38-L Manuel l. Quezon St. Purok 5, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City
Contact No.: 09184664197


Over 3 years of experiences abroad in construction works specifically
in the field of welding and piping works in Nuclear Power Plant Projects.

Place of Birth : Lower Sto.Niño, Zamboanga Del Sur
Date of Birth : April 04, 1987
Age : 29
Height : 5’5”
Weight : 64 kg
Civil Status : Single
Religion : Roman Catholic

Vocational : Ozamis City Technical School
Technical Skills (Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII)
April 09, 2010
High School : Molave Vocational Technical School

Elementary : Marquez Elementary School
Skill : Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII


Company : LEMON Square
Position : Production
Date : September 19, 2014 – March 10, 2016
Address : 91 Sampaloc St. Libtong meycauayan City Bulacan Phil.

Company : Samjin Industrial & Steel Structure
Position : Welder/ Grindrer
Date : December 01, 2012- December 18, 2013
Address : U.A.E Baraka Nuclear Power Plant
P.O. Box: 126549- Musaffah Abu Dhabi

Mariano Cesar J. colums.  Maintains thru quality of welds stipulated in the welding procedures  Carry out welding jobs from 5 inches and above in diameters and unlimited thickness as per my qualifield.E JOB DESCRIPTION:  Welding of carbon steel pipes from 4 inches to 56 inches in diameter using 6010 electrodes for root pass and ER 1018 for filling and capping. Port Area. Phillippines JOB DESCRIPTION:  Assigned in fabrication shop and carry out welding jobs for the pre- fabrication spools.A.  Perform overly welding ( hard surfacing) on heat exchanger tube using ENICU.  Do pipefitting jobs and other piping work such as fit ups of spools erection and installation of valves and other fitting required as per drawing Company : Marvir Servicemates Corporation Position : Welder SMAW Date : June 01-Oct 01.JOB DESCRIPTION:  Carry out welding jobs on carbon steel pipes using GTAW process using filler wire ER 70s.December 17.barrage repair from December 07. Ozamis City. Ozami City . 2009 up to March 2010 in Daima Shipping Corporation. sleds using GTAW  Carry out repair in some repair works/ joints/ Company : Hyundai Engineering & Construction Position : Welder SMAW /GTAW Date : December 18.Musaffah Abu Dhabi. 2011.A.7 electrodes.O.  Weld structures such as beams.  Weld nozzele pipes having 300 lbs. TRAINING/ ATTENDED / ON THE JOB TRAINING 480 Hours trained as welder.Edgardo Mandi General Manager Instrumental Supervisor Daima Shipping Corporation Dongyeong.tangled with 100% UT & MT perform welding on Heat exchanger pipes tube welder type. Kingdom of Saudi Arabi Port Area.  Welding of process piping lines using combination process ER 70S-2 for pass and ER7018 for filling and capping. Go Mr. 2013 Address : U. 2010 Address : Ozamis City.E Baraka Nuclear Power Plant P. U. Box: 126549. CHARACTER REFERENCES: Engr.2 for the roots pass carbon steel and ER7018 for filling and capping.

ROBERTO GARCIA General Manager .