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This is neither a compilation nor a dedication


This is a story, the story of a story-teller.

About a man, who had a thousand words for each piece of creation, and a story for
each word…...

He did not preach; he made you learn

A song, an anecdote, a mythological tale or just a simple rhyme….anything could be
his tool, his weapon

Spinning new stories every day, and learning new ways of reciting them….

a mentor, a guide, a guru

He loved his colours, white, ivory, black and green....

& he loved his songs….”upar se hi nahi, neeche bhi, daye hi nahi bayen bhi, aage hi
nahi, peeche bhi….”

Squares, symmetry and mirror added to his tales

He hugged the earth, and could spin yarns of luxury for others,

His pencils and scales, paper and pens, all spoke his language and could speak to

He knew kids and grown-ups and narrated to them alike

Puzzles, solitaire, riddles or mobile sculptures….he yearned for them

He loved his debates, and always won

He was a stickler for time, for work, for food and for going home

His words and works span over a few decades, but the stories & morals will go quite
a few generations

A story teller whose stories we all retell, to ourselves and ours.

He is GG, greater than god!