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Phase 2 Task

What is Outing Program?

Outing Program is an annual event that is organized by BNEC, with the purpose of increasing
the bonding among members and giving a short refreshing moment after the tough
activities from Asian English Olympics. Outing Program is usually held for 2 days and 1 night
with various activities such as playing games, having a barbecue, and many more that can give
the sense of togetherness and increase the bonds between the participants. The participants of
Outing Program are BNEC entities, such as BoM, Active Members, Members, Talents, Alumni,
Tutors, and also AEO Liaison Officers. To know more about Outing Program, you can read the
article about The 2016 Outing Program at, as well as its video at BINUS
English Club’s YouTube channel.

In order to increase the bonding and maintain good relations between BNEC entities, it is
necessary to create a platform to realize it. You are asked to interview 3 entities of BNEC, which
consist of BoM, Members, or Tutors that ever joined Outing Program for your research about:

1. The 2015 or 2016 Outing Program
2. Where the interviewee wants this year Outing Program to be held

3. What kind of Outing Program that the interviewee expects

As proofs that you have done the interview, you also have to include these in your task:

1. The interviewee’s name, NIM, and current status in BNEC
2. If you do a face-to-face interview, you must include a photo of you taken with the

3. If you do an online interview, you must include screenshots of the chat between you and
the interviewee (min. 2 screenshots)

Based on the result of your interview, you must make a concept of your own Outing Program,
covering down these following points:

1. The detailed concept
 What kind of Outing Program that you want to create
 The activities that you want to hold during the Outing Program
 Things that you should prepare in order to conduct the Outing Program
2. The theme +the reason why you choose that theme
3. Date and location
4. The strategy to promote the Outing Program to attract more participants

Make it as creatively as possible. For the finalization, pour your concept to paper with the
following format:
a. A4 paper
b. Cambria 14 for heading, Cambria 12 for content
c. Justify
d. Line spacing 1.15
There is no minimum amount of page or word required. But as you’re applying to be an
extraordinary person, you should also be extraordinary in putting out your effort for the result.

Remember that you must bring the printout of this 2 phase task to the face-to-face interview


---Good Luck---

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