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Following standard procedures in undertaking contracts works, we shall mobilize
manpower and equipment within ten (10) days after receipt of the Notice to Commence
issued by the Owner/Agency.

Along with the Manpower, we shall deliver to the site all the Materials needed for the
erection of our temporary facilities, as field office, workman’s quarter and stock house for
storing our materials, while the prosecution of the project is underway.

Before we undertake any activities, we shall first confer with the Owner/Agency to take
up problems like scheduling of work activities, the project limits and the over all scope of
the contract work.

We stakeout the project limits with the supervision of the Engineer and establish
permanent bench marks at the vicinity of the project site to check the deviations of the
finished floor lines and other building parts.

Having stakeout the project limits, we shall proceed with excavations of exact location of
our foundations for our columns and masonry walls. After we have excavated to the
desired elevation of the site foundations, we shall set out forms and the reinforcement in
accordance with the plans and specifications for the preparation of concrete mixture.

Using mechanical concrete mixer, we shall have the concrete mixture following as
approved design mix furnished by the Engineer. The aggregates to be used must conform
to the specifications and the proportioning of concrete shall adhere strictly from the
approved design mix. Placing of concrete shall be in accordance with the approved
construction methods and care shall always be taken with the height of fall of the
mixtures with the tamping of the mixture to avoid segregation of aggregates. Placing of
concrete shall continue until all the prepared forms are filled up. The forms for the roof
beams shall be installed and filled up with the mixture.

After placing concrete mixture on the foundation and column, we shall proceed with the
installation of masonry works. Then as soon as the concrete mixture had initially set on
the concrete beams, we shall prepare to assemble our roof framing and roofing. Without
dismantling our bottom forms for roof beams, we shall assemble our pre fabricated
trusses and other framings and place our roofing, all in accordance with the dimensions in

Doors and windows jambs shall be done simultaneously with the roof framing and
roofing and during the finishing of masonry walls, while undertaking our concrete works,
we shall also start our electrical rough-ins while undertaking the ceiling and masonry

we shall proceed with our interior and exterior ceiling together with the installation of doors shutters and glass block. Having completed all the work items included in our contract work.After the roof framing and roofing. SHELLANE B. sliding windows. we shall proceed with the retouching of other work items and requirements directed by the Engineer and request for final inspection and acceptance of the project. we complete our electrical connections as well as electrical fixtures in the ceiling. fixed. While we putting up the ceiling. Prepared by: MA. CHUA Owner/Proprietress KJC Construction and Supply .