacaan Doa
3. Nyanyian empat buah lagu
4. Ikrar Rukun Negara
5. Laporan guru bertugas minggu lepas
6. Ucapan guru bertugas
7. Ucapan Guru Besar/Wakil

1. In their groups. pupils must discuss and decide where to place each picture in Handout 1 in the Venn diagram in Task Sheet 2. and sing songs paying attention to pronunciation. 5.1. Introduce and explain the 3R concept.1. Recycle) Time 8. tongue twisters. Activities 1. All the groups put up their completed Venn diagrams around the classroom. 1. and why.10 am CONTENT 1. Task Sheet 2 (enlarge to A3 or manila card size) Reflection . Give feedback to pupils. rhythm and intonation.4 Able to talk about related topics with guidance.2 Able to listen to and enjoy stories. Contextualism Teaching Aids: Audio clip (3R's). pupils will be able to STANDARDS pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress.MINGGU: 02 HARI: ISNIN TARIKH: 09 JAN 2017 Subject English Class 4 Aspirasi Theme World of Knowledge Topic 3R's (Reduce.10 am – 9. Reuse.1. 7. and explain the reason why they put each picture in its place. Get pupils to respond to your actions by asking them questions. Do not correct pupils' answers.3 Able to listen to and recite poems. Provide examples of how to reduce. reuse and recycle. Distribute Handout 1 and Task Sheet 2 to each group. Divide pupils into groups.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling. Pupils cut the pictures in Handout 1 and paste them in Task Sheet 2. The groups take turns to present their answers. 3. 6. Handout 1. STANDARDS 1. CCE/EE: Multiple Intelligences. Focus more on helping them give appropriate reasons for their decisions. LEARNING 1. Task Sheet 1. rhythm and intonation.1 Able to speak with correct word stress. 4. 1. Sample questions: ? Was what I did right? ? Is it good to throw away old newspapers? ? What could I have done with the paper instead? 2.