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2018: Terminar tesis y titulo - ingles

2019: Mudarme a un departamento – empezar maestría
2020: Cambiar de empresa para trabajar
2022: Terminar maestría – Negocio Ingeniería
2023: Viajar a Europa
2024: Casarme
2025: Hijos
2026: Mudarme a Canadá
2043: Regresar a Perú

Let me introduce you to my plan of life, Now I'm a bachelor of Chemical
Engineering, I work at Refineria La Pampilla in Ventanilla and I'm 23
years old. By the next year, I will have finished my thesis and I will have
gotten my Degree in Chemical Engineering. Few months later, I will have
finished my English classes.
By 2019, I will have moved to an apartment because I know that I want
to be so independent. Also, I will have started my master in Process
Engineering. I need that degree to earn more money in a future.
I think that 4 years is a enough time to change to another company. For
this reason, I will have changed my job by 2020. Maybe I will miss my
partners and my previous job.
I will have finished my master classes by 2022, 4 months later I will have
started my own business, it's going to be an Engineering Consult
Business. I think it's time to relax and enjoy all that I want, so I will have
traveled to Europe by 2023.
Because I haven’t been alone all this time, I will have gotten married by
2024. One year later, I will have had 2 children to complete my own
family. I hope I spend good time with my family.
I always think Canada is the best country to settle down, I will have
moved to this country with al my family by 2026.
I love Peru forever, and my family and I will have came back to Peru by